Matt lost over 90lbs in all!

Matt Murray

What made you decide to visit One-to-1 Fitness?

After a year of working out specifically to lose body fat, I wanted to focus more on definition and increasing muscle mass. After hearing a couple of the other clients say how much they enjoyed it there I decided to join while they had a promotion.

What exactly has been your results training at One-to-1 fitness?

After only two months at One-to-1 I feel stronger and can see a definite difference in my arm and upper body definition. I feel better on a day to day basis, just being more confident in myself and how my body looks. My clothes are looser even though the number on the scale has not changed! Doing day to day things like carrying groceries upstairs are much easier just due to the weight training.

What do you think has been different about One-to-1 fitness Vs. Other programs you have tried?

On July 24th 2008 I made a pledge to myself that I was going to change my body, and have a better life. I went to several boot camps, trainers, and nutritionists to gain knowledge and advice of how to lose body fat, and become an overall healthier and happier person. Throughout my whole experiences of losing weight I would become ecstatic over every pound I had lost. I went from 248lbs to 172lbs. Although I was happy that my body was smaller and that my Body Fat % had dropped dramatically I still was missing that final link. After only 2 months at One-to-1 I found that missing link. It was in fact muscle mass and definition. There were difficult times and times where I doubted the strategies of the trainers, but in the end, it worked to my advantage. There were two distinct differences in One-to-1’s training methods as compared to others.

The first was diet and nutrition. Over the past year the only guidance all of the other nutritionists and trainers provided was to have a lower intake of calories and higher physical output. They never specified at which point lowering your intake of calories could be detrimental to your body’s natural working order. I learned that sometimes more calories is better, it keeps your metabolism running constantly, and feeds your muscles as opposed to your fat. This was very hard for me to wrap my head around but eventually I did and am amazed with the outcome.

The second is how they focus on the important stuff. The training times are half of what you would normally get out of a personal training, however they don’t waste your money by watching you stretch and warm up. They help you where you need to be helped. It is completely set up for success, as long as you are willing to follow the plan they set out for you.

All of the trainers at One-to-1 Fitness were very personable, and friendly. It kind of felt like you were walking into your house with family to work out. All you see are smiles, and more smiles, even through the sweat.

Would you recommend One-to-1 fitness and why?

I have already recommended people to One-to-1 Fitness. They are an amazing personalized gym, with great benefits. I see a difference in myself after every week. My confidence grows daily, and so do my arms.

Matt Murray

Jamie lost over 70lbs!

Jaime Riggins

 Jamie has now lost an amazing 70lbs and still cruising! Great work Jamie!

There were many reasons that I visited and joined One-to-1 Fitness. I have been overweight my entire life. I am classified as morbidly obese and really need to lose weight. When I became a mother, it became increasingly important to me that I be a healthy role model for my son. And, to be completely honest, I didn’t want to be the “fat mommy”, the mommy that can’t run around and play or fit on the playground equipment. The real turning point was when my uncle died from obesity in 2008 at the age of 56. I knew that if I didn’t make a real change in my life that would be me someday. I’ve known Pat and Maranda for many years so when I decided to change my life it was obvious where I needed to go.

In the first 5 weeks with One-to-1 Fitness I have lost 16 pounds and over 11.5 inches! In addition to the weight loss, I have also seen other results: I feel fantastic, body and spirit! My energy levels have risen dramatically. I sleep better at night. I went from eating 6 antacids a day to zero. All of these results in only five weeks, and I’m just getting started!

I believe my personal trainer and the customized nutrition and fitness programs are key components to my success. This system is unique to One-to-1 Fitness. The trainers provide motivation and expertise while you are in the gym. The nutritional tools and client accountability incorporated into the program ensures positive progress at home. If you are truly willing to commit and work hard, listen to the trainers and follow their guidance, I have every confidence you can also achieve your goals.

I recommend One-to-1 Fitness to everyone who is serious about improving their health. It is the first program I have ever experienced that has given me hope that I will achieve my goals. I have real results I can believe in, see and feel. One-to-1 Fitness is going to help me change my life from Fat Mommy to Hot Mama!

Jaime Riggins

Kim lost over 20lbs!

Kim lost over 20lbs!

Kimberly Sommerville before and afterHealth and fitness can be scary when you have a significant amount of weight to lose. Just walking into a gym can be intimidating.

I had tried other weight loss programs and women’s gyms but I always gained back the weight and would stop going to the gym.

I had a family member recommend One to 1 Fitness, knowing I needed help with the accountability. Best decision ever! The staff and my trainer are knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive and fun. When you follow their plan the results are inevitable (to date I’ve lost over 20lbs!), and every now and again if you self sabotage or eat off plan, they don’t judge…

You get nothing but support and it makes so much easier for you to get back on track. I still have a way to go until I hit my target weight but the difference this time with One to 1 Fitness is I am learning, changing and finding success for long term health.

