Jason’s Tips for the Perfect Workout!

We all have had that awesome workout where we pushed our body to the limit; leaving the gym all hot and sweaty! I have found that these tips are all things I have learned in my 14 years of training that helped me break personal records and keep the passion alive and strong. Enjoy!

  1. Start every workout with a proper dynamic warm up that includes mobility exercises!
  2. After you are fully warmed up, start by doing a few repetitions of an explosive movement. Examples, on When preparing for a day with deadlifts start with a dumbbell snatch, When preparing for squats start with box jumps and finally when preparing for a day with bench presses start with clapping/explosive push ups.
  3. Only listen to intense music right before the lift. Pick your favorite song and blast it!
  4. Calm yourself and refocus after each set. If you are to hyped up throughout the entire workout you will burn out to quick.
  5. Make sure you haven’t eaten too close to a workout. Your body has a tough time digesting food under pressure and stress. A workout can cause both and put your digestive system into the fight or flight mode!
  6. Practice box breathing intra and post workout. Calming your nervous system post workout is one of the most important things for getting the body into recovery mode. If Navy Seals do it, it has to do something, right???
  7. Make sure you are consuming enough sodium. This is very important for athletes and very active people. Individuals that intensely train quickly burn through their electrolytes. This leaves the body depleted of many essential minerals making it hard not only to have a great workout but also to recover properly!
  8. Start a Pre-Workout routine. A Pre-Workout routine helps signal our body to prepare for battle! If you are coming from the office, it is important to have some time to get your mind right before you start training! This will not only allow you to put full effort into your workout but it will also allow you to focus on proper form and destress from your busy day!
  9. Remember your WHY! Why is it important to you to be in the gym? Why does this workout, accumulated with all the other workouts, help you get to your goals? Why are those goals important to you? If you are feeling down about your progress or you aren’t motivated, always get back to WHY you wanted it in the first place. This will provide the fuel to reignite your training!

– Jason


Meet The Author – Jason is a personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in long term body composition changes, as well as strength and conditioning. He has competed in strong man, body building, and endurance races such as Tough Mudder. His post-secondary education is through the University of Alberta and Red Deer College in Kinesiology and Education. Jason is driven by his desire to help YOU through your fitness and health goals!

If you have any topics your would like Jason to discuss next don’t hesitate to email him at – jason@personaltrainingreddeer.com or visit him at One to 1 Fitness – 403.341.4041