This is an age old question and one that’s been greatly under debate for many more years than I have been a personal trainer in Red Deer. First you should understand how your body works. It is a perfect machine bent on adaptation, it adapts to everything. You expose yourself to harmful chemicals and it [...]

How long should my workouts be?

TRAINING_WEB-17This is an age old question and one that’s been greatly under debate for many more years than I have been a personal trainer in Red Deer.

First you should understand how your body works. It is a perfect machine bent on adaptation, it adapts to everything. You expose yourself to harmful chemicals and it will do it’s best to adapt, filter and survive; if it becomes overloaded you feel the negative effects of that exposure. This may seem like a drastic example for an article on exercise but it’s not really; you see your body deals with exercise much the same way.

When you exercise your body adapts, it increases heart rate and respiration in an effort to supply more oxygen to the muscles doing the work. It will utilize stored glucose to produce more energy and when those supplies run short will look elsewhere for ways to create fuel. As muscle fibers reach work capacity and begin to exhaust they begin to break down chemically into waste products like lactic acid. Your body through circulation works diligently to clear this waste at the same rate at which it is created, when it’s unable to keep up you “feel the burn” strength lessens and you become fatigued. If you push through beyond the point of discomfort pain increases, as pain increases so does damage to the working tissue and it’s ability to protect and support the tissues around it. An injury becomes more likely the further you push as the body’s tolerance for any unexpected circumstance is compromised. (ex. Suddenly running on uneven ground.)

When you stop exercising your body repositions it’s resources to increase repair and new construction. Each time you push your physical limits during this “down time” your body will replace resources like glucose, repair damaged tissues and in an effort to be more prepared next time, make them a little better. This is the real magic of exercise, after every single workout with adequate recovery your body will in fact be a little different than it was before.

Now I know what you’re thinking, if I workout harder and longer I can cause more adaptation or change after every workout. In the most simplistic manner this looks to be true, but there is a factor of diminishing return. When your tissues become compromised or “damaged” beyond a certain point you greatly increase your need for recovery but this doesn’t yield greater adaptation, just longer recovery. Further understand that during recovery because abundant additional resources are needed for repair these resources must come from somewhere, both from consumed fuel sources and often other systems such as the immune system. This is why if you’re feeling under the weather and then complete a really hard workout you might find yourself sick within the next day or so.

When it comes to workout duration there isn’t a right or wrong answer, but here’s something further to consider. Effective workout duration is equally influenced by fuel consumption, ability, and efficiency or intensity.

What this means is that if you’re eating poorly in the case of consuming processed foods or not eating enough your effective workout duration will be shorter because of diminished incoming resources for recovery.

If you are unfamiliar with the performance of the selected exercises inefficiency will lead to faster physical exhaustion and quicker damage to the affected tissues, meaning your workout duration will need to be reduced.

Even back in these days you might be surprised to know I only trained about 30-45 min, 4 days/week with an additionally 30 min of low intensity cardio each day while dieting for a show.

This probably isn’t what you want to look like, but you might be surprised to know that even back in these days I only trained about 30-45 min, 4 days/week with an additionally 30 min of low intensity cardio each day while dieting for a show.

Finally, and the biggest variable factor is intensity. The lower your intensity the longer your workout will need to be, the higher the intensity the shorter it will be. Now here’s where this get’s weird. Our body is so perfect that there is a variable also to intensity, in that our subconscious mind will regulate our perceived intensity. In an effort to explain think of it like this, if you plan to workout for 60 minutes and do so on a regular basis your body adapts to this, it will limit your ability to maintain a certain intensity to ensure that you can complete the 60 minutes. Your body, by regulating your intensity, basically ensures that you will be able to perform in some capacity for that duration. Inversely if you choose to workout just 30 minutes your body will regulate in the same way, because the duration is less it will begin to allow more effort to be expended in that duration knowing that it doesn’t need to preserve resources accordingly for survival.

This is a very general explanation but in the end it all comes down to our body’s basic function to ensure survival. It will sub-consciously regulate your ability to perform in an effort to give you the best chance of survival if this were an emergency situation it’s really about that simple.

So in the end there isn’t really a set duration anyone should workout, high-level athletes generally have developed metabolic systems to be able to survive longer training durations. The average adult will be notably less, which is why all of our exercise programs generally focus on a 30-minute duration. We know in terms of capacity this will be very effective for nearly everyone. People are always surprised to learn that in my peak training days for the nationals I still used to only train about 30-45 minutes, 4 days a week.

