New Body Revolution!

FBBC_NewYearsRevolutionChallengeHere are the details of the program so you can decide if it’s right for you…

–        I’ve designed the program to overcome the four fail factors mentioned above.

–        It’s a six week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout with me and then to give you the coveted “after burn” effect so you can burn more fat once you leave here.

“After burn” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout when certain variables take place during the workout session. In fact it’s scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 18 hours after a workout.

–        Each workout session is designed to put your body into “after burn” to help get the most fat loss during the six week program.

–        Here is the best part… THIS IS A CHALLENGE! The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win over $700 in prizes including an iPad Mini and a makeover worth over $300. There are 4 ways of getting points including losing weight and % body fat. The prize will give you even extra incentive to work hard to start 2014 with a brand new iPad, a makeover and a new YOU!

–        The New Year weight loss Revolution starts on Monday, January, 6th.

–        The best, best part… I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach your ideal weight.


So I’ve priced it very affordable, only $154. AND you are welcome to split the payments into two $77 payments, 30 days apart if you’d like.

Now, typically my training programs range from $197 – $450 for four weeks. But like I said, I’ve priced this program at two payments of $77. That’s a really good deal!

Just give us a call at 403-341-4041 if you’d like to see if a spot is still available or submit your request through our contact form. Happy New Year!