Over $3000, 2 Trailers of Household Items and Hundreds of man hours for High River!

Over $3000, 2 Trailers of Household Items and Hundreds of man hours for High River!


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UPDATE: August 2013

You know you just pray that if the worst should ever happen that someone might be there to help you out, this became a grim reality in southern Alberta this year. Our mission is wrapped up in ambition to help those in need any way we can. Our whole team wants to graciously thank our clients and our community for their generous contributions of money, items and time to help those met with strife begin to rebuild.

A small dent by a small group but then it all counts, in the end more than $3000, 2 jam packed trailers of household items and hundred of man hours were donated to clean up, thank you to everyone for your kindness and generosity.


After being there we now understand just how great the need is first hand, we’re even more committed to do for others that which we pray someone might do for us if the situation were reversed.

We’re still accepting household items to be transported to High River (we hope the end of this week) and until the end of July we’re going to continue to fund raise for the High River Relief Fund. For every $50 donation made at One-to-1 / Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp from now until July 31, 2013 we’ll be issuing a certificate for a free month of Fit Body Boot Camp (may not be applied to existing programs sorry) additionally we’ll be donating 50% if the first month of any new Fit Body Boot Camp programs setup in July.

We’ve already raised over $2000, thousands more in household items and contributed over 200 man hours last Friday and believe we can do so much more. See the full press release details below.

Red Deer Personal Training Center to Donate a Portion of Revenue from Those Who Join Fit Body Boot Camp to Support Flood Relief Efforts in Southern Alberta


In an effort to support the community, Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp owner, Cabel McElderry and business partner, Pat Kerr, have decided to launch a flood relief campaign to help those devastated by the recent floods in southern Alberta.
When Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp owner, Cabel McElderry and business partner, Pat Kerr, saw the flooding unfold in southern Alberta they knew they had to get involved.

Kerr explains, “As flooded communities try to piece their lives back together, my team and I have decided to launch a support project in order to assist those devastated by Mother Nature.”

McElderry and Kerr’s flood relief efforts include donating 50% of the first month’s revenue from any new member who joins the Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp to organizations involved in providing relief for flood victims, as well as turning the fitness center, One-to-1 Fitness (also owned and operated by McElderry) into a donation collection site, where they have already collected over $2,000 in donations from the community and thousands in essential household items. Also, a gift certificate for one month of Fit Body Boot Camp will be given to every person who donates $50 to One-to-1 Fitness’ flood relief efforts.

McElderry says, “Our public mission is to change 10,000 lives by 2015, we’ll continue to do that any way we can. I’ve always felt it’s important to do for others what you pray someone might do for you if the situation were ever reversed”

The Fit Body Boot Camp Red Deer owners have also organized a day to help the High River community, who have been particularly devastated by the floods, clean up and removed debris from neighborhoods and surrounding areas. On July 5th, 19 volunteers gathered at McElderry and Kerr’s One-to-1 Fitness center and made their way to the High River community and spent over 200 man-hours cleaning and removing trash, making the area safer for residents to return to and rebuild.

Kerr says of the tragedy, “Being in High River brings the severity of this disaster into new light. You truly can’t appreciate just how bad it is or what these people are facing until you stand inside their completely destroyed home. When you see someone with glazed eyes tending to their demolished lawn rather than beginning to strip their soggy, moldy basement, you get a chilling sense of just how much pain they are feeling. We don’t want this issue to get old and fade as there’s a higher need than many may realize.”


Kids Boot Camp Starts July 3rd!

Kids Boot Camp Starts July 3rd!

kdbcThe Kids Summer Boot Camp is set to start on Wed for the next four weeks.

With school coming to an end maybe here’s a chance for us to help a bunch more kids have fun with exercise, stay active, learn about teamwork, co-operation, problem solving, agility and more.

The best part is it’s indoor/outdoor in our super snazzy boot camp room. On nice days there is the opportunity to go outside, if it’s too hot or raining we can remain in.

It officially starts this Wed, July 3rd at 10:30 AM.

It will run Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

This Kids Camp would run from July 3rd to July 26th. (And we’re looking to extend it into August details coming soon.)

The cost is $97+GST.

