Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse?

Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse?

I know it’s the same old sad story…you’re trying to lose weight and feel better but nothing works.

You wake up in the morning look in the mirror and the first thing you think is, “I wish my clothes fit better, or that I looked better, or that I didn’t feel aches and pain, or that I didn’t worry about my health.”

You keep trying different programs and diets, some work…at first…some don’t work at all, each time you’re more discouraged.

Let’s talk about what does work:

Support + accountability = motivation. True story, someone is checking up on you and you’re going to commit to something longer. If they sincerely care and continually encourage, you’re going to try harder.

Interval training + group participation = massive metabolic stimulation AKA Fat Busting Butter Melting Weight Loss.

It’s true, science has now shown that consecutive periods of work followed by brief rest create a massive metabolic response. The best part is under the guidance of a good coach this is can be done by anyBODY!

It’s true the difficulty of the work is entirely relative, and in truth as individuals our good work ethic often has us working too hard to quickly, just one of the reasons people get injured and/or lose motivation.

Interestingly science has now also shown that we experience better weight loss in a group. Some might say this is obvious because of friendly competition but it’s more than that, groups create a cascade of energy, of positivity, of optimism, of enthusiasm and more. Every noticed how you feel after attending a workshop or seminar or even a music concert that you purchased a ticket for?

When people want to be there the magic happens and it’s unstoppable!

Enter Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse and the Muffin Top Meltdown Nutrition Pilot Project!

Last year we organized a 6 week fitness challenge called the Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse that began on the Monday after Easter, it was crazy a small group of only 16 people combined for total weight loss over 219lbs! In just 6 weeks!

We’re going to blow this out of the water this year because you see I’ve been working on a secret project. A project that take accountability and support to a whole new level, I truly believe this approach could change the weight loss industry, as we know it!

I know you may have tried a number of things to finally reach your goal but if you haven’t yet you’re not going to stop now are you? (I mean if you were you wouldn’t have read this whole email.)

muffin-topIt’s time to bring on the apocalypse and melt those muffin tops!

Here’s the deal the 6 week Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse will start on Monday, April 8, 2013 and run until Monday, May 20, 2013 (all final measures due by close on Wednesday, May 22nd.)

The 6 week Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse includes:

  • Unlimited access to all our Fit Body Boot Camps (Over 10 a day to choose from!) ($297/value)
  • 1 Month of unlimited access to our Infrared Health Cabin (burn up to 900 cals in a single 30 minute session!) ($99/value)

As well as an all access pass to our special Muffin Top Meltdown Nutrition Pilot Project which includes:

  • An individualized template meal plan for maximum and immediate results. ($49/value)
  • Access to all our Your NewTrition™ resources (including guides, food swap guides, restaurant guides, cookbook, additional recipes and more!) ($99/value)
  • Exclusive live group coaching sessions to be held biweekly through the course of the program. (Meeting dates: April 13, 27 and May 11th from 9AM-12PM) In these meetings you will receive live coaching from your One-to-1 guests and potentially special guests and direct and individualized guidance for maximal results. ($499/value)
  • Exclusive access to our secret Muffin Top Meltdown private Facebook group where you will receive direct instruction and response from your One-to-1 coach as well as interact with other participants. ($49/value)
  • 7 day access via text message and email as well as 3 emergency calls to your personal One-to-1 coach to get the help you need when you need it! ($199/value)

As you can see we’ve reinvented the fat loss equation. You can’t lose with ongoing accountability, support, proven metabolic training, individualized nutrition and the camaraderie of a team and an expert coach all on your side!

The total value of this program is more than $1299 but of course we’ll never ask you to pay anywhere near full price on a special project like this.

The downside it’s also going to be strictly limited to 19 new people, you see you’ll be working alongside our existing program and we think we comfortably accommodate is 19 new people.

Secure one of 19 precious spots in the Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse and Muffin Top Meltdown for only 2 payments of $197+GST (or pay one payment today of $341+GST save $53 bucks!)

And if you’re an existing One-to-1 client or Fit Body Boot Camp participant than you can join for even less! Just call us at 403-341-4041 or contact us here.

