CHANGE The Movie

Click the image to watch the trailer on YouTube.

Click the image to watch the trailer on YouTube.

Who defines your limits?

In the year 2013 society is on the brink of transition of immeasurable magnitude. In spite of cutting edge technology and better medicines disease is on the rise. North America is locked in an obesity crisis, 1 in 10 people suffer from diabetes, children’s mortality rates are declining, more prescriptions and more surgeries are performed than ever before.

CHANGE is an inspiring film about our inner struggle to look good, feel good, be happy and pain free in spite of society’s trend toward disease, depression, painful dysfunction and death.

Our society is engendered in these five individuals that share their challenge, their journey, their outcome and their realization that through a decision of CHANGE you can live life without limitations.

CHANGE a One-to-1 Fitness production in conjunction with Shoelace Media premiers with Cineplex Entertainment September 19, 2013.

In celebration and simple appreciation all of our clients and their families are formally invited to attend on September 19, 2013.

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Click to watch the Producer and Director interview.

In addition to the premier of the short film CHANGE we’ve arranged a private screening of the much-anticipated biopic “Jobs”. Sept 12 UPDATE – Due to Jobs dismal box office performance Cineplex refused this request Jobs has been replace by The Family (Please note this moves the film from a PG-13 rating to R)

Tickets are soldout, but more may released make sure you ‘like’ and watch for release updates. If tickets are released they will be available on the Facebook event page.

Check this post often for new updates regarding CHANGE The Movie

Clients and Colleagues Appreciation Night

To celebrate the premiere of CHANGE The Movie and to express our most heartfelt appreciation to all of our amazing clients; our clients and their families (along with special community colleagues) are formerly invited to attend this premiere as our exclusive guests in true Hollywood fashion. We are excited to take you to the movies!

This event begins with arrivals at 7:00 PM.

Waltz down the red carpet as part of our exclusive Cineplex welcome, just watch out for the paparazzi! Watch for limousine arrivals; if you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the celebrity cast as they exit their transportation to the red carpet and stop for photos to satisfy the paparazzi and media alike.

7:45 PM – Official welcome with introductions of the cast and brief commentary from the director and producers.

8:15 PM – CHANGE The Movie premiere.

8:45-9:00 PM – Brief intermission for concession items, conversation and review of CHANGE The Movie.

9:00 PM – Private screening of “The Family” exclusively for clients, families and colleagues of One-to-1 Fitness and Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp.

Our evening concludes at the end of the private screening.

Speak to your trainer, the front desk, or contact us directly via our website to find out how you can RSVP for the evening.