Dealing With Headaches, Naturally and Permanently

photo-2If you’ve ever had a headache you know they can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. If you are someone who experiences headaches on a regular basis here are a couple of very common causes and a natural solution for immediate relief.

Dehydration – Losing only 2% of your total body water can have a marked impact on your ability to perform, live or concentrate. One of the most notable symptoms of dehydration is a headache. Eight glasses of water per day is not enough for anyone active or living in our temperate climate. Aim for 12-16 glasses per day to eliminate headaches caused by dehydration.

Postural Deficiency – There’s no such thing as perfect posture. Your posture will develop and continually change throughout life based on your day to day activities. Over time gravity works hard to pull us closer to the ground, the most prevalent posture is head forward posture. You’ll recognize this posture instantly all around you by noting when someone’s ear resides forward of the bone on the top of their shoulder when viewed from the side. Headaches are common with this type of posture as the weight of the head pulls continually against the now stretched and weakened muscles of the back of the neck and upper shoulder girth. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, as fitness professionals we spend more time helping people overcome the effects of this type of posture than anything else. The good news is with a qualified fitness professional headaches related to posture can be reduced and eliminated most commonly in a few weeks to a few months.

Now if you are experiencing a headache and agree that there are long term risks associated with common pain medications here is a natural alternative for you. Try applying a quality, therapeutic grade peppermint oil to your forehead and temples. Peppermint (also great for indigestion and IBS) can often relieve or eliminate the discomfort of a headache in minutes when applied in this manner. I’m out of space see you next month.