Secure your spot quickly as they always fill fast and early bird get’s the worm. Join early and get FREE access to Fit Body Boot Camp up until the official start date!

To secure your spot simply give us a call at 403-341-4041 or contact us here and let us know you’re interested and the best phone number to reach you.


Time for a serious spring meltdown,




P.S. Oh yes and this exciting 6-week challenge will also feature some cool prizes. J Our top 3 lucky winners will get to choose from a brand new pair of designer “skinny” jeans of their choice, a day at the spa of their choice, or sleek sexy iPad mini! (Max value of each $350)


Buy 90 days and save 27% (and a puppy too!)

Buy 90 days and save 27% (and a puppy too!)

tj-fbbcHey, guess what? Today is my birthday and as I was greeted with puppy kisses from my best buddy TJ I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than to try to give all the amazing people around me a cool gift and help my furry friends too!

So here’s the deal, tomorrow is the first official day of spring, so you know what that means right?

It’s time to get in shape for summer!

There’s no better way to do it than with Fit Body Boot Camp! During our 1000lb meltdown we seen people losing between 8-22lbs in just 30 days!

So today only we’re having a sale buy 3 months of unlimited Fit Body Boot Camp and save 27%! (Save over $150!)

Buy 6 months of Unlimited Fit Body Boot Camp and save 27% AND get a bonus month FREE! (Save over $500!)

There’s no further commitment or anything at all on your part, just fat busting, tummy toning, fun times goodness!

Oh and on top of a super deal you’re gonna help me with my birthday wish, to help my furry friends like TJ (and kitties too like my little hombre Milo.)

Since it’s my 37th birthday we’re giving you the 27% discount and then going to turn around and give another 10% to the SPCA, so it’s actually a 37% sale! (If you’re feeling generous you can flip the discount and take 10% off and we’ll give the other 27% to the SPCA if you’d prefer, just let us know 😉


You guys are awesome, I’m so stoked to see you in boot camp!

Cabel “Old and now Wizend” Fitness Guru

Just give us a call at 403-341-4041 or stop by today to take advantage!


P.S. And we have the coolest boot camp schedule ever with more than 10 boot camps a day and 2 new ones coming as of April 1 (We’ll have boot camp straight through from 4:30 PM all the way to 8:30) and check us out on Facebook to learn about the coming upgrades to the boot camp room!

P.P.S. Remember this is a ONE DAY ONLY sale, you must call us or come in today to take advantage.

Unlimited Personal Training Only $299/month! Limited Time Only!

Unlimited Personal Training Only $299/month! Limited Time Only!

web-banner2-SPOne-to-Fitness is the first to bring you UNLIMITED Personal Training!

Unlimited Personal Training, One Low Price! Train as little or as much as you want!

I’ve been thinking for a while about this idea, I’ve been trying to figure out how we could offer the opportunity for unlimited personal training at an even lower rate than our standard program pricing.

Get the best price, train as much or as little as you want and never have to worry about how many sessions you have, or if you have to cancel the occasional appointment again.



Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-341-4041 or complete the form below if you have questions or would like more details, this is a limited time offer only for February 2013 or while availability lasts!

Unlimited Personal Training Offer


Always here to help,


P.S. If you recently started a program, or have been with us forever know this promotion is aimed at you, we love you guys and want to make sure you can take advantage. Our admin team has all the details on how your current training package can be adjusted whether you’re near renewal or not.

P.P.S. Like everything we do this program is also covered by our 100% Absoluely Unconditional Full Money Back Guarantee so what do you have to lose?

*Unlimited personal training is only available in our semi-private program presently.


February Fit Body Fat Loss Inferno!

You can see really amazing results in only 21 days – talk about a great jump start to a fitness and fat loss program right?

Starting on Monday February 4th we’re starting the 21-Day Fat Loss Inferno program here at Fit Body Boot Camp.

Here’s how the 21-Day Fat Loss Inferno works:

Put in 3-5 days a week for the next three weeks (21 days) you’re going to burn more fat, boost your metabolism, tone up your body from head to toe and have a LOT more energy.

And to give you even faster results I’m going to give you the The Fit Body Jump Start Nutrition Plan so that you can get better and faster results without having to guess what foods to eat and which to avoid.

