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Who are the Team members of One to 1 Fitness Center
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About us


One-to-1 Fitness Red Deer
specializes in personal Fitness and personal Achievement

Our primary tools are fitness and nutrition, your goals are often weight loss, but you’ll see we guarantee that and a lot more! We’re coaches that teach you to harness the human spirit for personal empowerment, we change lives and bodies from the inside out!
Your risk free consultation includes:
Facility tour, personal goals analysis and review.
Preview and explanation of our services and how to use them to your maximum benefit.
Chance to ensure that you feel comfortable with us.
All programs covered by a Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Our Team

Pat Kerr – Owner

Pat has over 15 years of experience in the fitness and health industry. He has put a countless number of athletes on national stages, he has had clients climb to the peak of Everest, he works with a ParaOlympian, and has a client lose over 100lbs. Regardless of the goals, Pat has a wealth of knowledge that he can lean on in order to get his clients amazing results.

Sarah Vaartstra – Customer Relations Officer (CRO), Senior Trainer

Sarah is the longest running staff member at One to 1 Fitness and Wellness and has become the go to Fit Camp Instructor at One to 1 Fitness and Wellness. Her ability to build unbreakable relationships is her super power and she has mastered it!

Whitney Lobreau – Customer Relations Officer (CRO), Senior Trainer

From having to learn everything to be a Personal Trainer to winning Trainer of the Year, Whitney has taken great pride in being the best she can be for her clients and for the team. As the Customer Relations Officer, she has the sole duty of making sure the gym is a fun and appreciative place to be!

Jason Bowtell – Success Coach, Equipment Technician

Easily the individual with the biggest heart you will ever meet. Jason has an intense thirst for knowledge and is one of the most caring people you will meet. These two factors have made him an extremely successful coach.

Joe James – Program Manager, Client Relations Officer
As our Program Manager, Joe will ensure that all of your fitness goals are achieved every step of the way and help make you feel great!
Samantha Cooper – Facility Manager, Head Fit Camp Instructor, Master Trainer
Samantha has worked through the ranks as a Personal Trainer to the Executive Team of One to 1 Fitness and Wellness. Her dedication to her clients and the tangible, and intangible, skills she has developed has made her a real asset to the family of One to 1

Dennis Delos-Reyes – Medical Advisor, PR Manager, and Master Trainer

Dennis has had a long career in the health field and has blessed the clients and staff of One to 1 Fitness and Wellness with his vast amount of knowledge. If you are looking to move better and achieve optimal health that you thought you were long past achieving, he is your guy!

Erin Buhr – Program Manager

Erin has a knack for creativity. Whether she is behind the lens, writing a song, or creating a beautiful digital asset, this girl has amazing skills and has quickly changed One to 1 Fitness and Wellness’ image to heights it hasn’t reached before. This coupled with her welcoming smile has allowed her to truly help people the second they walk through One to 1’s doors for the first time. It takes a special person to change someone’s uneasy and vulnerable attitude when they walk into the “gym setting” to a comforting experience where they know we are here to help.

Tonia Theissen – Success Coach, Administrative Assistant

Tonia brings with her a high level of education and a strong understanding of Neuroscience with tons of personal experience in athletics, injury rehabilitation and recovery and a zest for life that shines through in everything she does.