In just 8 short weeks, I have lost 15 pounds!

unnamedI decided to visit One-to-1 fitness because I was frustrated with how hard I was working to lose weight and the minimal results I was getting. I knew I needed more help. The individualized nutritional coaching was what first got my attention. I then decided to join the Fit Body Boot Camps as well!

Through my weight loss journey with One to 1 Fitness, I can say I have become much more confident and comfortable with my body. Furthermore, I have noticed how much stronger I am becoming! And in just 8 short weeks with my training and my nutritional coaching I have lost 15 pounds!

One-to-1 Fitness has been different because it is a great supportive atmosphere and they make it very easy to work into your everyday life. I had tried a few other programs before where you had to go for longer periods of time and was much more restrictive and I still did not get results I achieved with One-to-1.

I would definitely recommend One-to-1 Fitness to anyone looking for better results, they give you the instruction and every tool you need to get to where you want to be, from wherever you started from!