The Fit Body Jump Start Nutrition Plan is a ready to use, follow-along meal plan that takes all the guess work out of “dieting” and makes it a LOT easier to eat right, burn fat and tone up.

Like I said, the program starts Monday Feb 4th and goes for 21 days.

– You get personalized training here at my boot camp

– Unlimited support and motivation

– A done for you follow-along meal plan

– And fun, challenging workouts combined to give you resistant training to build muscle tone and to burn fat, inches and pounds.

The entire cost of the 21-Day Fat Loss Inferno program is only $67.

And if you want to bring a friend or family member with you, then you’ll both get an instant $20 discount and only pay $47 each.

All you have to do now is call us at 403-341-4041

Or email us using the form in the Contact Us section.

There’s only room for 18 people in this program, and since we’re sending this out to our entire subscriber list, you need to hurry to claim one of the spots.

Again, just call us at 403-341-4041 or email us using the form in the Contact Us section to claim one of the 18 spots.

Looking forward to your transformation!

Fit Body Boot Camp 10 Class Pass!

Your New Year’s Resolution Solution!

Kick off the New Year workout routine with a butt busting, tummy toning, thigh trimming, ridiculously fun workout with Fit Body Boot Camp. Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s largest boot camp franchise, what that means for you is the best programming to ensure a great workout for anyone at any age or any level. It’s not uncommon for new people to join our veterans, for class participants to vary in age by 20-30 years the one thing in common everyone has a safe and effective workout.

The 10 Class Pass is the perfect way to kick off your new habits and see for yourself why Fit Body Boot Camp is so effective. And remember all of our services are backed by a fully unconditional money back guarantee.


Note: Offer only valid for new our returning clients who have not had an open program in the last 90 days. Offer may not be combined.


One-to-1 Fitness is the First to Bring You UNLIMITED Personal Training!

One-to-1 Fitness is the First to Bring You UNLIMITED Personal Training!

You’re invited to the “Love of My Life” Anniversary Sale and the official launch of UNLIMITED personal training. That’s right no more sessions to worry about!

September 24th marks my seven-year anniversary married to the love of my life, but to celebrate; you get the gift!

I’ve been thinking for a while about this idea, I’ve been trying to figure out how we could offer you the opportunity for unlimited personal training at an even lower rate than our standard program pricing. Though Wendy has the top spot for the most important person in my life there’s no doubt that all of you (the people that allow our whole team to make a career out of helping people) are so important that we wish to include you in the celebration of our day.

Get our best price and UNLIMITED training!

Get the best price, train as much or as little as you want and never have to worry about how many sessions you have, or if you have to cancel the occasional appointment on short notice again.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it and that our anniversary celebration is just the opportunity to put it into action.

You’re invited to the “Love of My Life” Anniversary Sale next week from September 24-28, 2012.

For the first time ever offered get Unlimited Personal Training* for just $299 a month!

Even better for the first 15 people that buy 4 months in advance we’re going to give you a bonus 3 months FREE, or buy 7 months paid in advance and get 5 months FREE! But this bonus offer is only available exclusively to the first 15 people.

Sale ends at close on September 28, 2012.

Don’t hesitate to reply or call 403-341-4041 if you have questions or would like more details.

Always here to help,




P.S. If you recently started a program, or have been with us forever know this promotion is aimed at you, we love you guys and want to make sure you can take advantage. Our admin team has all the details on how your current packages can be adjusted whether you’re near renewal or not.


*Unlimited personal training is only available in our semi-private program presently.

Get unlimited training for the whole summer and 8 weeks of personalized nutrition for just $297!

Get unlimited training for the whole summer and 8 weeks of personalized nutrition for just $297!

Fitbody Boot Camp Red DeerI know you’ve probably tried other fitness programs and nutrition programs and have become frustrated or discouraged. I know you’re tired of hearing promises and claims that just never seem to deliver.

It’s not your fault, weight loss can be a frustrating endeavor and everyBODY is just a little different. There’s no thing as a “one size fits all” weight loss plan, it needs to be as adaptable and dynamic as you are.

