Essential Amino Acids

ToychainEssential amino acids and proper nutrition go hand-in-hand with one another. Amino acids are those organic compounds that contain an amino group as well as carboxylic acid group which forms a protein. Proteins actually are comprised from various proportions of over twenty amino acids, all of which consist of around sixteen percent nitrogen and this is what separates these acids from various other basic nutrients like fatty acids and sugars.

Amino acids are very essential components of every human beings body frame as they are crucial elements of protein and help to supply the proper structure for all living organisms. The significance of these amino acids just cannot be underestimated as it is considered that protein makes up the second largest element of a human beings body weight followed only by water. Proteins formed from all these acids are essential components that affect various facets of the human body. Also, enzymes and hormones are made up of body proteins and are also made from the same building blocks, thus making vital in regulatory body functions. Genetic information, or genes, carried in chromosomes also have structure based on amino acids and proteins, and this is what gives life from parent to child. Therefore, it can be considered that essential amino acids and nutrition are interdependent.

In actuality, it should be noted that these acids are strings of aminos joined together similar to a chain. Each and every protein is made up of a specific group of aminos and are placed in particular arrangement. Each protein generated is made to meet a specific requirement by the human body and this cannot be changed by another protein. Every protein that is made from these acids is unique and is formed when an individual eats food that contains dietary protein, this is then broken down into acidic form and then it is used by the body to make essential proteins as they are required.

The human body actually has around twenty eight individual amino acids that come together to make up hundreds of types of proteins. Also there are few amino acids that are not produced in the body and should be taken in through foods that we eat. These amino acids are as follows: isoleune, hitidine, methionine, lysine, valine, phenylalanine, theonine, leucine and tryptophan.

Protein from either a vegetable or animal source work essentially the same. The amino acids are broken down into their basic structure and then eventually combined as they are required by the body to form bones, muscle, blood and organs.

Protein from an animal source is, however, much more complete and provides all 9 essential amino acids that are required for optimal human health. Eating a healthy and well balanced menu as required may involve the use of certain supplements to ensure exercise recovery and performance.