Hope this helps, more isn’t better, smart training for the best results!


How Often To Take A “Rest” Week

While for some people, making sure they stick to their workout program tends to be top concern.  For them, it’s a matter of taking less rest and doing more work.

For others however, the situation is reversed. If you’re someone who naturally likes to workout and is very motivated, you might just need to periodically remind yourself to take time off.

Going to the gym is almost like a habit – you do it without fail and over time, this can actually come back to hinder you.

Rest is an integral part of progressing with any workout program and if you aren’t taking enough rest, you’ll be in for problems ahead. Eventually overtraining, burnout, or injuries will occur, which will set you back, if not take you out for months at a time.

But how often should you take time off? Let’s go over a few factors to consider.


The Intensity Of Your Workout Program

First, consider the intensity of your workout program at hand. The more intense a workout is, the more demanding it’s going to be on your system and the more rest and recovery you’ll need.

For those who are training hard 4-5 times per week, a one week break every 10-12 weeks would be a very good idea.

On the other hand, if you are only exercising hard 2-3 times a week, along with 1-2 lighter workout sessions added in, you can go longer before taking time off.  4-6 months should be more appropriate.


Your Lifestyle

Next, also consider your lifestyle. Are you looking after your sleep needs or does your busy schedule only allow for 6-7 hours per sleep each night?

Likewise, do you suffer from high levels of stress thanks to a demanding career? Or, are you more carefree and relaxed?

Those who are keeping tabs on stress and sleep will recover better from week to week, thus they may be able to go longer before having to take time off.

Those who aren’t, they can expect to need time off at regular intervals throughout their training.

Listen to your body. If it feels like it’s begging for time off, chances are you should give it this.


Your Nutrition

Finally, also look at your nutrition. If you are dieting, using a lower calorie intake than normal, this also places extra demands on your recovery ability.  As such, you’ll need to not only lower the intensity of your workout program, but also take rest more frequently as well.

For those who are eating in a surplus of calories, they can do the opposite. They’ll have plenty of fuel to train hard and keep recovering day by day.

So keep these quick points in mind.  Scheduling some time off every few months – or as needed – is an important part of seeing ongoing progress.


Alex lost over 70lbs!

Alex lost over 70lbs!

alex bf pict 1Weight has been a struggle for me from early teenage years to adulthood. As a teenager I would attempt to control it by dieting. I tried many forms of weight loss including calorie counting to extremes and the Atkins diet to name a few. I would always hear about these new fads and fast easy ways to weight loss. “Just take this 1 pill and you will lose pounds in days!” I would always lose the weight, but the results were never permanent. It was a constant fluctuation. As I entered my adulthood, got married, went to college and had my first child the weight began to pile on. I went from 130lbs to 215lbs in just a few short years. I didn’t even realize how bad it had become. The demands on me as a wife, new mother, and nurse were always there. I had never ending amounts of excuses as to why I wasn’t exercising or eating healthy, “The baby was up all night,” “I’m too tired,” “I had a long day at work.”

Note to self: There will always be excuses!!

I remember the morning that things changed for me. As I was getting dressed, I accidentally put on my husband’s jeans thinking they were mine. At this point I was squeezing into a size 16. I was completely devastated and realized that I needed to make a better effort to change my lifestyle. I started making small changes to my diet and slowly the weight came off. I continued with the changes during my second pregnancy.

alex bf pict 2After the birth of my second child, a friend asked me if I wanted to join a gym called One to 1 Fitness and participate in a contest. The contest lasted 6 weeks and consisted of a meal plan and boot camps. The person who lost the most percentage of body fat won a voucher for a trip. This was intimidating to me at first as I was never the athletic type. I didn’t want to be judged by other people for my weight. After some convincing by my friend, I decided that this was what I needed to boost me into a better lifestyle. I began working out hard and eating the healthiest I ever had. I ended up taking a break though as I had become pregnant once again with my third child and was experiencing morning sickness. I was disappointed about not being able to continue and was worried that I would lose the progress I had made. I had decided that even though I wasn’t working out anymore, I could still continue with eating healthy. My first pregnancy I was overweight and gained an unhealthy 45lbs and my third pregnancy I gained a healthy 20 lbs. I was so proud of myself!

After my daughter was born I decided to go back to the gym to continue on my weight loss journey. I once again signed up for boot camps and attended when I was able to. My journey was a slow process, but the fact that I kept going was what mattered. Even though I became pregnant 3 times I managed get thinner after each one!

