$2000 Bought 10 TRXs for Innisfail Middle School

innisfail-school1innisfail-school3It truly warms our heart to change lives, and especially when those are young lives.

Our world is a busy, fast paced place, one ruled ever more by technology.

It’s crazy the increased instance in sickness and disease in children and in young adults especially with strong ties and suggestion that this may be largely in part to the increased instance of child obesity and inactivity.

It was a pleasure to drop off 10 brand new TRXs to Ecole Innisfail Middle School to help the students explore a new dynamic of fitness. This was a combined gift from us and  the Red Deer Firefighter’s Children’s Charity.

We’re excited to return this fall and teach the students and staff about the many benefits of suspension training in accordance with our public mission to help change 10,000 local lives by 2015.

Congratulations Ecole Innisfail Middle School and thank you for you efforts to improve young lives by ensuring regular fitness and activity is a part of all young lives.