The Minefield of January

January is upon us…

Whether we like it or not this shift of the calendar signifies a golden opportunity to make positive changes that will reflect the person we want to be!

Many people will play on the fact that a resounding number of people will fail at this goals…

They will say that their program, pill, or machine is the solution to all of this…

Now every company, fitness or not, are singing the New Year, New You slogan.

This time of year is one of the most upsetting for me as a professional in the Fitness and Wellness industry.

I see good people being prayed on by marketers that are playing on their pains and making their solutions sound great…

Telling them about the next Magic Pill…

Make it seem like you only have to do this for 21 days, 6 minutes, etc. to obtain the physical changes that you may desire…

See marketers know consumers.

They know we are all wired for instant gratification.

They all know we want that Magic Pill that changes everything immediately.

And… They know you will pay for it.

Over and over again…

Because there will always be the next best thing.

Have you ever wondered why Dr. Oz is still on? Is there actually a new tea that will help you lose weight?

If he said everything he needed to say his show would have been done long ago.

But that isn’t what brings in money…

In my title, I called January a “minefield”…

“a subject or situation presenting unseen hazards”

And that is precisely what this is for that individual who wants a solution to their problem.

How do you know who truly wants to help you anymore?

You see commercials with happy people using these new machines and think “I want to be like that!”

Then it is purchased and becomes your newest clothing hanger because you didn’t get the end result you had hoped for.

Now, I am not just going to rant on and on about this… I am going to give you some strategies to find the correct program for you.

Is the solution short term?

No solutions in our life come with short-term commitment. You can’t fix a broken relationship with one session with a counselor. You can’t fix a poor financial situation by talking to your financial advisor once.

Whether we like it or not, things like this take time. It takes commitment, it takes will power, it takes openness to change. Don’t be fooled by a program that says you can have everything in a short time period.

Is it healthy?

One of the worst things that could have ever happened is when Dr.’s started to create these revolutionary diet plans. I am not talking about your family doctor who would give you better advice when asked but the ones that market themselves as the “solution”. We are raised to believe all Dr.’s are there for our best interest… we trust them… But there have been a few that have wrecked this trust. There job is to ensure the population remains healthy… why do they need to make money off of you then? They are already paid to do so…

Outside of that, there are the countless diet pills. If the results seem unrealistic… they are. If you are unsure what is realistic. Ask someone close to you. If they give you that “ohhhh ya…” face… It is too good to be true.

Do any of these programs create relationships?

Why are relationships important to your success? Humans are social animals. We have always done better in groups than we have by ourselves. It is much easier to give up on your goals when it is an inanimate object (pills, machines, etc.) than it is to another person. But, more importantly, it is much easier to build trust and respect for another person than it is for those inanimate objects. This trust is what allows you to fully open up to this solution. What allows you to push past lows in motivation.

Can this solution help you out of lows of motivation?

Chances are they can’t… a treadmill can’t connect with you emotionally.

You will lose motivation and more times than not it is not your fault! Life throws us curveballs… but nothing is better than a neutral  party to help you move past these issues by adjusting the plan, by helping you remember why you were doing this in the first place, and just to be an ear to listen.

Can you interact with the self-proclaimed results?

Many companies use “fake” before and afters. Whether they were purchased or photoshopped… they aren’t real.

How do you get past this? Find a program that you can actually interact with the results. Can you talk with a person you say in a marketing campaign at the local gym? Do you have a friend or an acquintance that has done the program? Talk to these people to find out more about the program.

Find a referral

Ask your friends. Poll your Facebook friends. Chat with your collegues.

Gain as much information you can so you can make the best decision possible.

I am hoping these thoughts will help you navigate through the minefield that is January. I want to see everyone succeed and some of that is sifting through people who just want your hard earned cash and don’t truly care about your results. It is my hopes that this will help you bypass these situations!

Happy New Years!

– Coach Brandon