11 Tips for Staying on Your Diet!

We have all been there…

We decide it is time to start cleaning up our eating habits but…

then the dreaded cravings kick in!

Here are some tips that I have found that helped me when these cravings hit!

  1. Always be prepared. Having your meals on hand will prevent you from getting hungry and making impulse decisions such as that breakfast sandwich you have in the morning when you get your coffee from Tim Hortons 😉
  2. Eat frequent meals to prevent your blood sugar from dropping!
  3. Sugar free jello! Be careful with this one! Eating artificial sweeteners will satisfy your sweet tooth but will only do so temporarily. The more you eat artificial sweeteners the longer it will take for the craving to completely subside.
  4. Planned cheat meal! Key word here is planned! There are a number of benefits that come from a meal like this. Not only does it taste good and allow you to practice moderation BUT it also increases your leptin and thyroid hormones which in turn will increase your metabolism. Your coach will tell you when you need one, so don’t go crush a whole large pizza without your coach telling you to 😉
  5. Carbonated water – The carbonation can help curb your appetite. My personal favorites are the lemon lime and strawberry kiwi flavors made by ICE.
  6. Cucumbers – Cut up a cucumber length ways and add small amounts of Splenda and cinnamon. Place in the freezer for 1-2 hours you have crunchy sweet treat. Or cut up a tomato and just add some pepper and Himalayan pink salt!
  7. Eat the protein and vegetable portion of your meal first. Eating vegetables or protein before we consume carbohydrates help keep blood sugar levels lower and stable for longer periods of time. Stable blood sugar=less cravings.
  8. Chew gum – My personal favorites are the dessert flavored gums by Extra.
  9. Remembering that every time you practice self-discipline the easier it will become, so resist that delicious donut your clients or coworkers bring in! You can do it!  
  10. Choose healthy foods that you like. It doesn’t always just have to be chicken and rice! Make sure you switch it up.
  11. Remember your why! What drove you to make these changes to begin with? Put yourself back in the position you were in before you started this journey. 

Success is small efforts repeated!

– Jason


Meet The Author – Jason is a personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in long term body composition changes, as well as strength and conditioning. He has competed in strong man, body building, and endurance races such as Tough Mudder. His post-secondary education is through the University of Alberta and Red Deer College in Kinesiology and Education. Jason is driven by his desire to help YOU through your fitness and health goals!

If you have any topics your would like Jason to discuss next don’t hesitate to email him at – jason@personaltrainingreddeer.com or visit him at One to 1 Fitness – 403.341.4041