Jamie lost over 70lbs!

Jaime Riggins

 Jamie has now lost an amazing 70lbs and still cruising! Great work Jamie!

There were many reasons that I visited and joined One-to-1 Fitness. I have been overweight my entire life. I am classified as morbidly obese and really need to lose weight. When I became a mother, it became increasingly important to me that I be a healthy role model for my son. And, to be completely honest, I didn’t want to be the “fat mommy”, the mommy that can’t run around and play or fit on the playground equipment. The real turning point was when my uncle died from obesity in 2008 at the age of 56. I knew that if I didn’t make a real change in my life that would be me someday. I’ve known Pat and Maranda for many years so when I decided to change my life it was obvious where I needed to go.

In the first 5 weeks with One-to-1 Fitness I have lost 16 pounds and over 11.5 inches! In addition to the weight loss, I have also seen other results: I feel fantastic, body and spirit! My energy levels have risen dramatically. I sleep better at night. I went from eating 6 antacids a day to zero. All of these results in only five weeks, and I’m just getting started!

I believe my personal trainer and the customized nutrition and fitness programs are key components to my success. This system is unique to One-to-1 Fitness. The trainers provide motivation and expertise while you are in the gym. The nutritional tools and client accountability incorporated into the program ensures positive progress at home. If you are truly willing to commit and work hard, listen to the trainers and follow their guidance, I have every confidence you can also achieve your goals.

I recommend One-to-1 Fitness to everyone who is serious about improving their health. It is the first program I have ever experienced that has given me hope that I will achieve my goals. I have real results I can believe in, see and feel. One-to-1 Fitness is going to help me change my life from Fat Mommy to Hot Mama!

Jaime Riggins