We’re looking for kids from the ages of 13 and up to have fun, learn new skills ranging from: team work (makes the dream work), problem solving, balance, agility, flexibility, confidence, a boost in self-esteem, and more.

There’s no real concerns about experience, all of our boot camp programs are totally scalable, no matter whether its a young athlete or someone just beginning to exercise they will be safe, feel comfortable and undoubtedly have a lot of fun.

If you or someone you know is interested just simply give us a call at 403-341-4041 between the hours of 11AM and 7PM or contact us here and we’ll answers any questions or help you secure a spot. (You can register even after the program starts or until all spots are full.)


Always here to help,


One-to-1 Flood Relief Effort more than $2000 and thousands more in household items raised so far...

One-to-1 Flood Relief Effort more than $2000 and thousands more in household items raised so far…


UPDATE July 8, 2013: More than $2000 between book downloads and contributions from our amazing clients, friends and colleagues and thousands of more dollars of household items have been dropped off! You all are so awesome!

After being their we see how great the need really is and we’re committed to do much more including some big perks until the end of July 31, 2013. Learn more here.

Either click the image above or here to download our free cookbook and we’ll donate $1 to the relief for each download until July 5, 2013.

As flooded communities try to piece their lives back together, we have decided to launch a support project in order to assist those devastated by mother nature.

We are opening One to 1 Fitness as a drop-off centre for those wishing to donate supplies and necessities for families that have been affected by the flooding in High River. All donations are appreciated, but please remember, families will need everything from basic supplies like toilet paper, soap, tooth brushes and tooth paste, baby diapers and wipes, socks, underwear, clothes, as well as non-perishable food (many people still don’t have power,) water, cleaners, kids toys etc. Anything else that is required to make it possible to get through day to day will be accepted – just think of all the things that fill your kitchen drawers, your pantry, your closets, your bathroom vanities – these are all things that people have lost. Brooms, mops, pots, pans, utensils, shampoo, dish soap, etc. (UPDATE: Some have inquired about monetary donations, these will also be accepted and added to the download donation pool to be submitted July 5, 2013 as well.)

Also, we are planning a day to go down to High River and help clean up and re-organize a senior living complex, as these people are the least able and require the most help and assistance. As this takes some planning and organizing, we are aiming for a day next week – if you are able and would like to help, please comment here and we will solidify a day and co-op on transportation. (Tentatively we’re trying to organize for Friday July 5, 2013) more details may be available here as Pat is working to lead the organization of these efforts:

Thank you all so much in advance……

UPDATE: July 2nd, 2013

Hey everybody…quick update for the High River Flood Relief…

We are a go for Friday July 5th and plan to be leaving in 2 waves. I (Pat) will be heading out with a team at 6am and a second wave for anyone who can’t leave work, get sitters for kids, etc will leave Red Deer around 1PM. We will be leaving from One to 1 Fitness: C3, 5580-45 Street, in the Cronquist Business Park. I have no idea what time we will return…there are a few people that are unable to get out of previous commitments for Friday night who will be returning early. For everyone else, physically, mentally and emotionally, an 8 or 10 hour day of service could be enough, so we will tentatively say we will work from 8:30 or 9 until 5 or 6? This would put us back in Red Deer around 8 or 9 depending on stops for food etc. We will be down there will multiple vehicles though, so we will have the flexibility for people to take off as needed.

***Again…if you have not already done so, PLEASE make sure your Tetanus shots/boosters are up to date. Expect anything and everything in that water; bacteria, toxins, pollutants, animal feces, dead animals, etc.***

@Dallas Heintz at Western Fiberglass has organized to donate and supply 80 dust masks, 30 pairs of paper coveralls, latex gloves, shovels and cleaning supplies. They are also providing 2 – 2” pumps with hoses, 2 one tonne trucks and a 34 foot gooseneck trailer with a Bobcat. ***For anyone wishing to donate furniture and other large items*** Please bring such items to One to 1 Fitness no later than Thursday afternoon, as we will be loading the trailers for safe overnight storage.

