Over $3000, 2 Trailers of Household Items and Hundreds of man hours for High River!


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UPDATE: August 2013

You know you just pray that if the worst should ever happen that someone might be there to help you out, this became a grim reality in southern Alberta this year. Our mission is wrapped up in ambition to help those in need any way we can. Our whole team wants to graciously thank our clients and our community for their generous contributions of money, items and time to help those met with strife begin to rebuild.

A small dent by a small group but then it all counts, in the end more than $3000, 2 jam packed trailers of household items and hundred of man hours were donated to clean up, thank you to everyone for your kindness and generosity.


After being there we now understand just how great the need is first hand, we’re even more committed to do for others that which we pray someone might do for us if the situation were reversed.

We’re still accepting household items to be transported to High River (we hope the end of this week) and until the end of July we’re going to continue to fund raise for the High River Relief Fund. For every $50 donation made at One-to-1 / Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp from now until July 31, 2013 we’ll be issuing a certificate for a free month of Fit Body Boot Camp (may not be applied to existing programs sorry) additionally we’ll be donating 50% if the first month of any new Fit Body Boot Camp programs setup in July.

We’ve already raised over $2000, thousands more in household items and contributed over 200 man hours last Friday and believe we can do so much more. See the full press release details below.

Red Deer Personal Training Center to Donate a Portion of Revenue from Those Who Join Fit Body Boot Camp to Support Flood Relief Efforts in Southern Alberta


In an effort to support the community, Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp owner, Cabel McElderry and business partner, Pat Kerr, have decided to launch a flood relief campaign to help those devastated by the recent floods in southern Alberta.
When Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp owner, Cabel McElderry and business partner, Pat Kerr, saw the flooding unfold in southern Alberta they knew they had to get involved.

Kerr explains, “As flooded communities try to piece their lives back together, my team and I have decided to launch a support project in order to assist those devastated by Mother Nature.”

McElderry and Kerr’s flood relief efforts include donating 50% of the first month’s revenue from any new member who joins the Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp to organizations involved in providing relief for flood victims, as well as turning the fitness center, One-to-1 Fitness (also owned and operated by McElderry) into a donation collection site, where they have already collected over $2,000 in donations from the community and thousands in essential household items. Also, a gift certificate for one month of Fit Body Boot Camp will be given to every person who donates $50 to One-to-1 Fitness’ flood relief efforts.

McElderry says, “Our public mission is to change 10,000 lives by 2015, we’ll continue to do that any way we can. I’ve always felt it’s important to do for others what you pray someone might do for you if the situation were ever reversed”

The Fit Body Boot Camp Red Deer owners have also organized a day to help the High River community, who have been particularly devastated by the floods, clean up and removed debris from neighborhoods and surrounding areas. On July 5th, 19 volunteers gathered at McElderry and Kerr’s One-to-1 Fitness center and made their way to the High River community and spent over 200 man-hours cleaning and removing trash, making the area safer for residents to return to and rebuild.

Kerr says of the tragedy, “Being in High River brings the severity of this disaster into new light. You truly can’t appreciate just how bad it is or what these people are facing until you stand inside their completely destroyed home. When you see someone with glazed eyes tending to their demolished lawn rather than beginning to strip their soggy, moldy basement, you get a chilling sense of just how much pain they are feeling. We don’t want this issue to get old and fade as there’s a higher need than many may realize.”