Alex lost over 70lbs!

alex bf pict 1Weight has been a struggle for me from early teenage years to adulthood. As a teenager I would attempt to control it by dieting. I tried many forms of weight loss including calorie counting to extremes and the Atkins diet to name a few. I would always hear about these new fads and fast easy ways to weight loss. “Just take this 1 pill and you will lose pounds in days!” I would always lose the weight, but the results were never permanent. It was a constant fluctuation. As I entered my adulthood, got married, went to college and had my first child the weight began to pile on. I went from 130lbs to 215lbs in just a few short years. I didn’t even realize how bad it had become. The demands on me as a wife, new mother, and nurse were always there. I had never ending amounts of excuses as to why I wasn’t exercising or eating healthy, “The baby was up all night,” “I’m too tired,” “I had a long day at work.”

Note to self: There will always be excuses!!

I remember the morning that things changed for me. As I was getting dressed, I accidentally put on my husband’s jeans thinking they were mine. At this point I was squeezing into a size 16. I was completely devastated and realized that I needed to make a better effort to change my lifestyle. I started making small changes to my diet and slowly the weight came off. I continued with the changes during my second pregnancy.

alex bf pict 2After the birth of my second child, a friend asked me if I wanted to join a gym called One to 1 Fitness and participate in a contest. The contest lasted 6 weeks and consisted of a meal plan and boot camps. The person who lost the most percentage of body fat won a voucher for a trip. This was intimidating to me at first as I was never the athletic type. I didn’t want to be judged by other people for my weight. After some convincing by my friend, I decided that this was what I needed to boost me into a better lifestyle. I began working out hard and eating the healthiest I ever had. I ended up taking a break though as I had become pregnant once again with my third child and was experiencing morning sickness. I was disappointed about not being able to continue and was worried that I would lose the progress I had made. I had decided that even though I wasn’t working out anymore, I could still continue with eating healthy. My first pregnancy I was overweight and gained an unhealthy 45lbs and my third pregnancy I gained a healthy 20 lbs. I was so proud of myself!

After my daughter was born I decided to go back to the gym to continue on my weight loss journey. I once again signed up for boot camps and attended when I was able to. My journey was a slow process, but the fact that I kept going was what mattered. Even though I became pregnant 3 times I managed get thinner after each one!

I still have the demands of 3 small children (including breastfeeding my youngest one) and my roles as a wife, mother and nurse, but I make myself a priority. As mothers we tend to put ourselves last. I realized that in order to influence my family and teach them a healthier lifestyle, I had to model that for them. I no longer feel guilty about my time spent away at the gym taking care of myself. This past summer I found my love for running, something I previously hated doing. I also completed the Super Spartan Race. In my earlier life, I would never have dreamt of completing goals like these ones.

alex after pictThe trainers at One to 1 Fitness have gone above and beyond, providing support and encouragement. I constantly feel challenged to try harder. They are beautiful, wonderful people who are so passionate about helping others. I actually look forward to going to the gym, which was something I have never

experienced before. I absolutely love how each time is so different and that each trainer brings different styles and techniques to class.

Weight loss is still a struggle for me. People think that when you get thin that the struggle is over. I still to this day, have to make conscious food choices and push myself to go to the gym. Some days are going to be easy, and others are going to be hard and discouraging. Since the beginning of my journey I have gained confidence as a woman, felt healthier and have more energy and have lost a total of 70 lbs. I feel amazing!