@Fred Sirett at Guest Controls in Lloydminster has organized to donate rain gear, rubber boots, cleaning supplies, food, water and other necessities. ***I will do my best to get a wide assortment of sizes for rain gear and rubber boots, but logistically, it’ll be impossible for everyone to be fit perfectly, so if your boots are a little too tight or your pants are too long (like mine will be for SURE lol) please accept my apologies in advance.

It appears as though we may or may not be able to assist in the area we had previously intended to, as High River is only letting people back into certain areas of town for relief help. Either way, there will be plenty to do.

If you are planning to help and have not already done so, please leave a comment here so that I can get final numbers together for supplies.

Please feel free to message me or call at 4035970847 with questions,

Thank you all so much in advance,


$2000 Bought 10 TRXs for Innisfail Middle School

innisfail-school1innisfail-school3It truly warms our heart to change lives, and especially when those are young lives.

Our world is a busy, fast paced place, one ruled ever more by technology.

It’s crazy the increased instance in sickness and disease in children and in young adults especially with strong ties and suggestion that this may be largely in part to the increased instance of child obesity and inactivity.

It was a pleasure to drop off 10 brand new TRXs to Ecole Innisfail Middle School to help the students explore a new dynamic of fitness. This was a combined gift from us and  the Red Deer Firefighter’s Children’s Charity.

We’re excited to return this fall and teach the students and staff about the many benefits of suspension training in accordance with our public mission to help change 10,000 local lives by 2015.

Congratulations Ecole Innisfail Middle School and thank you for you efforts to improve young lives by ensuring regular fitness and activity is a part of all young lives.

Over $3200 to Second Chance Animal Rescue!

Over $3200 to Second Chance Animal Rescue!

One-to-1 Fitness is not a bodybuilding facility yet we’re proud of our past and present involvement in the sport.

One-to-1 co-director Cabel McElderry has been involved in the sport of bodybuilding an athlete, but more widely known as one of the top event promoters in the sport. These last two weekends featured the Alberta regional championship events for the spring season. Every year these events feature a charitable component.

This year top amateur and pro hopeful Big Ron Partlow was our celebrity and charity guest poser.


Ron entertained and astounded audiences two weekends in a row all in the name of a great cause. One-to-1 Fitness with friend and colleague IFBB Pro Nicole ball teamed up to make a donations of over $3200 over the course of the two weekends to SCARs. We’ll always give where we can and encourage you live a life of abundance and support the many great efforts that mean the most to you when you can.

Here is the link to the SCARs website if you’d like to know more about the great work that they do.

We’ve given more than $7000 to various charities from event proceeds just the last 3 years And will continue to give each year.

Oh and for anyone who thinks bodybuilding might not be a family sport you oughts check out an Alberta event, here’s a picture from one of the other event annual highlights, the kids posedown. 🙂



One-to-1 Fitness turns 6!

One-to-1 Fitness turns 6!

6chocOh how time flies, it’s hard to believe that One-to-1 Fitness is now 6 years old. What an adventure it’s been multiple expansions, renovations and steady re-invention.

In 2007 we started with 2200 square feet of little more than hopes and dreams, today we’re just shy of 5000 square feet and feature multiple training environments.

Last year seen the addition of the world’s largest boot camp franchise and next week that space will finally be complete for the official re-launch and one year anniversary of Fit Body Boot Camp.

Our programming is unique to us, our internal education program has given us an unmatched standard and consistency in what personal trainers can offer when it comes to assessment and program development. Fit Body Boot Camp brings some of the best minds in North America and the most advanced forms of interval and tabata style training that pretty much melts away body fat every single workout while being completely scalable for anyone of any age or experience.

With six years under our belts we’ve established a “best of friends” comfortable environment where fun and results are always top priorities. We’re committed to our community and each other through our public mission and company values and our promise is simple: we’ll continue to grow and reinvent for the soul purpose of continuing to change more lives.

IMG259 IMG260









To celebrate all this week we’re spoiling our clients each day with “6 Days of Give Aways!”

Yesterday seen Fit Body Boot Camp towels all around.










Day 2 brought swag bags for everyone!












Day 3 PerfectShaker made a stop with the world’s greatest shaker cups for all.









