Saturday Boot Camp + Intro to Training



FEB 28, 2014 UPDATE:

How to register for Intro to Training:

This a FREE program for our clients and our community and one of our tools to help reach our goal to inspire 10,000 local people to reach a fitness or weight loss goal by 2015.

You’re welcome to attend as often as you like, presently it will run from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM until April 19, 2015. This is a FREE class for everyBODY!

The purpose is to teach you the what and more importantly the why of safe exercise principles, and why many of the exercises you see in gyms around the city are potentially doing more harm than good.

You’ll gain an understanding of what to expect if you decided to participate in boot camp or personal training and most importantly you’ll leave with a better understanding of your own body.

Please bring a friend and join us on an upcoming Saturday!

1)   Visit:

2)   Choose “Client Login” in the upper right.

3)   Choose “Member” from the 3 options.

4)   If you are a current client enter your login information. If you are a guest press the “Join Our Mailing List Button”

5)   As a guest complete the required fields to create a login.

6)   Once logged in choose “Purchase Services” and select “Intro to Training” and follow the prompts. (Don’t worry no payment information is required and yes it’s free. J )

7)   Choose schedule class and find intro to training on the Saturday schedule.

If you have problems don’t sweat it, give us a call at 403-341-4041, or please just come there’s lot’s of room and we just want to make it easy for you.

Once you arrive you’ll be asked to complete a waiver, after Intro to Training we have Fit Body Boot Camp and until April 19, 2015 it’s also FREE to attend if you’d like to try it out!

At One-to-1 Fitness and Fit Body Boot Camp we care about one thing helping people create change in their lives, how they look and feel (hey wasn’t there a movie about that?)

Hope to see you Saturday!


March 1st Saturday boot camps officially launch! (But we’ll be here this weekend on a test run and you’re all invited, all totally free!)

We’re here for you every Saturday morning for Fit Body Boot Camp at 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

At 9 :00 AM every Saturday we have something new for you.

We’ve developed a FREE (though donations to the Food Bank are encouraged and accepted) educational program we’re calling “Intro to Training.”

If you’re new to (have never tried, totally curious, or would just like to learn) personal training or boot camp services Intro to Training will teach you core fundamentals of both programs. Basic exercises and their execution as well as the “why” of many key exercises. (This is a workshop not a workout but dress for active participation.)

We’ll be teaching you about the physiology and bio-mechanics. You’ll gain the understanding of why some movements are so important for eliminating pain and shaping the body the way you want.

Intro to Training is also another component of our commitment to our public mission to “help 10,000 local people get inspired to reach a fitness or weight loss goal by 2015.”

This service is open to everyBODY, whether you are a client or not you are welcome, in fact we encourage you to bring friends and family, all you need to do is drop-in and sign a waiver and you’re ready to go, no registration is necessary.

Right after Intro to Training there will be one more Fit Body Boot Camp, a chance for you to immediately apply what you’ve learned. During this trial period this camp is also free to everyone, clients and our community alike (though again we’ll gladly take your donations for the food bank!)

Registration will be available online for March1st soon (but if you’d like to come this weekend just drop on by!)

NOTE: We won’t have admin staff on the weekend so please remove all outdoor foot wear and make your way back to the boot camp room. As you enter the weight room you’ll see the archway leading into the boot camp room at the back wall.

Look forward to seeing the weekend warriors!