Let me explain why I think this summer can be different, and why One-to-1 Fitness can finally deliver where other programs have not.

We recently released our branded nutrition and success coaching program called Your NewTrition™. Your NewTrition™ is a culmination of more than a decade of experience working with thousands of people just like you.

Your NewTrition™ includes:

  • Suggested meal plans.
  • The ability to use any food you can imagine, (we even have someone right now steadily losing weight eating a Snickers bar every day, though we don’t recommend it it just goes to show that when you understand the body just about anything can work.)
  • Specific suggestions for menu items at nearly every restaurant in the city.
  • An easy-to-use cookbook with more than 50 healthy, tasty recipes.
  • And most importantly we have a defined plan to teach you the psychology of behavioral change. If you think you “don’t have the willpower” than you’ve only been stuck in a rut with a plan that wasn’t meant for you.

Where Your NewTrition™ gives you one-on-one attention and personal guidance for weight loss through practical eating the next critical component to looking and feeling great and keeping it off forever is exercise.

One-to-1 Fitness is excited to announce that it is now the official location for Fit Body Boot Camp, The Unstoppable Fitness Formula and the fasted growing bootcamp franchise in the world. With hundreds of locations worldwide Fit Body Boot Camp brings the fun of working out indoors, outdoors and part of a group and combines it with the latest cutting edge science of exercise and fat loss. Taught by Red Deer’s only award winning personal training team this is a potent mix.

While we’re making changes preparing for the official launch throughout June we wanted to celebrate and give you a gift. Save hundreds of dollars and take advantage of the WHOLE SUMMER AT ONE LOW PRICE.

Get unlimited Boot Camp for the whole summer (right up until Labour Day) and 8 weeks of personalized nutrition and success coaching featuring Your NewTrition™ for just $297.

With 3 or more prime time Boot Camps per day (and more to be added soon) you’re sure to have the flexibility and results of one-on-one personal training with the camaraderie of a group at a fraction of the cost.

Only 15 people will qualify for this offer, get the whole summer (the sooner you join the more you get) unlimited Boot Camp right up until Labour Day weekend and 8 weeks of Your NewTrition™ for just $297! (Offer for new clients only)

Simply replay to this ad or call 403-341-4041 and we’ll get you booked in to start right away. Like all of our programs results and your satisfaction are guaranteed with our full money back guarantee.

What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose other than pant sizes and unwanted pounds?

Visit to learn more about One-to-1 Fitness and Fit Body Boot Camp Red Deer.

“ In the first 5 weeks with One-to-1 Fitness I have lost 16 pounds and over 11.5 inches! In addition to the weight loss, I have also seen other results: I feel fantastic, body and spirit! My energy levels have risen dramatically. I sleep better at night. I went from eating 6 antacids a day to zero. All of these results in only five weeks, and I’m just getting started!

I believe my personal trainer and the customized nutrition and fitness programs are key components to my success. This system is unique to One-to-1 Fitness. The trainers provide motivation and expertise while you are in the gym. The nutritional tools and client accountability incorporated into the program ensures positive progress at home. If you are truly willing to commit and work hard, listen to the trainers and follow their guidance, I have every confidence you can also achieve your goals.“ – Jamie Riggins

“I feel strangely energized after my workout even after feeling tired at the start and during the workout. I have gained strength and muscle tone. I appreciate that my program is designed to fit my capabilities as a 78 year old woman with issues stemming from my scoliosis, other surgeries as well as counteracting the onset of osteoporosis. I like the clean facility, friendly staff, and the community spirit! (i.e. the fundraiser held for the food bank.)” –Colleen Graham

“I have been on the program 2 weeks and have already noticed a difference in my clothes, energy and eating habits – I am also very impressed with all your staff – everyone is very friendly and helpful.”
– Lynn Bateman


“I’ve noticed so many positive changes already and it’s only been a month. I can’t wait to see what 3 or 6 months has to offer. Thank you One to 1!” – Tracy Carter

Dozens more testimonials like these at

5 Week Fitness Challenge For Busy Moms (And Everyone Else)

5 Week Fitness Challenge For Busy Moms (And Everyone Else)

The Grand Pouba YI6W Champion displaying the equivalent amount of fat to what he lost in 6 weeks!