Kimberly S

Regular Measures are Key to Success

As a Red Deer personal trainer I’ve always explained to my client how important regular assessments and measurements are. They were often surprised when I explained measuring yourself surprisingly might be the best method for a number of reasons, learn more in this weeks video.


Barb avoided surgery and lost more than 27lbs!

Barb avoided surgery and lost more than 27lbs!

Barb-afterBarb Hitchcock

Barb struggled with hip pain for a long time. She tried medication, physio, yoga, chiro and more with very little success. As a final straw she had a consultation with a surgeon who told her surgery was likely her best option. Barb wasn’t willing to give up or give in to surgery yet, her story has been amazing watch this short video to be inspired.


Chrissy lost over 50lbs! One-to-1 is the place to be!

Chrissy lost over 50lbs! One-to-1 is the place to be!

ChrissyV7313February 2013 – I have been at one-1 fitness for about 3 and a half months now. I came here looking to get that last bit of weight off, get into shape and be healthy. Since I’ve been here I’ve lost 14 pounds and am feeling better than ever. The staff has been nothing but a great help and awesome motivators  getting me to achieve my goals. Its been an amazing experience  so far and I couldn’t have gone to a better place.

If you’re looking for fun, passionate professionals and great results One-to-1 is the place to be!

Sincerely, Chrissy V

June 2013 – Check out Chrissy’s amazing transformation, as you see her in her after photo she’s now lost over 50lbs!

Way to go Chrissy we are so proud of you!

New Body Revolution!

New Body Revolution!

FBBC_NewYearsRevolutionChallengeHere are the details of the program so you can decide if it’s right for you…

–        I’ve designed the program to overcome the four fail factors mentioned above.

–        It’s a six week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout with me and then to give you the coveted “after burn” effect so you can burn more fat once you leave here.

“After burn” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout when certain variables take place during the workout session. In fact it’s scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 18 hours after a workout.

–        Each workout session is designed to put your body into “after burn” to help get the most fat loss during the six week program.

–        Here is the best part… THIS IS A CHALLENGE! The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win over $700 in prizes including an iPad Mini and a makeover worth over $300. There are 4 ways of getting points including losing weight and % body fat. The prize will give you even extra incentive to work hard to start 2014 with a brand new iPad, a makeover and a new YOU!

–        The New Year weight loss Revolution starts on Monday, January, 6th.

–        The best, best part… I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach your ideal weight.


So I’ve priced it very affordable, only $154. AND you are welcome to split the payments into two $77 payments, 30 days apart if you’d like.

Now, typically my training programs range from $197 – $450 for four weeks. But like I said, I’ve priced this program at two payments of $77. That’s a really good deal!

Just give us a call at 403-341-4041 if you’d like to see if a spot is still available or submit your request through our contact form. Happy New Year!

How-to Plan a Successful New Year's Resolution

How-to Plan a Successful New Year’s Resolution

ny-picNew Year’s is one of my favourite holidays of the year. Kind of an odd ritual when you think about it; time doesn’t stop, the world doesn’t suddenly change overnight, yet we generally have an entirely new outlook on the days ahead. Our perception of this even leaves us supercharged and full of vigour, a focused energy to strive toward new goal, dreams, ambitions, achievements. This is a massive time of growth for the fitness industry.

One statistic I came across suggested that only 12% of people who set New Year’s resolutions will reach them. By the end of February more than 60% of resolutions have been abandoned and by the end of June this swells to over 80%.

I can’t imagine that any of us look ourselves in the mirror and think, “I’m excited about setting this goal knowing that I’m going to fail.” Yet the likelihood of this reality is significant. I hope with each column I write, at any time of year, that many more of you will be empowered to beat the statistics.

There is an acronym that as a Red Deer personal trainer I’ve used for effective goal setting for a long time; this New Year’s I’d like you to set a SMART goal. Here’s the Breakdown on what SMART stands for and how to use it.

Specific – All goals must be as specific as possible, written down and reviewed often. It’s not enough to say, “I want to lose weight and tone up.” A specific goal would be, “I am going to lose 30lbs, 3 pant sizes and be able to run 10kms by the end of April.”

Measureable – Define how you will measure and how often you will measure. For the above goal this individual should commit to weighing on Fridays, trying on the goal pants at the end of each month and ever week to two weeks completing a long distance run to see how progress is coming. By tracking weight, if they can fit into the pants and recording running distances they have effective measurement metrics to know whether they are progressing to their goal.