I still have the demands of 3 small children (including breastfeeding my youngest one) and my roles as a wife, mother and nurse, but I make myself a priority. As mothers we tend to put ourselves last. I realized that in order to influence my family and teach them a healthier lifestyle, I had to model that for them. I no longer feel guilty about my time spent away at the gym taking care of myself. This past summer I found my love for running, something I previously hated doing. I also completed the Super Spartan Race. In my earlier life, I would never have dreamt of completing goals like these ones.

alex after pictThe trainers at One to 1 Fitness have gone above and beyond, providing support and encouragement. I constantly feel challenged to try harder. They are beautiful, wonderful people who are so passionate about helping others. I actually look forward to going to the gym, which was something I have never

experienced before. I absolutely love how each time is so different and that each trainer brings different styles and techniques to class.

Weight loss is still a struggle for me. People think that when you get thin that the struggle is over. I still to this day, have to make conscious food choices and push myself to go to the gym. Some days are going to be easy, and others are going to be hard and discouraging. Since the beginning of my journey I have gained confidence as a woman, felt healthier and have more energy and have lost a total of 70 lbs. I feel amazing!




Dan Lost More Than 80lbs With One-to-1

Dan Lost More Than 80lbs With One-to-1


Dan Stewart lost more than 80lbs at One-to-1 Fitness and completely changed his lifestyle. He couldn’t barely run for 2 minutes continuously when he first started and can now run more than 30 minutes. You have to see the pictures in this video of Dan then and now, if he can do it so can you.

Check out his previous progress here:

Dan lost an amazing 29lbs in just 6 weeks and is wearing clothes he hasn’t wore in a long time. He found the meal plans easy to follow and felt that really had an impact on his progress.

In just 8 short weeks, I have lost 15 pounds!

In just 8 short weeks, I have lost 15 pounds!

unnamedI decided to visit One-to-1 fitness because I was frustrated with how hard I was working to lose weight and the minimal results I was getting. I knew I needed more help. The individualized nutritional coaching was what first got my attention. I then decided to join the Fit Body Boot Camps as well!

Through my weight loss journey with One to 1 Fitness, I can say I have become much more confident and comfortable with my body. Furthermore, I have noticed how much stronger I am becoming! And in just 8 short weeks with my training and my nutritional coaching I have lost 15 pounds!

One-to-1 Fitness has been different because it is a great supportive atmosphere and they make it very easy to work into your everyday life. I had tried a few other programs before where you had to go for longer periods of time and was much more restrictive and I still did not get results I achieved with One-to-1.

I would definitely recommend One-to-1 Fitness to anyone looking for better results, they give you the instruction and every tool you need to get to where you want to be, from wherever you started from!

Joanne lost over 50lbs so far!

Joanne lost over 50lbs so far!


In just 6 weeks Joanne lost an amazing 13lbs and 6% body fat, not everything went according to plan but it’s amazing what a little consistency can do. Awesome job Joanne just keep at it!


What made you decide to visit One-to-1 Fitness?

One-to-1 Fitness was recommended by one of my doctors. I reviewed the website and then made an appointment to learn more.

What results have you exeprienced at One-to-1 Fitness?

So far the results i have achieved have been life changing.  I am leading a much more active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet. For the first time I can say that i am losing weight by leading a healthy, active lifestyle-Not Dieting.

What do you think has been different about One-to-1 Fitness compared to other programs you have tried?

The hardest part for me has been sticking to the meal plans.  I find if I don’t plan my meals then it is too easy for me to make bad choices. I also had to get in all my cardio during the week.

Would you recommend One-to-1 Fitness to others?

I have already recommended One to 1  to numerous people-specifically my trainer has brought me a long way in a few short months! He is a wealth of information!

-Joanne Varga

"Lisa has lost over 70lbs at One-to-1!"

Lisa has lost more than 70lbs and dropped 5 sizes!

Lisa had met a girl that came to One-to-1 who had amazing results and decided to check it to see if it would work for her. Lisa really wanted something that would lead to long term change, not a quick fix. In her time at One-to-1 Lisa has now lost more than 70lbs, dropped 5 sizes, she’s much stronger has more energy and no longer needs to sit down at work all day.

Her favourite thing about One-to-1 is how friendly everyone is she says, “all the trainers and the admin staff are constantly cheering you on.”