And on Thursday it got really exciting…one lucky client (Angela Gurski) received 6 additional weeks of Fit Body Boot Camp on us.










Friday long time clients David and Laura Cadrin won 6 weeks of personal training…

and Connie Kitigawa was the lucky client to receive the iPad mini just because!



Thank you Red Deer for your continued support!

Is there any doubt that One-to-1 and Fit Body Boot Camp is the place to be? If you haven’t been in to check us out you should request a free consultation or boot camp trial and come see for yourself!

If you’re on our email list we’ll be detailing a very special offer for our present clients and new clients alike to save big next Monday and Tuesday only!

Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse?

Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse?

I know it’s the same old sad story…you’re trying to lose weight and feel better but nothing works.

You wake up in the morning look in the mirror and the first thing you think is, “I wish my clothes fit better, or that I looked better, or that I didn’t feel aches and pain, or that I didn’t worry about my health.”

You keep trying different programs and diets, some work…at first…some don’t work at all, each time you’re more discouraged.

Let’s talk about what does work:

Support + accountability = motivation. True story, someone is checking up on you and you’re going to commit to something longer. If they sincerely care and continually encourage, you’re going to try harder.

Interval training + group participation = massive metabolic stimulation AKA Fat Busting Butter Melting Weight Loss.

It’s true, science has now shown that consecutive periods of work followed by brief rest create a massive metabolic response. The best part is under the guidance of a good coach this is can be done by anyBODY!

It’s true the difficulty of the work is entirely relative, and in truth as individuals our good work ethic often has us working too hard to quickly, just one of the reasons people get injured and/or lose motivation.

Interestingly science has now also shown that we experience better weight loss in a group. Some might say this is obvious because of friendly competition but it’s more than that, groups create a cascade of energy, of positivity, of optimism, of enthusiasm and more. Every noticed how you feel after attending a workshop or seminar or even a music concert that you purchased a ticket for?

When people want to be there the magic happens and it’s unstoppable!

Enter Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse and the Muffin Top Meltdown Nutrition Pilot Project!

Last year we organized a 6 week fitness challenge called the Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse that began on the Monday after Easter, it was crazy a small group of only 16 people combined for total weight loss over 219lbs! In just 6 weeks!

We’re going to blow this out of the water this year because you see I’ve been working on a secret project. A project that take accountability and support to a whole new level, I truly believe this approach could change the weight loss industry, as we know it!

I know you may have tried a number of things to finally reach your goal but if you haven’t yet you’re not going to stop now are you? (I mean if you were you wouldn’t have read this whole email.)

muffin-topIt’s time to bring on the apocalypse and melt those muffin tops!

Here’s the deal the 6 week Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse will start on Monday, April 8, 2013 and run until Monday, May 20, 2013 (all final measures due by close on Wednesday, May 22nd.)

The 6 week Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse includes:

  • Unlimited access to all our Fit Body Boot Camps (Over 10 a day to choose from!) ($297/value)
  • 1 Month of unlimited access to our Infrared Health Cabin (burn up to 900 cals in a single 30 minute session!) ($99/value)

As well as an all access pass to our special Muffin Top Meltdown Nutrition Pilot Project which includes:

  • An individualized template meal plan for maximum and immediate results. ($49/value)
  • Access to all our Your NewTrition™ resources (including guides, food swap guides, restaurant guides, cookbook, additional recipes and more!) ($99/value)
  • Exclusive live group coaching sessions to be held biweekly through the course of the program. (Meeting dates: April 13, 27 and May 11th from 9AM-12PM) In these meetings you will receive live coaching from your One-to-1 guests and potentially special guests and direct and individualized guidance for maximal results. ($499/value)
  • Exclusive access to our secret Muffin Top Meltdown private Facebook group where you will receive direct instruction and response from your One-to-1 coach as well as interact with other participants. ($49/value)
  • 7 day access via text message and email as well as 3 emergency calls to your personal One-to-1 coach to get the help you need when you need it! ($199/value)

As you can see we’ve reinvented the fat loss equation. You can’t lose with ongoing accountability, support, proven metabolic training, individualized nutrition and the camaraderie of a team and an expert coach all on your side!

