6 Week Transformation Challenge

I believe that the accountability and support aspects are absolutely key for you to attain your goals.

We have all created goals, set a plan, and have taken action…

but what are the missing ingredients to this plan?

What happens when you lose motivation?

What happens when a stressor or roadblock comes up?

Even as a personal trainer, I have my own coach.


I may have the knowledge but I believe as humans we are terrible at keeping ourselves accountable.


when you have a bad weekend and you were suppose to hop on the scale on Monday, do you?

No!. You spend all of Sunday and Monday morning rationalizing with yourself that you shouldn’t.

“Well it’ll be the same or worse, right? Why even look!?”

Possibly, yes.

But we are now missing the most important factor in all of this!

The accountability… we used the scale as our accountability tool.

Because of this, do we have a better week moving forward?

More times than not, no!

Even when we aren’t perfect we can re evaluate the plan, get back to the basics, and more importantly, remember why we really wanted to make the change in the first place.

What is your WHY?

Because of this I created our 6 Week Transformation Challenge! (trust me I had a number of different names for it but the longer I thought of a cool name the less time I was spending on making this program life changing for you!)

I am looking for 12 people ready and willing to make a change!

This is a 6 week program that includes Unlimited Training through our Fit Body Boot Camp program as well as the coaching aspect from us and the community we will build as a group to ensure everyone gets results!

On Sunday, September 27th at 12pm we will be holding our Opening Ceremonies for this program. We will spend a couple hours getting acquainted, setting appropriate goals/plans, initial nutritional teaching, and getting our initial health and fitness goals set up!

Through this program you will have access to myself and the lovely Samantha Cooper so you have the support needed to work around life’s ever challenging turns :).

Here’s a small taste of what you get in this program:

A great group of people coming together to help each other. (Sometimes the best advice comes from someone else in the process)
Access to two successful fitness and weight loss experts
Appropriate goal setting
Individualized Plan for each person goals
Nutritional Coaching
Personalized Meal Planning
Unlimited Access to our Fit Body Boot Camp
And so much more…

All of this for just $197!

We are evening meeting up again midway for a special Mastermind meeting to ensure the last 3 weeks of your program to optimize your results!

There’s also a prize…

That is awarded to the winner of our challenge…


As a group we will decide on our Transformation Challenge winner!

Not every change you make will be solely reliant on the scale 🙂


For more details on this program please reply to this email or give us a call at 403.341.4041.

Looking forward to seeing you!