FREE Weight Loss

Christmas has come early…and you’re just in time.

Finally, you will get in the shape you want, look and feel great, and enjoy the holidays without fear or worry of additional weight gain.

Participation in this program is FREE for selected applicants…more details on that in just a minute.

If you want to look and feel spectacular for your Christmas party there is still time. Scroll down and complete the application form below and you could have Red Deer’s top personal trainers working for you TOTALLY FREE!

If you’re still not convinced keep reading…

“I have lost over 25 pounds. I have gained mounds of self-confidence.” –Adam Risling

“I wanted to start out by thanking all of you at One to 1 Fitness! My results have been great! I started out at 281lbs, last Tuesday I was down to 259lbs! That is a total of 22lbs in 4 weeks! My energy levels are great, I am at the point on weekends that I need to exercise to burn some energy off otherwise I go a little stir crazy. When I started 4 weeks ago I was not able to do 10 pushups, this morning I was doing 20 at a time! Great results, great team atmosphere, and great training!” –Trevor Walper

You could be like everyone around you and stick to bigger clothes, maybe even suspenders, and remain self conscious about how you look. Or you can make a decision once and for all to tone up, feel great, even in time for the Christmas party and the holidays, without the guilt or fear of ever gaining weight again!

“In approximately 6 months I have lost 50 pounds and 25 inches I can now run a 10 min mile and ski a full day without being sore. I can now walk into any store and try on clothes without the fear in my head “hope this fits.” –Dr. James Baker

With the completion of our latest expansion we have chosen to celebrate by giving an early Christmas present to our community. We know that the holidays stretch tight budgets to the limit. We also know that when we are self-conscious about our weight or how we look or feel the holidays become even more stressful. So we decided we could help some people with both by offering a completely FREE exercise program for a select group of people.

They have made a huge difference in my life physically and emotionally”-Sandy Walsh

“In 3 short weeks after joining I could see visible results, especially in my core. After 4 weeks my friends and family started noticing and commenting on the differences they saw. Talk about motivation!”–Elizabeth Mahood

Participation in this program is FREE for selected applicants. (I know, what’s the catch? Truth is there really isn’t one but read on it will explain below.)

  • Are you in the right place at the right time?
  • Have you struggled to lose weight or tone up in the past?
  • Have you reached a point, got stuck and gained the weight back?

If any of this applies to you please continue reading…

“I have lost 32lbs in 12 weeks and have no plans of putting that weight back on!”-Brant Stutheit

“My mood swings and depression have minimized and I have become a lot happier. My energy is up, meaning I do not spend as much time on the couch. I don’t sleep for 12 hours; in fact I look forward to getting out of bed. I used to hang my clothes to dry because they ended up too tight. Now I have to put my clothes in the dryer because they are loose.” –Jacqui Bourque

For many, weight loss is a constant struggle, a physical and emotional battle that often wages on through the years. Weight gain, often starting young, is a direct result of the typical things we do day to day, habits we learned at a very young age. It’s not your fault. You’ve never really had the chance to learn why some of the most common typical foods and habits are making us fatter every year.

“I’ve got much more energy now and enjoy getting out and doing things more often. I don’t hide in photos anymore; I’m okay with people seeing me, I’m more confident.” –Jenn Forsythe

We become distracted by the “priorities” of life and forget to think about how we feel about ourselves. Our self-esteem and diminished self-confidence prevent us from doing the things we know we need to do to lose weight, look great, stay fit and feel great about ourselves.

“I have lost 52 pounds and gone from a size 22 to a size 12 in 8 months.” –Gail Koswan

By working with literally thousands of local individuals for over a decade Cabel, Maranda and Pat have been delighted to build a team of elite trainers that have continued to help hundreds more within One-to-1 Fitness over the last 2 ½ years. Now to celebrate our latest expansion we’re offering a select group of motivated people like you to test and experience our latest, guaranteed results, fitness and weight loss program.

Together with our trainers we have created a fun, structured, comprehensive program that teaches you everything you need to know to finally get the weight off once and for all!

  • Learn the specific exercise principles that trim thighs, shrink under arm flab and will make you look and feel years younger in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Learn how just a few minutes a day can get rid of and prevent all common aches and pains.
  • Learn the simple rules to eating to melt off pounds easily and permanently.

If you would like to make a serious physical change and help us test this new program, continue to the application below. (Otherwise don’t waste any more time and leave this page now.)

“I have lost 30+ pounds… this could result in getting rid of some meds at a later date!” -Kelly Gerlitz

To be selected for participation in this program you will need to be able to meet the following:

  1. You must promise to have a positive attitude and work your butt off.
  2. You must attend a minimum of 3 of the sessions per week. Multiple timeslots will be available and you may register for the ones that best fit your schedule.
  3. You must be willing to provide a Before & After photo, measurements and complete a standard testimonial/evaluation form.
  4. You must talk about your success with others.

This program will run beginning November 25, 2009 and run until January 22, 2010 but may remain FREE to this very select group of people indefinitely. Full details and any and all questions will be answered at a formal information meeting for selected participants. (Tentatively being held Monday, November 23, 2009 at 7:30 PM, location to be disclosed to successful applicants.)

“I have lost 28 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.” -Craig Dore

If you think that is a fair deal please complete the following application:

Deadline for Application: 3:00PM, Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All successful applicants will be contacted no later than Sunday, November 22, 2009. We will be selecting applicants throughout the submission process, so the sooner you apply the better your chances.

Because we all know how frustrating it can be to complete an online form and have our browser freeze, crash, or something that causes us to lose our hard work, we have made this easy. By completing the form below you will immediately receive an email with full instructions for the information to submit. This way you may take your time to complete it, without the risk of losing it along the way while having a chance to read it over. Take your time, it’s important for us to get to know you.


Terms and Conditions:

  • All applicants cannot, currently be registered in or be taking part in any of One-to-1 Fitness’s ongoing service programs.
  • Selection for participation in this program is at the sole discretion of One-to-1 Fitness.
  • All information submitted is confidential and shall remain so unless express written consent is provided by the applicant for any information to be published or shared.
  • By applying for this program you acknowledge that we will add you to our mailing list for our free information newsletter. This list is never shared, we don’t send spam, and an unsubscribe link is included with every mailing so you may unsubscribe any time you wish.
  • Should you be selected or contacted in regards to this program you will be provided adequate notice to attend a mandatory public information meeting to have any questions or concerns you may have answered. There is no-obligation, or pressure of any sort, for the right individual this is exactly the opportunity we say it to be.

Good luck!