Big Bend Market

With changing health needs and growing concerns regarding hormone and antibiotic-free meats, it has become a logical choice to use bison rather than traditional beef. Despite the seemingly short supply, Canada is one of the worlds leading producers of bison meat in the world. Fact is, the world is catching onto the fact that we need to start eating healthy and watching what we put into our bodies in order to stay healthy and in shape. Today, the majority of bison farms ship their buffalo and buffalo meat to the United States, thus the rise in prices since the supply is no longer as large as the growing demand.

So why is buffalo an important part of your diet? The facts are there, it is lower in fat and higher in all nutritional elements than any other form of meat available. In our quest to become healthier and follow a meal plan that gives us the most value nutritionally for our calories, many people have turned to this seemingly “magic meat”, buffalo.

Our friends at Big Bend Market provide a wide variety of free range meats such as bison, pork, elk, and hormone free turkey and chicken. They make their own sausage in house with these great ingredients and also offer a wide variety of home made sauces. You can even go in at lunch for a soup and sandwich prepared with the cleanest, freshest ingredients. Big Bend is a healthy, organic alternative to supermarket shopping, where you end up paying top price for lower quality produce. Being a leader in our field of physical fitness, we know the importance of good, healthy, clean food at a great price. So whether you train with us or not, make sure you stop in and check out Big Bend Market, it might just end up being your regular stop for great quality produce!

Big Bend Market – South

Primary Location
157 2004 – 50th Avenue
Red Deer, AB T4R3A2
Ph: 403.341.2344
Fax: 403.346.1408

Big Bend Market – North

15 – 7619 50th Avenue
Red Deer, AB