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Operation Christmas Child!

Operation Christmas Child!


In the second event in our series of Community Connections we go global!

In partnership with Samaritan’s Purse we will be collecting items for the Operation Christmas Child program.

Each week we will be collecting items to pack the 100 Shoeboxes we have! These will be for boys and girls ages 4-8.

Week One – Toys
Week Two – Collection Health
Week Three – School Items
Week Four – Cards and Games

Make sure to check out our Facebook Event page! Click here for more details!
As a community I know we can affect great change not only within Central Alberta but the world!

Organized Group

Community Connections – November 3rd, 2015

Organized Group

Over the next year One to 1 Fitness will be launching a series of events to promote health, fitness, and well-being. We believe that it is important to establish strong and healthy communities and that we all have a responsibility in that venture. Our Community Connection events are a way for our membership and community to get involved and help us move forward in our commitment to enhance health lifestyles.

Our first event in the series will be on November 3rd, 2015. We are inviting clients and their families, and friends for a night of fun, learning, and inspiration. We will have a number of vendors with a healthy lifestyle in mind geared to helping YOU!

Some of the Community Participants:
Pure Earth
Avena Originals
Maple Tree Gluten Free Bakery
Shaper Images
Athletic Therapy – Josh Calderon
Displays from Sugar Shocker and Dogs with Wings
Young Living
and many more!

We are also lucky enough to have our client Tammy Cunnington coming to speak to us that evening. Tammy has recently competed on the International Stage through the Para Olympics and has a story that will be sure to inspire you 🙂

If you know anyone that wants to find new ways to get healthier, that enjoy learning and having fun, meeting new people, and just getting out of the house… This event is for you 🙂

Paws on the Pavement - Charity Dog Walk!

Paws on the Pavement – Charity Dog Walk!

I have an exciting event that I hope to see you at! But first…

Do you love animals?

Are you fur baby friendly?

Well, we’ve got a pretty fun time planned for you! Since we are a fitness and wellness studio we have combined funand fitness to make for a good time 🙂


On Saturday, September 12th at 11:30am we are hitting the trails to get some cardio in with our babies.. dont worry it will be around a 30 minute walk! We are supporting Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Foundation to help these awesome people to keep doing what they are doing to help those dogs in need.

We are hoping that people can register in advance and with a minimum of a $25 donation that will include joining the walk, getting your Post Workout Doggie Snack (provided by our awesome sponsors) and your BBQ lunch. Registration will open at 11am that morning if you didn’t get a chance to sign up in advance!

Furthermore, we will be having Hot Diggity Dogs there to have a short performance at 12:30pm where they get to show off what their rescued animals can do!

Also if you don’t have a dog to walk, no problem! We will be arranging for some awesome rescue dogs to join the fun too!

You can also try out our Fit Body Boot Camp program that day for a small donation to the Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Foundation. We have three sessions that you will be able to enjoy at 9, 9:45, and 10:30am​. ​

Please be sure to keep your companions on a leash at all times. We want to make sure everyone has a great time 🙂

If you have any questions check out our Facebook event here or call the studio at 403 341 4041

Hopefully we get to see you there paws and all 😉

Take care,

2015 Train-a-thon a Massive Success! Over $30,000 raised to date!

2015 Train-a-thon a Massive Success! Over $30,000 raised to date!


“2015 Train-a-Thon for charity a massive success,” says Pat Kerr, Co-Owner of One-to-1 FitnessTrain 1

Well…another long 24 hours has come and gone and One to 1 Fitness is honoured to have been able to do our small part in helping make our community just a little bit better and a little more fit.

June 5th (through June 6th) saw us host our 3rd annual 24 hour Train-a-thon for charity, this year in support of the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program…a nationally based organization that helps children in financial need participate in sports. The program, represented by names such as Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, supports activities including hockey, swimming, soccer, baseball, karate, ballet and gymnastics and has assisted almost 1 million children since its inception.

3 AM Zumba anyone?

2 AM Zumba anyone?

So……how does this crazy day work? For a full 24 hours, all trainers on staff donate their time in half-hour time slots. Members and non-members are invited to make a minimum donation in order to “purchase” a training session with a trainer. Being one hundred percent charity based, all proceeds go directly to the cause…even food, coffee and other forms of sustenance that are scientifically engineered to fuel hard working bodies for 24 hours (insert shameless plug for Tim Horton’s donuts here!) are all donated by clients, families and friends. Local businesses even participate by donating items that get put up for auction.Train 2

The event (which has now seen One to 1 Fitness raise over $30,000 for charity over the last 3 years,) has consistently grown in new and exciting ways every year, with participants getting more and more creative on how they can help, how they can keep the day fun and light and how to keep their trainers awake all night, (including a 2A.M. Zumba Dance class!