This year has been a blur, first there was the super successful You In 6 Weeks Fitness Challenge and then recently the Post Apocalyptic Easter Bunny 4 Week Challenge that doubled as final testing for our much anticipated Your NewTrition™ proprietary nutritional weight loss program.

It’s been awesome watching dozens of people radically changing their lives, bodies and now completely falling in love with fitness and healthy eating. (Many losing 10-15 lbs in just four to six weeks.)

In fact the results have been so good we want to keep it going…and with Mother’s Day just around the corner it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

This actually works out to be great timing, in fact perfect time to be in the best shape possible for summer!

Science has now shown that working out as part of a group produces even better results combined with our award winning one-on-one nutritional support and success coaching has made for dramatic, consistent, and predictable success.


We’ve been working on something pretty big, we’re always listening to our clients and recently we’ve just completed everything we need for our brand new, proprietary, exclusive nutritional coaching program called Your NewTrition™ featuring Newtrients™. Your NewTrition™ makes eating healthy easy, and it’s sustainable long term, as we’ll show you how you can conveniently use just about any food you can imagine, we even show you how you can eat in restaurants and stay on track.

I’m looking for 15 committed individuals to test pilot Your NewTrition™ and group personal training in a time slot with busy moms in mind. (Tuesday and Thursday’s at 9:30-10:30 AM)

I’m calling it PROJECT: BIKINI DREAM (Ok that’s just silly, but hey life needs a little more silliness.) Project: Bikini Dream is going to start officially after the long weekend on May 22, 2012. It will run for 5 weeks ending just before the Canada Day long weekend (perfect timing to try out the new bikini!)

This 5-week fat busting fitness challenge test project is set and ready to roll, we’re so excited to share all our new goodies with you and see what you think.

Be one of the first to try out recipes from our exclusive cookbook. Or use the restaurant guide to dine out, or create new meal plan ideas from our Food Swap Guide featuring more than 200 foods to choose from (and growing!)

The only conditions are as follows:

  • You must be stand on your head committed with no travel plans for the 5 weeks during the challenge.
  • You must be in reasonable physical condition with no injuries or conditions that would prevent you from exercising. (If you’re unsure ask as it all depends and if you do have a limiting injury or condition we can probably help you anyways we just may prefer to steer you to more suitable programming.)
  • You must be willing to journal what you are eating and complete additional exercise at home as directed.
  • You must be willing to participate in before and after measures, testing and photos.
  • You must NOT have participated in the recent You In 6 Week Challenge or the Post Apocalyptic Easter 4 Week Challenge(sorry I know this may disappoint some people but because space is so limited we want to give as many people a chance as possible.)

The program will consist of 2 group training sessions at One-to-1 Fitness each week, one-on-one nutrition and success coaching, and special workouts you can do on your own with little to no equipment in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Training sessions will primarily take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we’re created a new time slot just for you, but because this will run alongside our group personal training program there may be options on certain days to join the other classes. (Because of how full the program is I can only guarantee space on Tues and Thurs but my admin crew is awesome at helping you book into the days and times you want.)

Class times will be at 9:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday and space permitting you’re welcome to attend any of our other time slots if there’s room. (6:00 AM, 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM Mon-Fri)

The cost for this 5 week fun fest is going to be $97 which will include both your training and nutritional coaching for the whole 5 weeks. (That’s less than just the cost of nutritional coaching.)

How serious are you about losing as much as 15lbs in the next 5 weeks? (Oh and early bird get’s the worm, anyone who signs up before the official start date of the challenge can attend classes for FREE until the challenge starts. FREE training and a jump on your competition.)

Remember only 15 spots are available so if you’d like to be involved please reply to this ad with the best phone number to reach you, or call 403-341-4041 and we’ll help you secure a spot.

P.S. Did you see Jerrod our January winner holding the bag of fat? Hard to believe 6 weeks prior he was carrying that around 24/7.

P.P.S. Oh and this is a fitness challenge so the winner is going to receive 3 months of Group Personal Training and Infrared therapy on us!