Kids Boot Camp Starts July 3rd!

kdbcThe Kids Summer Boot Camp is set to start on Wed for the next four weeks.

With school coming to an end maybe here’s a chance for us to help a bunch more kids have fun with exercise, stay active, learn about teamwork, co-operation, problem solving, agility and more.

The best part is it’s indoor/outdoor in our super snazzy boot camp room. On nice days there is the opportunity to go outside, if it’s too hot or raining we can remain in.

It officially starts this Wed, July 3rd at 10:30 AM.

It will run Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

This Kids Camp would run from July 3rd to July 26th. (And we’re looking to extend it into August details coming soon.)

The cost is $97+GST.

We’re looking for kids from the ages of 13 and up to have fun, learn new skills ranging from: team work (makes the dream work), problem solving, balance, agility, flexibility, confidence, a boost in self-esteem, and more.

There’s no real concerns about experience, all of our boot camp programs are totally scalable, no matter whether its a young athlete or someone just beginning to exercise they will be safe, feel comfortable and undoubtedly have a lot of fun.

If you or someone you know is interested just simply give us a call at 403-341-4041 between the hours of 11AM and 7PM or contact us here and we’ll answers any questions or help you secure a spot. (You can register even after the program starts or until all spots are full.)


Always here to help,