Kim lost over 20lbs!

Kimberly Sommerville before and afterHealth and fitness can be scary when you have a significant amount of weight to lose. Just walking into a gym can be intimidating.

I had tried other weight loss programs and women’s gyms but I always gained back the weight and would stop going to the gym.

I had a family member recommend One to 1 Fitness, knowing I needed help with the accountability. Best decision ever! The staff and my trainer are knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive and fun. When you follow their plan the results are inevitable (to date I’ve lost over 20lbs!), and every now and again if you self sabotage or eat off plan, they don’t judge…

You get nothing but support and it makes so much easier for you to get back on track. I still have a way to go until I hit my target weight but the difference this time with One to 1 Fitness is I am learning, changing and finding success for long term health.

Kimberly S