The day brings a unique sense of community…families come and participate together, games are played, and the trainers are pushed to complete tasks of physical fitness. The air is light and fun. Our resident photographer captures sweaty smiles, high fives, hugs and celebrated friendships. But most of all, he captures a community. He captures hundreds of people coming together to support the greater cause. A family, working together to do good by others. He captures what is, One to 1 Fitness.

A very big thank you to all of our sponsors, partners and contributors:

Target Safety    Tim Horton’s    Paul Howard Photography    Sky Wings Aviation    Nossack Meats    Dairy Queen    Ultimate Physique   The Float Shack    To The Lost    Utopia Hair Studio    Sugar Free and More    Wicked    Body Basics    Sharper Image    Sacha Warder – RMP    True Movement Pilates    Journey to Wellness    R.A.W. Kinesis    Young Living,


Train 10

Train 7

April – 2015 Well it’s that time of year again!

It’s our annual charity Train-a-thon!!

(Click here to learn about our past Train-a-Thons for Charity!)

Here at One to 1 Fitness and Red Deer FBBC we love to support getting kids active and loving life! So it’s our mission at this years’ TRAINATHON to do just that 🙂

This year we are supporting the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program that gives the gift of sport to kids and parents that can’t afford to enroll their kids in organized sports.

We are opening our doors and schedules on FRIDAY JUNE 5TH @ 6AM TOSATURDAY JUNE 6TH @ 6AM for all of you to book in! You can pledge to workout, talk nutrition, get help with injuries, hang out, eat, chat, play cards and anything that you and your trainer would like to do with your pledged time!

We ask for a minimum of a $20 donation per half hour time slot to donate to THE CANADIAN TIRE JUMPSTART PROGRAM 🙂 Help us reach our goal of $15,000! Bring your friends and family because there will be plenty of things to do that day for you and the kids. We also have silent auction items and 50/50 tickets for an awesome gift basket from your local Red Deer businesses.

Keep in mind a couple things…If you have a normal training spot please confirm with your trainer you would like to donate to keep it 🙂 Also bootcamp schedule stays the same for Friday but the Saturday 9am – 11am bootcamps will be cancelled. We will definitely need to catch up on our sleep 😉

Call 403 341 4041 to book in or contact your favourite trainer to secure a spot in their schedule 🙂 We are accepting Cash or Cheque and if you would like to use a Credit Card you can visit this link-… Canadian Tire Jump Start is working with us to give out tax receipts through all forms of donations.

Please help us make a difference in the lives of the kids in our community by making fitness a fun and beneficial part of their lives.

Drop in Boot Camps To Help Fight Breast Cancer

Drop in Boot Camps To Help Fight Breast Cancer

FBBC2During the month of October we opened up our FBBC program to its first, and only, drop in promotion in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We were able to bring in over 24 new guests in support of this great cause and donated $240 through this promotion. At One to 1 Fitness/Red Deer Fit Body Boot Camp we are always looking for fun initiatives to help a great cause like this!

The Float Shack

The Float Shack

ThirdeyeWhat is Floating?

Floating is 1000Lbs. of epsom salt saturated in 11″ of skin temperature water in a lightproof, soundproof pod in which you float upon the surface like a cork. Gravity and sensory input are almost completely eliminated allowing the floater to fall into a deep state of relaxation. The float pod creates an environment that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

With the elimination of gravity and sensory input, the mind are body are allowed to do some some fascinating things. Blood pressure is lowered and circulation is increased, cortisol (the stress hormone) levels drop while at the same time the brain pumps out endorphins (our feel good hormones ). Recovery times from joint, muscle, and sports injuries can be greatly reduced. Some people suffering from fibromyalgia, claim this to be the greatest from of pain relief they have found, as pain is often eliminated throughout the body and is known to have a lasting effect for days.

The water and air are maintained at 34°C(93.5°F), after about 10 minutes it becomes difficult to feel which part of the body is in the water and which part of the body is out of the water. Often the floater will fall into a slower brainwave pattern known as “theta”. Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world. While we are in this brain wave we are allowed to access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds. This time allows for us to take a look at everyday life from a different angle, self reflection, and just to let go of all our stresses and worries.

