Joanne lost over 50lbs so far!


In just 6 weeks Joanne lost an amazing 13lbs and 6% body fat, not everything went according to plan but it’s amazing what a little consistency can do. Awesome job Joanne just keep at it!


What made you decide to visit One-to-1 Fitness?

One-to-1 Fitness was recommended by one of my doctors. I reviewed the website and then made an appointment to learn more.

What results have you exeprienced at One-to-1 Fitness?

So far the results i have achieved have been life changing.  I am leading a much more active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet. For the first time I can say that i am losing weight by leading a healthy, active lifestyle-Not Dieting.

What do you think has been different about One-to-1 Fitness compared to other programs you have tried?

The hardest part for me has been sticking to the meal plans.  I find if I don’t plan my meals then it is too easy for me to make bad choices. I also had to get in all my cardio during the week.

Would you recommend One-to-1 Fitness to others?

I have already recommended One to 1  to numerous people-specifically my trainer has brought me a long way in a few short months! He is a wealth of information!

-Joanne Varga