Matt lost over 90lbs in all!

Matt Murray

What made you decide to visit One-to-1 Fitness?

After a year of working out specifically to lose body fat, I wanted to focus more on definition and increasing muscle mass. After hearing a couple of the other clients say how much they enjoyed it there I decided to join while they had a promotion.

What exactly has been your results training at One-to-1 fitness?

After only two months at One-to-1 I feel stronger and can see a definite difference in my arm and upper body definition. I feel better on a day to day basis, just being more confident in myself and how my body looks. My clothes are looser even though the number on the scale has not changed! Doing day to day things like carrying groceries upstairs are much easier just due to the weight training.

What do you think has been different about One-to-1 fitness Vs. Other programs you have tried?

On July 24th 2008 I made a pledge to myself that I was going to change my body, and have a better life. I went to several boot camps, trainers, and nutritionists to gain knowledge and advice of how to lose body fat, and become an overall healthier and happier person. Throughout my whole experiences of losing weight I would become ecstatic over every pound I had lost. I went from 248lbs to 172lbs. Although I was happy that my body was smaller and that my Body Fat % had dropped dramatically I still was missing that final link. After only 2 months at One-to-1 I found that missing link. It was in fact muscle mass and definition. There were difficult times and times where I doubted the strategies of the trainers, but in the end, it worked to my advantage. There were two distinct differences in One-to-1’s training methods as compared to others.

The first was diet and nutrition. Over the past year the only guidance all of the other nutritionists and trainers provided was to have a lower intake of calories and higher physical output. They never specified at which point lowering your intake of calories could be detrimental to your body’s natural working order. I learned that sometimes more calories is better, it keeps your metabolism running constantly, and feeds your muscles as opposed to your fat. This was very hard for me to wrap my head around but eventually I did and am amazed with the outcome.

The second is how they focus on the important stuff. The training times are half of what you would normally get out of a personal training, however they don’t waste your money by watching you stretch and warm up. They help you where you need to be helped. It is completely set up for success, as long as you are willing to follow the plan they set out for you.

All of the trainers at One-to-1 Fitness were very personable, and friendly. It kind of felt like you were walking into your house with family to work out. All you see are smiles, and more smiles, even through the sweat.

Would you recommend One-to-1 fitness and why?

I have already recommended people to One-to-1 Fitness. They are an amazing personalized gym, with great benefits. I see a difference in myself after every week. My confidence grows daily, and so do my arms.

Matt Murray