With all of the effects of floating along with the powerful detoxifying and relaxing properties of the insane amount of epsom salts, a deep state of relaxation is easily accomplished by absolutely anyone. Just 1Hr spent floating is equivalent to 4hrs deep sleep, you will come out of the pod feeling like your body went through a complete reset. Things will smell, look, and sound as if they have been “tuned back to factory settings”, your muscles will be loose, free from aches and tensions, and your skin will be silky smooth.

Reflex Supplements

Reflex Supplements


Reflex is one of the premier Sports Nutrition and active lifestyle specialist stores in the world. Founded in 1994 the concept was revolutionary products for people who wanted to achieve a more active, balanced lifestyle sold by qualified experienced sales people. That may seem simple but even to this day we are the only ones following it completely.

Team Reflex is made up of owners and managers that live the life and have great passion for the business and their client’s. Our people include IFBB pro body builders, amateur body builders, kinesiologists, naturopaths, certified personal trainer, competitive runners and cyclists, fitness and figure competitors. These people practice what they preach and are able to help our customers achieve their goals and achieve them in the fastest time possible.

Brad and I are fitness enthusiasts who enjoy all aspects of the fitness culture. We have 3 children who also pride themselves on healthy life styles and keep us busy between all their sporting events. We moved to Sylvan Lake four years ago after vacationing here for many summers. We call central Alberta our home and enjoy all the amenities that come with living in an outdoor community. We look forward to helping all of our clients meet their goals from weight loss to weight training to living a healthy life style.

REFLEX SUPPLEMENTS prides itself on being the # 1 Sports Supplement Franchise in Canada offering more to you the customer than any of our competitors.


FREE Personal Training on May 30, 2014 the 2nd "Train-a-thon for Charity"

FREE Personal Training on May 30, 2014 the 2nd “Train-a-thon for Charity”

And it’s all FREE (though we hope you’ll make a small donation to support our fundraising project for Camp Quality.)

That’s right everyone is welcome and we hope you’ll come see us. On May  30,2014 One-to-1 Fitness is hosting our second Train-a-Thon in celebration of our 7 Year Anniversary and with all proceeds of the day going to Camp Quality, Sylvan Lake. Find out what happened last time and the full details of the day below.

June 2012 – Train-a-thon raises nearly $10,000 in 24 hours for Camp Quality!

What a massive success! Nearly 400 workouts completed in 24 hours and just pennies short of $10,000 raised for Camp Quality! To learn more about this great project visit:



One-to-1 Fitness was so excited about the success of the first ever Train-a-Thon in support of Camp Quality at Sylvan, Lake.

Camp Quality is a non-profit, volunteer organization that, in addition to a signature week-long camping experience, provides year-round support for children with cancer (receiving treatment or in remission) and their families.

The program provides children with the opportunity to try both new and familiar activities make new friends and gain memories that will last forever!

As trainers, coaches, and Red Deerians we acknowledge our responsibility to try to give back to our great community and contribute to the many wonderful charitable programs it offers.

In the spirit of One-to-1 we believe whenever possible doing so should involve our unique skills, be fun, and enhance our relationships with our clients, supporters and each other.

So what started as a semi-serious comment from one of our team members (let’s just call him Josh 1.0) became this crazy idea, and what a wild ride it was!

We’re proud, excited and a little nervous to announce our second ever Train-a-Thon to occur Friday, May 30, 2014 from 6:00AM to Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 6:00 AM.

There’s no obligation to make a donation, please come and be part of the spirit but the suggested donations are a minimum of $20 per half hour or $30 per hour. Each trainer will be diligently working to fill their entire schedule to earn the title of “24hour Red Eye Supertrainer.”

Who can participate?

Anyone! You don’t need to be a client of One-to-1 Fitness to participate. We’re happy to offer anyone access to our services during the train-a-thon both to help them and provide support for this great cause.

We can provide:

  • One-on-one, semi-private or group personal training sessions.
  • Boot camps at our regular times or custom and private boot camps for teams, groups, and organization.
  • Customized meal plans and nutritional coaching sessions.
  • Private seminars and workshops.
  • Card games, sumo wrestling and more!
  • We’re personal trainers we can do pretty much anything!

