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Snow Camp

Winter 2009 Program Starts September 23, 2009
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What is Snow Camp? Snow camp is an introduction to strategic exercise programming for winter athletes, specifically skiers and snowboarders. It’s designed with beginner to intermediate skiers and riders in mind. Snow Camp will enhance your current performance by improving bio-mechanical ability, flexibility, and energy system efficiency. Whether you are moving from hobby to sport or casual competitor to full time ripper, Snow Camp will provide the fitness needed to take your skiing and boarding to the next level!

(Advanced or highly competitive athletes are welcome but encouraged to look more closer at our one-on-one individualized services where specific attention and testing will be applied to guarantee the result you are looking for.)

All participants will receive:

Individual Testing:
Each member of the group will participate in a group Posture/ROM assessment within the initial week of the program. Though the program will be effective without this assessment the individual data allows the coach to ensure the program is very specific to the current group. The group will also face sport specific testing at the beginning and end of the program to demonstrate the progress made during the course of the program. This data is also critical for the coach to continue to develop the program for even greater effectiveness.

Two Tier Training:
– Tier ONE: Address and develop strength, neuromuscular facilitation and cardio ability for the general activities of skiing and snowboarding.
– Tier TWO: Address specific concerns based on accumulated data of the specific group. (injuries, muscle and postural imbalances, etc) Implement specific programming to overcome, educate and increase performance of the specific group.

– Develop an enthusiasts balance, coordination, overall strength, that they can take to the park to sail to new heights, tear up the mountain or the steep slopes with less rest and recovery time needed.
– Increase the rider’s muscular endurance. Giving them more control and the ability to ride longer and harder.
– Decrease the risk of injuries
– Educate the enthusiast about bio-mechanical function of movement enhancing the relationship of mind to performance.

Test program will run as a group circuit program utilizing 60 min training sessions

Month 1 – Working mainly on common findings of initial assessment, and building a solid base of strength to build from. Expect to learn and perform exercises you have never seen or completed before. In many cases specific movements will be designed for the group based on evaluation data.

Week 1 – Balance & Coordination: Core emphasis, balance exercises and stretching.
Week 2 – Stability & Balance: Full body strength and conditioning via multi joint exercise.
Week 3 – Emphasize upper and lower body systems individually with incorporation of unstable surfaces.
Week 4 – Sport Specific Strength & Stability: Introduce sport specific strength needs and demands.

Month 2 – Volume, impact, high threshold training for improving sport conditioning and performance.

Week 1-2 – High impact and agility exercise. Plyometrics etc
Week 2-4 – Paced multi joint exercise, big recruitment, multi-joint, high degree of function.

Month 3 and beyond for those accepting the challenge!
Full body, high intensity, high impact workouts incorporating the new strength, balance, agility and neuromuscular facilitation skills developed over the previous months.

Space is limited! Call (403) 341-4041 for cost and registration information.