About Us

Our Mission: Inspire 10,000 or More Local People to Reach a Fitness or Weight Loss Goal by 2015.

One-to-1 is a green facility. We make every effort to use enviro friendly products, materials and supplies even if it costs a little more. There's only one planet we're committed to do what we can.

One-to-1 is a green facility. We make every effort to use enviro-friendly products, materials, and supplies even if it costs a little more. There’s only one planet and we’re committed to helping.

One-to-1 Fitness and Wellness is a different kind of fitness community. At opening in 2007 we were nearly one of a kind in Red Deer as a private personal training facility. Today there are many options but there is still only one One-to-1.

Our team is passionate about changing lives both inside our facility and out; our commitment is to everyBODY that wants to make a physical change. Our clients see this first hand on a daily basis but our knowledge is accessible to everyone. See our Facebook Page, our YouTube account, community events, and resources like our FREE 3 Week Home Fat Loss Program.

What makes us Red Deer’s premiere choice for personal training and weight loss?

risk-free-guarantee“Worry Free” Unconditional Guarantee

We were the first to offer guaranteed results backed by a full money back guarantee. Today we go a step further, not only do we guarantee results, we guarantee you an amazing experience! What does that really mean? It means our guarantee is unconditional. We know that your results are dependent on more than just sound coaching, you need to feel comfortable here, you need to trust who you’re working with, and our programming must be a source of inspiration. There’s only one way to find out if One-to-1 is right for you, TRY IT! Our guarantee makes it worry free. We understand that if you’re here you’ve probably tried other things; you might be skeptical, concerned or just plain fed up! We can tell you we’re different (as will every body) but don’t take our word for it, find out worry free with an absolutely unconditional 30-day guarantee!

 A Team of Experience, and Then Some…We Have Our Own Education Program

Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes, our industry is broad and unregulated and in truth most certifications are very basic

Because of One-to-1's reputation for excellence in internal trainer education we were asked to develop the official Fit Body Boot Camp trainer certification to be used in more than 200 locations worldwide.

Because of One-to-1’s reputation for excellence in internal trainer education we were asked to develop the official Fit Body Boot Camp trainer certification to be used in more than 200 locations worldwide.

knowledge and not nearly enough to service our broad scope of clients. We’re the only local facility (outside of RDC whom we provide practicum hours for) that can certify new trainers.

All certification programs are far to general in nature. That’s why we’re the only facility to have created our own internal trainer internship program. If you met the newest of new recruits to our team today they’ve already been with the company for weeks in our full-time education program. Additionally they continue weekly mentorship for months to come with company directors and senior team members. What does this mean for you? It means even if you’re working with a brand new trainer you have a team of experience working behind you to ensure your safety AND the best results.

Now our education is going global, August 2013 we were asked to develop and film the official Fit Body Boot Camp certification to be used in more than 200 locations worldwide.

Three Distinct Service Models to Cater to AnyBODY

Our services are divided into three distinct models to ensure the best fit for everyBODY. Our programs are adjustable, adaptable, highly individualized, loads of fun and flexible to meet any budget.

Get all the details on our services page.

Your NewTrition

We’ve seen thousands of people and created a unique system based on their needs. We’re the only facility to have our own proprietary effective nutritional system that allows for easy adaptation to any lifestyle, families and more. Complete with a cookbook, restaurant guide and more! Learn more here.

The Largest and Most Diverse Training Team in Red Deer!

Because of our comprehensive trainer education program we’ve grown to Red Deer’s largest personal training team. What’s more, we’ve attracted a broad array of talent, in many cases our trainers have sought us out and moved here from coast to coast to be part of the One-to-1 team!

The First to Win Multiple Awards

We’re both flattered and grateful that Red Deer took notice of our efforts as the first fitness facility ever to win multiple local awards for business excellent in a very short period of time. In the end awards are just a moment in time come, see for yourself why our number one company value is to “exceed expectations.”

How it really began…

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right.” -Henry Ford

Open since May 27, 2007 in Red Deer, Alberta. After nearly a month-long commitment to many late nights and long hours and the help of friends and family, they had completed the do-it-yourself renovation. Not knowing what to expect with their life savings on the line and the common dream of owning their own fitness facility they took aim on something a little different.

The ownership at the time were active workout enthusiasts for years with a great deal of experience in many aspects of the fitness industry. From managing health clubs, distributing sport supplements, thousands of personal training clients, to personal successes in competitive bodybuilding, fitness and figure it’s safe to say they knew what they liked and didn’t like about traditional gyms and how many people struggle to make fitness a regular part of their lifestyle.

Since that day things haven’t changed! Pat is still leading the charge in Central Alberta with One to 1 Fitness and Wellness.

pat_kerrThrough our personal training experiences, we realized that the traditional gym was not a comfortable environment for everybody. We knew we wanted to create a place that was different. We wanted to develop a facility that was not driven by mass attendance but rather one that was driven by three important things:

  1. The desire to educate everyday people that fitness can be fun.
  2. That it’s not normal to live with pain.
  3. Help others reach their goals of looking and feeling better.

It’s with these objectives in mind that One-to-1 Fitness was born, Red Deer’s First completely private exercise facility offering one-on-one attention and instruction 100% of the time. Even now they continue to develop and improve their assessment, training, and nutritional practices to be increasingly more effective and even easier to learn and apply.

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