Learn more about her One-to-1 experience from her by watching the video below.

For more information about services offered at One-to-1 and how they might work for you click here or simply complete the free consult form on the right. There’s no-obligation or pressure our job is to make it really easy to try and as you can see below all of our services are backed by an absolutely unconditional money back guarantee.



Matt lost over 90lbs in all!

Matt Murray

What made you decide to visit One-to-1 Fitness?

After a year of working out specifically to lose body fat, I wanted to focus more on definition and increasing muscle mass. After hearing a couple of the other clients say how much they enjoyed it there I decided to join while they had a promotion.

What exactly has been your results training at One-to-1 fitness?

After only two months at One-to-1 I feel stronger and can see a definite difference in my arm and upper body definition. I feel better on a day to day basis, just being more confident in myself and how my body looks. My clothes are looser even though the number on the scale has not changed! Doing day to day things like carrying groceries upstairs are much easier just due to the weight training.

What do you think has been different about One-to-1 fitness Vs. Other programs you have tried?

On July 24th 2008 I made a pledge to myself that I was going to change my body, and have a better life. I went to several boot camps, trainers, and nutritionists to gain knowledge and advice of how to lose body fat, and become an overall healthier and happier person. Throughout my whole experiences of losing weight I would become ecstatic over every pound I had lost. I went from 248lbs to 172lbs. Although I was happy that my body was smaller and that my Body Fat % had dropped dramatically I still was missing that final link. After only 2 months at One-to-1 I found that missing link. It was in fact muscle mass and definition. There were difficult times and times where I doubted the strategies of the trainers, but in the end, it worked to my advantage. There were two distinct differences in One-to-1’s training methods as compared to others.

The first was diet and nutrition. Over the past year the only guidance all of the other nutritionists and trainers provided was to have a lower intake of calories and higher physical output. They never specified at which point lowering your intake of calories could be detrimental to your body’s natural working order. I learned that sometimes more calories is better, it keeps your metabolism running constantly, and feeds your muscles as opposed to your fat. This was very hard for me to wrap my head around but eventually I did and am amazed with the outcome.

The second is how they focus on the important stuff. The training times are half of what you would normally get out of a personal training, however they don’t waste your money by watching you stretch and warm up. They help you where you need to be helped. It is completely set up for success, as long as you are willing to follow the plan they set out for you.

All of the trainers at One-to-1 Fitness were very personable, and friendly. It kind of felt like you were walking into your house with family to work out. All you see are smiles, and more smiles, even through the sweat.

Would you recommend One-to-1 fitness and why?

I have already recommended people to One-to-1 Fitness. They are an amazing personalized gym, with great benefits. I see a difference in myself after every week. My confidence grows daily, and so do my arms.

Matt Murray

Jamie lost over 70lbs!

Jaime Riggins

 Jamie has now lost an amazing 70lbs and still cruising! Great work Jamie!

There were many reasons that I visited and joined One-to-1 Fitness. I have been overweight my entire life. I am classified as morbidly obese and really need to lose weight. When I became a mother, it became increasingly important to me that I be a healthy role model for my son. And, to be completely honest, I didn’t want to be the “fat mommy”, the mommy that can’t run around and play or fit on the playground equipment. The real turning point was when my uncle died from obesity in 2008 at the age of 56. I knew that if I didn’t make a real change in my life that would be me someday. I’ve known Pat and Maranda for many years so when I decided to change my life it was obvious where I needed to go.

In the first 5 weeks with One-to-1 Fitness I have lost 16 pounds and over 11.5 inches! In addition to the weight loss, I have also seen other results: I feel fantastic, body and spirit! My energy levels have risen dramatically. I sleep better at night. I went from eating 6 antacids a day to zero. All of these results in only five weeks, and I’m just getting started!

I believe my personal trainer and the customized nutrition and fitness programs are key components to my success. This system is unique to One-to-1 Fitness. The trainers provide motivation and expertise while you are in the gym. The nutritional tools and client accountability incorporated into the program ensures positive progress at home. If you are truly willing to commit and work hard, listen to the trainers and follow their guidance, I have every confidence you can also achieve your goals.

I recommend One-to-1 Fitness to everyone who is serious about improving their health. It is the first program I have ever experienced that has given me hope that I will achieve my goals. I have real results I can believe in, see and feel. One-to-1 Fitness is going to help me change my life from Fat Mommy to Hot Mama!

Jaime Riggins