How serious will the workouts be? (Especially at 3:00 AM…)

The goal of the Train-a-Thon is to utilize our unique skills to help others, so our training sessions will be as serious as you want them to be (or maybe not so serious at 3:00 AM.) Watch for special games, prizes and activities, a number of our crew may be sporting…unorthodox…uniforms, coffee is likely to be a given and fun is a must.

Support this great cause, have fun, learn about nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and why anyone who works at One-to-1 is just a little unusual.

For more information or to book your timeslots just give us a call at 403-341-4041 or email through our contact form, watch for more and update details on our website and Facebook. All you’ll need is loose clothes, a pair of shoes, to sign a waiver, and just be prepared to learn and have fun!

We’re also looking for corporate sponsors (and it won’t affect you’re marketing or charitable contributions budget.)

We’re not asking for your money…just your people.

We know that to reach our goal of $10,000 and 500 hundred workouts in 24 hours we’re going to need a lot of people.

We’re looking for businesses that are willing to rally their troops for a fun, unique and rewarding experience.

The only obligation we want from you in exchange for name mentions and branding in our media campaign is to promote this event specifically to your employees and encourage them to book into our training spots.

If you are willing to promote the event publicly to your customers we will be even more grateful as it will greatly help us ensure we reach our targets. We understand though the constant bombardment for participation that forces us all to make decisions about what we can support and what we can’t, therefore this is not a hard expectation.

If you would be so willing we would also graciously accept 2 gifts in kind, these gifts will be used for acknowledgement to volunteers for their support and for prizes for our die-hard participants to also acknowledge their support. Our preferred volunteer gifts would be an enhancement to their donations but that is only a suggestion. Again as we fully understand the cost implications of contributing to so many things these contributions are not a hard demand.

In summary all we ask in exchange for direct media exposure is that you rally those within your circle of influence to help us reach an audience big enough to raise $10,000 or more by way of 500 or more workouts in 24 hours for a great cause.

All corporate sponsors will also receive an individual feature in our electronic newsletter that reaches more than 4000 local individuals as well as publicity on our website, Facebook page and twitter channel that reaches thousands more per month.

Thank you so much for your support, please call Samantha at (403) 341-4041 or email us through our contact form if you’d like to support our Train-a-Thon for charity.

Dealing With Headaches, Naturally and Permanently

Dealing With Headaches, Naturally and Permanently

photo-2If you’ve ever had a headache you know they can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. If you are someone who experiences headaches on a regular basis here are a couple of very common causes and a natural solution for immediate relief.

Dehydration – Losing only 2% of your total body water can have a marked impact on your ability to perform, live or concentrate. One of the most notable symptoms of dehydration is a headache. Eight glasses of water per day is not enough for anyone active or living in our temperate climate. Aim for 12-16 glasses per day to eliminate headaches caused by dehydration.

Postural Deficiency – There’s no such thing as perfect posture. Your posture will develop and continually change throughout life based on your day to day activities. Over time gravity works hard to pull us closer to the ground, the most prevalent posture is head forward posture. You’ll recognize this posture instantly all around you by noting when someone’s ear resides forward of the bone on the top of their shoulder when viewed from the side. Headaches are common with this type of posture as the weight of the head pulls continually against the now stretched and weakened muscles of the back of the neck and upper shoulder girth. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, as fitness professionals we spend more time helping people overcome the effects of this type of posture than anything else. The good news is with a qualified fitness professional headaches related to posture can be reduced and eliminated most commonly in a few weeks to a few months.

Now if you are experiencing a headache and agree that there are long term risks associated with common pain medications here is a natural alternative for you. Try applying a quality, therapeutic grade peppermint oil to your forehead and temples. Peppermint (also great for indigestion and IBS) can often relieve or eliminate the discomfort of a headache in minutes when applied in this manner. I’m out of space see you next month.

True Pilates

True Pilates

The lifestyles we lead create imbalances in our body that can lead to muscular and joint discomfort or even a full on injury. Whether we have these signs or symptoms there is a good chance we have an imbalance somewhere that down the road could cause us some grief!

Through proper stretching and strengthening of our muscles we can start to gain the balance back in our body that will allow it to move in an optimal fashion but also feel good too!

I sat down with Erin Baker @ True Pilates and we discussed some of these issues that people have and how incorporating things like pilates into your fitness routine can help with a lot of postural issues especially through the core and spine.