The total value of this program is more than $1299 but of course we’ll never ask you to pay anywhere near full price on a special project like this.

The downside it’s also going to be strictly limited to 19 new people, you see you’ll be working alongside our existing program and we think we comfortably accommodate is 19 new people.

Secure one of 19 precious spots in the Post Easter Bunny Apocalypse and Muffin Top Meltdown for only 2 payments of $197+GST (or pay one payment today of $341+GST save $53 bucks!)

And if you’re an existing One-to-1 client or Fit Body Boot Camp participant than you can join for even less! Just call us at 403-341-4041 or contact us here.

Secure your spot quickly as they always fill fast and early bird get’s the worm. Join early and get FREE access to Fit Body Boot Camp up until the official start date!

To secure your spot simply give us a call at 403-341-4041 or contact us here and let us know you’re interested and the best phone number to reach you.


Time for a serious spring meltdown,




P.S. Oh yes and this exciting 6-week challenge will also feature some cool prizes. J Our top 3 lucky winners will get to choose from a brand new pair of designer “skinny” jeans of their choice, a day at the spa of their choice, or sleek sexy iPad mini! (Max value of each $350)


Buy 90 days and save 27% (and a puppy too!)

Buy 90 days and save 27% (and a puppy too!)

tj-fbbcHey, guess what? Today is my birthday and as I was greeted with puppy kisses from my best buddy TJ I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than to try to give all the amazing people around me a cool gift and help my furry friends too!

So here’s the deal, tomorrow is the first official day of spring, so you know what that means right?

It’s time to get in shape for summer!

There’s no better way to do it than with Fit Body Boot Camp! During our 1000lb meltdown we seen people losing between 8-22lbs in just 30 days!

So today only we’re having a sale buy 3 months of unlimited Fit Body Boot Camp and save 27%! (Save over $150!)

Buy 6 months of Unlimited Fit Body Boot Camp and save 27% AND get a bonus month FREE! (Save over $500!)

There’s no further commitment or anything at all on your part, just fat busting, tummy toning, fun times goodness!

Oh and on top of a super deal you’re gonna help me with my birthday wish, to help my furry friends like TJ (and kitties too like my little hombre Milo.)

Since it’s my 37th birthday we’re giving you the 27% discount and then going to turn around and give another 10% to the SPCA, so it’s actually a 37% sale! (If you’re feeling generous you can flip the discount and take 10% off and we’ll give the other 27% to the SPCA if you’d prefer, just let us know 😉


You guys are awesome, I’m so stoked to see you in boot camp!

Cabel “Old and now Wizend” Fitness Guru

Just give us a call at 403-341-4041 or stop by today to take advantage!


P.S. And we have the coolest boot camp schedule ever with more than 10 boot camps a day and 2 new ones coming as of April 1 (We’ll have boot camp straight through from 4:30 PM all the way to 8:30) and check us out on Facebook to learn about the coming upgrades to the boot camp room!

P.P.S. Remember this is a ONE DAY ONLY sale, you must call us or come in today to take advantage.

Unlimited Personal Training Only $299/month! Limited Time Only!

Unlimited Personal Training Only $299/month! Limited Time Only!

web-banner2-SPOne-to-Fitness is the first to bring you UNLIMITED Personal Training!

Unlimited Personal Training, One Low Price! Train as little or as much as you want!

I’ve been thinking for a while about this idea, I’ve been trying to figure out how we could offer the opportunity for unlimited personal training at an even lower rate than our standard program pricing.

Get the best price, train as much or as little as you want and never have to worry about how many sessions you have, or if you have to cancel the occasional appointment again.



Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-341-4041 or complete the form below if you have questions or would like more details, this is a limited time offer only for February 2013 or while availability lasts!

Unlimited Personal Training Offer


Always here to help,


P.S. If you recently started a program, or have been with us forever know this promotion is aimed at you, we love you guys and want to make sure you can take advantage. Our admin team has all the details on how your current training package can be adjusted whether you’re near renewal or not.

P.P.S. Like everything we do this program is also covered by our 100% Absoluely Unconditional Full Money Back Guarantee so what do you have to lose?

*Unlimited personal training is only available in our semi-private program presently.