EVERYBODY POOPS: So what’s the scoop about poop??

As a personal trainer, I get to hear all type of interesting stories! Some of the best ones come from the bowels of the restroom (Ya… I went there…)! See our waste can be an indicator into how the rest of our body is operating. This type of information is vital in order to solve some of the biggest issues people complain about when it comes to digestion and ultimately weight loss!

Bowel movements are the body’s natural way of excreting waste. Your body takes the nutrients it needs from the food you eat and eliminates what’s left. We can tell a lot about our health by the details of our bowel movements. For instance, all shades of brown are completely normal. If you’re coming across different colors of poop it could be that food is moving too quickly through the intestines and doesn’t have enough time to break down (green in color), it could be from excess fat in the stool (yellow), or you could experience a change in color due to certain medications. Best to pay attention or to look further into details if your bowel movements is not a shade of brown.

One of the main issues that are very common when it comes to bowel movements is constipation. This can happen due to change in your usual diet or activities, stress, too much dairy, antacid medications containing calcium or aluminum, but the most common cause of constipation is dehydration. Without water, our body starts to shut down. Every cell, tissue, and organs need water to function properly. Extra fluids keep the stool soft and easy to pass but will never cure constipation. How hard you are needing to push in the washroom is also a sign of what’s really going on. If you are having to push hard, this could be to dehydration, too much dairy, decrease in physical activities, but most common are needing more fibre in your diet. How often you poop is relative to the individual. The normal range spans from 3x a day to once every 3 days.

Easy ways to keep your guts happy? Taking a probiotic will help promote a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. When you lose “good” bacteria in your body (like after taking antibiotics), probiotics can help replace them. Using essential oils such as DiGize, will not only do wonders to stomach pain but will also support your overall health. Ingredients: Tarragon (for intestinal parasites), ginger (prevents fermentation), peppermint (improves digestion), juniper (cleanses kidneys), fennel (stimulates stomach), lemongrass ( anti-fungal), anise (increase bile flow), patchouli (reduces fluid retention).

Make sure you’ve got the scoop on your poop!!


– By your resident poop expert, Coach Sarah!


Meet The Author – Sarah has helped clients at One to 1 Fitness and Wellness for over 5 years! She is presently the longest running member of the team and most know her by being on the receiving end of a good butt kicking! Sarah’s superpower is her ability to make all of her clients feel super comfortable and at ease through their tough fitness and health journeys. That backed with her strong knowledge of the human body and she is able to fight any goal, big or small!

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