Jason’s Big Four for Recovery

When you walk into One to 1 Fitness you will immediately see a message on the wall that states, “We can’t change your life in 30-60 minutes; We can only hope to influence what you do in the other 23 hours a day”.

From your food intake, to your water, to your stress levels, to your sleep… they all play a huge role in your progress.

There is a great chance if you aren’t seeing results but you are busting your butt in the gym that recovery is lacking!

Here are my Top 4 Tips that I give all of my clients to help recover better so they can reap the rewards of their hard work!

  1. Post Workout Nutrition– Making sure your body is getting adequate nutrients to aid in recovery is a must if you plan on training frequently. For maximal recovery 0-30 minutes post exercise I suggest getting 30 grams  lean protein source and 15-30 grams of fast digesting carbohydrates. My personal favorite is a protein shake and two caramel chocolate chip rice cakes.
  2. Hydration – Remember that 75 percent of muscle tissue is water. Water is necessary for every metabolic function in the human body. Yet many of us still go through our daily lives dehydrated.  Ensure that 90% of the fluids you are taking in everyday is composed of water. If you are very active and know the coming workout will be intense try taking ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt to help replace the minerals lost from an intense workout.
  3. Sleep! – I know I sound like you’r mother here but try to get more shut eye! I am guilty of not getting enough sleep. Sleep plays an essential role in recovery and well being. It is proven that the sleep you get before midnight is more effective than the sleep afterwards. Things to avoid to help you sleep better include, but are not limited to,:- Avoiding alcohol- Staying away from Blue light prior to sleeping (turn off those computers and phones an hour before bed!)- Nicotine or caffeine – Not only before bed but limit usage throughout the day. Both sources can impede restful sleep.
  4. Controlling Stress – Being chronically stressed will rob you of recovery as well as your well being. We often view exercise as a stress reliever but to our body we are in battle! Dedicate 10 minutes post workout to doing very light cardio! Focus on slowing down your breathing and relaxing. If stress from work or life is too high, I suggest that you take 10 minutes twice a day to practice mediation and breathing techniques. Productivity will increase and you will feel better for it!

I hope this has helped! If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to message me at jason@personaltrainingreddeer.com!

You will immediately see and feel the positive signs by implementing these steps!


Meet The Author – Jason is a personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in long term body composition changes, as well as strength and conditioning. He has competed in strong man, body building, and endurance races such as Tough Mudder. His post-secondary education is through the University of Alberta and Red Deer College in Kinesiology and Education. Jason is driven by his desire to help YOU through your fitness and health goals!

If you have any topics your would like Jason to discuss next don’t hesitate to email him at – jason@personaltrainingreddeer.com or visit him at One to 1 Fitness – 403.341.4041