Attainable – This letter in the acronym can be interpreted differently. In my interpretation of attainable I teach that each goal must be reverse engineered. Attainability is dependent upon breaking it down into short periods of weeks or days and outlining the baby steps you will need to complete in each of these micro periods to reach your goal. These micro-periods play to our emotional side making commitment easier because it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly long. For example based on our above goal to lose an average of 2lbs per week one suggestion would be to complete about 45-75 min/day of cardiovascular activity, this will also help with the secondary goal of running 10km. Each micro-period might be one week where it will be important that at least 5 of the 7 days I complete 45-75 minutes of sustained cardiovascular exercise. Just checking that off my list each day will be a small victory that feels good reinforcing me to greater likelihood of reaching my final goal.

Realistic – This point in your goal setting is a point of review. Your goal must be realistic in the sense that it must fit your current lifestyle habits; or that you’ve planned for an appropriate period of time and baby steps to adapt to it. People often say they lack willpower but this is inaccurate. Emotionally if we become discouraged or resentful toward a goal it’s our body protecting itself from us trying to force it to adapt to fast. A realistic goal is one that encompasses a pattern of adaptation that you will find reasonable comfortable and manageable. For instance if you know you need to complete 45-75 minutes of cardiovascular activity per day starting at what’s comfortable (say 10 minutes) and adding 2 minutes every 3rd day may seem like no big deal at all. This would be my definition of a realistic plan for reaching your goal.

Time – The final step for creating an effective goal is finalizing a timeline. Based on the steps above you should now have a pretty definitive plan for what you want to do, broken down into what you need to do, that’s then broken down into the baby steps that will make it all a reality. The timeline could really read deadline, and it needs to be taken seriously. Set a defined date with a real risk and reward that waits for you, and don’t let yourself off the hook. Plan a special event with your spouse or friends, plan to wear the new pants that are 3 sizes smaller, tell someone about it or write a basic contract as a form of greater commitment and accountability.

Effective goal planning takes a little time. I suggest you don’t complete your SMART goal plan all in one sitting. Just jot everything down quickly completing each step, then come back to it later that day or the next and review and revise.  Review and revise one more time and you will be amazed at how much easier the little ideas and details will come that will ensure you know what you need to do, how you need to do it, and it won’t seem nearly as daunting. As a final step visit us on facebook and tell us your New Year’s resolution and deadline. J

I'm Not The Fitness Grinch But...

I’m Not The Fitness Grinch But…

ChristmasGrinHere we are, Christmas time once again. It’s that time a year we engage in a social marathon of Christmas parties, dinners, functions and family gatherings. They say the average person will gain approximately 5lbs over the four week Christmas season. If this concerns you read on, I created a short Christmas Fitness Survival List for you.

1)     Deep breaths and relax – With inconsistent sleep hours, hydration, and increased or unusual food intake your weight will fluctuate. Understand that it’s almost physiologically impossible to gain pounds of fat in just a few days; much of the fluctuation that occurs is simply a change in intercellular volume, something that will take care of itself once normal habits return.

2)     Don’t be on the naughty list – New Year’s is coming, the clean state, start fresh, oodles of motivation time. Don’t wait until New Year’s to start exercising, start now. Even with unstable nutritional habits regular exercise on a consistent basis, now and through Christmas, will minimize holiday weight gain. Set your body up for immediate change in the New Year, and psychologically ensure you don’t become a dreaded statistic for an abandoned resolution.

3)     Frequency is always important – If you’ve been eating 5-6 times per day up until now, try to maintain that, and if you haven’t try to start. What most of us have a hard time realizing is that our stomach is an amazing calorie burner, every time you put something in it uses a lot of energy to break it down. By eating small meals frequently you can burn additional calories and minimize the impact of the holiday additives.

4)     Drink, drink, drink – Sorry I mean water. If I could only ensure everyone learned one thing about how to look and feel better it would be consume more water. We require much more than 8 glasses per day in to offset the physiological demands of a drastically changing climate, increased amounts of stress, altered sleep habits and of course the possibility of holiday spirits. Increased water intake is a keystone catalyst of controlling how you look and feel a good target for each day is half your bodyweight in ounces.

5)     Speaking of spirits – I’m sorry but it’s the truth, there are few things worse for you metabolically than alcohol. As little as one ounce will drastically reduce metabolic function for up to 72 hours, the more alcohol consume the longer your metabolism is disrupted and the more suppressed its function. Be a socialite but try to pick your functions and minimize consumption, I hate being the bearer of bad news but you will thank me later.

These few tips should help you avoid the holiday weight gain woes but in all seriousness please don’t worry about fitness and weight gain too much at all through the holiday season. This is a time for friends, family, celebration and reinforcing the relationships that matter most. Take this time to enjoy what really matters. Have a Merry Christmas and know that when celebrations settle and normal habits return, the scale will begin to drop and you’ll only be left with the memories of the happy moments shared with others. If for some reason that’s not the case than at least you know a good trainer to help you out, happy holidays from our family to yours.