4 Laws of the Squat!

How would you feel if you were doing an exercise over and over again and not getting the results you wanted?

Do you know what I mean?  Everyone claims there is one great exercise which will tone this and firm that and after countless reps, sets and weeks at the gym, results are average at best.

Now, before I go on, how would you like it if you could spend less time doing an exercise, do it with superb form and watch the body pretty much sculpt itself!

Sound good?

Well, here’s the deal. The world claims that the squat is the supreme exercise in the gym for a great body and a firm bum, yet women and men seem to never be quite happy with theirs.

And when it comes to lifting with the intent of adding more weight to the bar, many stagnate, plateau and stall with no real impressive weight on the bar in the first place.

In order to master the squat, you must first abide by its 4 laws. If these laws are not implemented, you will either:

A)     Use the wrong body parts and not get the hips, back and legs you want

B)     Plateau and become frustrated and somewhat dejected

C)     Ruin your knees and your back thereby shortening your career and passion in a world you love. Fitness.

For Those Of You Who Want Glutes!

The butt (Glutes) has many roles in the human body. It acts as a shock absorber when landing, and it also generates power to create explosive movement, and the most appealing  one is (yes for men too!), when the glutes are toned and in proportion to the rest of your body, they look great and make you feel great when they, and you, are in shape.

But a great butt, from an esthetic standpoint is one that is a firm semi-circular shape and is fully developed right down to its attachment on the femur (You know what I mean, when the bottom part of the bum is not toned or it’s sagging and is not a “full” shape.

Using the 4 laws of squats below, you will get the glutes you want and greatly improve your strength and power


The 4 Laws Of Squats

You have probably heard that the squat is the best way to get a firm butt, however what if there was a way to do it that fully engaged the bum.

Right now you are probably squatting and just assuming your butt is doing the job, or at least part of it, and firming itself, yet most do not fully engage their glutes, and even more so, without abiding by the 4 primary laws of squats, many of you aren’t actually even getting the glutes to do much, if anything at all!

And if they’re sitting idle, you can be certain your knees and low back are taking the brunt of the load. This is not a good thing.

If you want the best hips The best athletes move from the hips) that will have you turn heads everywhere while keeping your knees and back safe, then you would be wise to follow the 4 laws of squats. These laws ensure you:

A)     Get the butt and back of the thigh engaged with each rep

B)     Keep your knees from being damaged

C)     Use the WHOLE bum, including the bottom part throughout each rep

Here are the four laws of squats and how they can help you attain firm butt supremacy.

Law #1:

–        Your knees should be in line with your foot

law#1 bad

law#1 good








Your knees should not “buckle” in. This disengages the glutes and is one of the primary reasons your butt will not firm up. It will not even engage much if the knees buckle in.

When the knees “track” the ankles it will at the very least engage the glute med and hopefully more which will also help make for a nice long and supple inner thigh because as you pull the knees over the foot, the inner thigh muscles will lengthen while supporting the weight.

If the knees are “buckling in” then you will have minimal glute activation, if any at all and the groin will not firm up either.

In the long run, you may also run in to knee issues along the inside of the knee.

Law #2

–        Your knees NEVER move forward on the ascent (the up phase) of a squat.













This transfers weight to the front of the body, namely the quads, and minimizes glute activation

This might be one of several reasons many women experience bulky muscles in their quads, because they use them more than they are supposed to because they were not taught how to squat properly.

blog-8It is also a way to “cheat” the squat as you try to create momentum forward and then relying on the quads to drive you up. This will for sure lessen the work of the glutes and hamstrings as the knees take the brunt of the load.

A bigger concern if you use this technique would be the pressure on your knees.

Law #3:

–        The barbell always travels in a straight line.













If you have weight on your bar and want to move it up and down, would you move the bar a bit forward and a bit back and add more distance to the lift? Of course not! That would be a waste of energy and extra travel that serves no purpose!

Have you ever seen a crane pick up a huge container from the ground? The container travels in a straight line and the cable (power) is always directly above it!

The truth is, a barbell that stays in line with the heels and travels in straight line while it goes up and down which challenges the hamstrings and glutes more to get the back side of you nice and firm.

When you squat make sure you “dig” through your heels (without lifting your toes up) on the up phase and keep the barbell on top of them, without compromising your back arch (making it bigger).

Although the full foot is involved, energy drives up the shin bone from the heel. This is where you need to concentrate your “heel dig”.

This brings us to law number four.

Law #4

–        The natural curve in your low back should be maintained













Imagine applying direct force from above into a long piece of 2×4 wood that is standing upright. The wood is pencil straight and so the force goes through the 2×4 equally as the wood holds a position of power.

Now, imagine that wood is defective, kind of like some of the ones we see when we shop at lumber stores with these wicked curves in them.

If we apply great force from above, would that curved piece of wood support the load? Would the wood (your low back) be safe?

Unfortunately it would be in a dangerous position and may result in major damage. Or cumulative damage as you repeatedly bend it in a certain way too many times until it becomes injured.

The reason why people excessively arch their low back is because their core is not strong enough to perform a proper squat, and in order to compensate for this lack of strength, they bring their torso straighter, however, they do so at the expense of the spine.

Some individuals are actually taught that this position is natural!

So How Do I Get Stronger, Keep My Body Safe And Get a Kick *ss body?

If you follow the above 4 laws of squats you will be well on your way to a firm, fit and lifted butt and a tighter and more firm body.

Even with these 4 laws in hand, you will still need to do what the best in the world do to activate every fiber in their glutes, no matter how deep they go.

This will ensure you get the most out of your squat and the most out of your butt.

How To Engage Your Glutes, Even While Just Standing Up!

The world’s best lifters consciously fire (contract) their glutes. The do not wait for them to just fire on their own.

And I’m going to show you how to do it just like the elite.

If you stand up and widen your feet with your toes slightly open, you will be in normal squat position.

Imagine there is a huge piece of newspaper under both of your feet while you do this.

Got it! Now, without bending your knees or anything, visualize “spreading the floor” or ripping the newspaper in half with your feet.

You will be directing your feet away from each other.

Once you have this mastered, what you do next is try to open your toes even further, but without actually allowing the toes themselves to move.

This will come in the form of a corkscrew motion, which will be applied more towards the back half of the foot.

I know, it’s not as easy to explain with words on a screen. Try this visual.

Have you ever seen a movie, or even a friend, when they drop the end of his cigarette and as it hits the floor, he puts the ball of his foot on it and rotates it in and out to put it out?

You do the exact same thing, only move out, and rather than a part of your foot being off the ground, the full foot is on the ground and you’re putting it out more so with the heel of your foot.

If you can learn to master this technique, not only will you have a powerful squat, but you will also have an amazing butt, and healthy knees too!

Train smart!

By: Aaron Lipsey