Controlling High Blood Pressure With Herbs

In 2010, a study was performed to gather statistics on the number of people in Canada with high blood pressure. Of the 65,000 people interviewed around the country, 17% of people age 12 and above had been given a firm diagnosis. Compared to earlier reports, the numbers showed this condition was increasing steadily. Of these people, approximately 65% were obese whereas 15% were not.

The study also indicated that the greatest risk was seen in women who lived with a higher level of stress but what made this so disturbing is that blood pressure problems were seen in much younger age groups than ever before. Although many Canadians have learned to control this disease, there are many more that live with a ticking time bomb.

Formally known as hypertension, this condition places a huge financial strain on the country’s healthcare system in the tune of billions of dollars. Even worse, it creates a huge risk for heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and congestive heart failure. Blood pressure problems can be treated but of course, prevention is always best. Therefore, when someone is diagnosed with pre-hypertension in which numbers are high but not yet to a dangerous level, it would be essential to make healthy lifestyle choices and see a doctor.

Choosing Alternative Medicine

As mentioned above, hypertension is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. Now, staying healthy would prevent pre-hypertension but if someone has this precursor or actually develops hypertension, the goal is make choices that would achieve overall health and wellness. Without lowering and controlling pressure, an individual is playing a dangerous game of roulette.

We want to point out that for more serious cases, it would be advised for the person to see a qualified medical doctor. However, for many people with a mild to moderate problem the numbers can be lowered by using alternative medicine. For this, there are several possibilities but one in particular that has proven beneficial is herbs in natural or supplement form.

Prior to using herbs to bring blood pressure down, it would be imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Following are some of the recommended changes:

  • Well-Balanced and Nutritional Meals
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Daily Exercise
  • Reduced Stress
  • Positive Attitude

A common misconception is that stress is the only reason for this problem. While this is one contributing factor, there are a number of things that can trigger an increase in blood pressure. For instance, certain hormonal disorders, a lack of daily exercise, arteriosclerosis, poor eating habits, and even liver dysfunction are risks.

Today, more and more people are turning away from conventional medicine and running to natural remedies. Because of this, the use of herbs has become increasingly popular. It is important to know that while most natural herbs or herbal supplements are healthy, some can have negative interactions with other herbs or prescription medication or even produce unwanted side effects so it is suggested to speak to a conventional, holistic, or homeopathic doctor before using herbs for this condition.

People at Greatest Risk

A problem with increased blood pressure is something that both men and women face. However, after age 45 men are at greater risk than women are but after age 65, women are at higher risk. It is worth mentioning that this condition is most prevalent among African Americans and unfortunately, it begins at a much younger age than one would see with other ethnic groups.

Safest and Most Effective Herbs

The list of natural herbs and herbal supplements that help with this condition is extensive so listed below are only some of what is considered to be the safest, and most effective.

  • Garlic – The great thing about garlic is that it is readily available, affordable, and it works great for treating blood pressure that is too high
  • Hawthorne – Of all herbs, this is one of the favorites because it works so well but also it yields fast results
  • Linden – This herb reduces viscosity for better blood flow, thereby alleviating high pressure
  • Mistletoe – Improves function of the circulatory system
  • Oliver Tree – This is one of the more surprising herbs but when used as essential oil, it ranks as one of the best treatment options
  • Valerian – This is the last herb we wanted to recommend for treating high blood pressure. Unlike other herbs, Valerian lowers levels of anxiety and stress that are known to be risk factors.