Bone Health, Calcium and Exercise

Bones are the basic structural element of one’s body and thus maintaining them is also very important for good health as well as survival. Similar to various other healthy habits that one follows, maintaining ones bones properly has many tangent benefits. Exercise perhaps is the greatest boon to our bones. Not only the bones, but due to exercise your cardiovascular, digestive and muscular health also gets boosted. And calcium is one such element that plays a vital role in bone health. Thus bone health/calcium and exercise all go hand-in-hand, because bone health requires both calcium as well as exercise.

When it comes to bone health, calcium and exercise, both weight-training and aerobic exercises help a lot to develop and improve the health of bones by offering concussion. Concussion creates periosteal bone activation – meaning, the microscopic compromise to the bone construction causes bone matrix to “mineralize,” building the bones much stronger.

Now this bone mineral consists of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium fluoride, magnesium, phosphate and calcium chloride. A proper balance of all theses minerals in bone will help for both strength, as well as for the correct amount of suppleness in the body.  However, if this balance gets upset due to poor diet or inadequate dietary minerals the bones tend to become spongy or brittle, or even the body may get prone to diseases like rickets, curved or bents. Lack of dietary minerals will leave simply the collagen to support your body and even the muscles may pull your bones out of the shape. The body framework just cannot stand without dietary minerals.

If the food you eat does not have sufficient calcium and minerals, the body borrows this calcium from the bones, which is not a good sign. Sufficient intake of calcium prevents this, and thus will make your bones healthy. Dietary minerals, particularly calcium are found in range of food stuff that one should be eating daily. Mostly green leafy vegetables, dairy products, beans, peas, and salmon are a few good sources of calcium. Not only vegetables but fruits like orange also provides calcium as well as vitamin C. Different supplements also provide required calcium to the body however it must not be the only source for the minerals. Vitamin D as well goes hand in hand when it comes to calcium absorption in the bones. Therefore supplements and foods that contain vitamin D are always a good choice.

Along with the proper diet, good exercise regime like aerobics and strength training can give an excellent bone structure. So not only diet but proper exercise is very important when it comes to bone health and in turn overall health and fitness. Thus bone health/calcium and exercise is very important for proper functioning of the entire body structure. Balance is the key, and leading a balanced lifestyle with good food, good exercise and positive energy is enough to ensure that one’s body will perform at an optimal level for years to come!