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Big Bend Market

Big Bend Market

With changing health needs and growing concerns regarding hormone and antibiotic-free meats, it has become a logical choice to use bison rather than traditional beef. Despite the seemingly short supply, Canada is one of the worlds leading producers of bison meat in the world. Fact is, the world is catching onto the fact that we need to start eating healthy and watching what we put into our bodies in order to stay healthy and in shape. Today, the majority of bison farms ship their buffalo and buffalo meat to the United States, thus the rise in prices since the supply is no longer as large as the growing demand.

So why is buffalo an important part of your diet? The facts are there, it is lower in fat and higher in all nutritional elements than any other form of meat available. In our quest to become healthier and follow a meal plan that gives us the most value nutritionally for our calories, many people have turned to this seemingly “magic meat”, buffalo.

Our friends at Big Bend Market provide a wide variety of free range meats such as bison, pork, elk, and hormone free turkey and chicken. They make their own sausage in house with these great ingredients and also offer a wide variety of home made sauces. You can even go in at lunch for a soup and sandwich prepared with the cleanest, freshest ingredients. Big Bend is a healthy, organic alternative to supermarket shopping, where you end up paying top price for lower quality produce. Being a leader in our field of physical fitness, we know the importance of good, healthy, clean food at a great price. So whether you train with us or not, make sure you stop in and check out Big Bend Market, it might just end up being your regular stop for great quality produce!

Big Bend Market – South

Primary Location
157 2004 – 50th Avenue
Red Deer, AB T4R3A2
Ph: 403.341.2344
Fax: 403.346.1408

Big Bend Market – North

15 – 7619 50th Avenue
Red Deer, AB

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Our clients have become our extended family and many of them are members of our business community. In this section we recognize them and others that maintain the same level of effort we do to provide the best service possible.

Glory and Food, Client Revenge Trainer Challenge raised 1000s of pounds of food for local Food Bank!

3 Years in a row we ran our Client Revenge Trainer Challenge and over the course of those three years we contributed thousands of pounds of food to the local food bank this is a cause we hold near and dear and look forward to continue to contribute to this effort. To learn more about the food bank visit:




September 15, 2009 – You guys are friggin’ awesome!

Photos and Videos

I really couldn’t think of any stronger adjectives while keeping this a family show. If this was major league baseball I’d have to say our clients have hit a Grand Slam with their contributions to the Food For Fitness campaign. We are so excited to deliver all the proceeds to the food bank tomorrow. In all with contributions and sponsorship for the Client Revenge Trainer Challenge we raised 2109 items and $2029 for the Red Deer Food Bank!

A special thanks to everyone who came out to the Glory and Food, Client Revenge Trainer Challenge. (Man we had no idea that so many people would come!) Not only did we have an absolute blast but this event really came to symbolize the close and supportive community that we’ve always wanted One-to-1 Fitness to be. The steak knives, golf passes, Frisbees, (courtesy of Big 105 and The Drive, thanks so much Shaun) and of course the bragging rights go to none other than (oh boy) Adam ‘The Champ’ Green! Victorious and on top this time, oh my how are we going to deal with his now over inflated head? (I think I was hoping some of that air might pass into the beach ball.) But all ribbing and jokes aside Adam is the undisputed champion for the 2009 Client Revenge Trainer Challenge and we are all very proud of him. All of the trainers really came to work; everyone gave it their all in the name of fun and a good cause. We support our clients and even in the heat of battle we support each other.

If you missed it visit our Facebook Fan Page for photos and video from the event, if you’d still like to contribute to the Food Bank it’s never too late, they can really use your support and we’ll happily deliver. Remember all monetary donations of over $25 will also earn you a tax receipt. Thanks so much once again to everyone who sponsored, contributed, and participated. Red Deer is a great community to be a part of.

The bragging rights round by round:

The Run – Adam Green was a screaming fast 6:14!

The Push Up – Trevor Day edges the field with a hard fought 56 chest to the ground effort!

The Tire Flip – Wow, was this a battle and an absolute clinic by Catherine Mercer with 50 tire flips, while injured no less!

Look for Food For Fitness and the Client Revenge Trainer Challenge to absolutely become an annual event, we are so thrilled with the results. Thank you again to everyone for giving up their valuable time to make this the success it has been, thank you for your comments and I welcome any more you would like to provide. How can we make it better? What did you like the best? What was your favourite part?


One-to-1 Fitness presents the Food For Fitness campaign, September 14, 2009

The demand for food at the Red Deer Food Bank is increasing dramatically. In April, 842 adults came in for food, compared with 410 adults in April 2008. Executive director Fred Scaife said he’s never before seen such a huge increase in demand. “This being our 25th year, I’ve reviewed a lot of stats. I’ve never seen 105 per cent increase,” Scaife said. The recession has also hit the food bank hard and resources are being stretched, Scaife said. “We’re making some adjustments to make sure our food supplies will last as long as they can. This is a tough time for us.” All around the province local food banks are reporting major increases in usage and major shortfalls in supplies.

We can all do our small part to help out our great community, after all that’s what makes Red Deer such a great place to live; it really is a small town big city. It’s with this in mind we’re designating Monday September 14, 2009 as as Food For Fitness day!

Receive FREE services in exchange for donations and/or sponsor one of our trainers as they go for gold in the first ever Glory and Food, Client Revenge Trainer Challenge!

Everything is FREE for the day, on Monday, September 14, 2009!

Food bank donations on Monday, September 14, 2009 will earn you FREE services at One-to-1 Fitness; personal training, massage, FIT Camp, group personal training will all be available.

Donation Guideline:

*UPDATE* From now until September 14, 2009 book a BIO|ANALOGICS body composition test and receive it FREE with a 20 item donation to the Food For Fitness campaign.

10 Item donation:   Receive your regular training session, a ½ hour massage, or                                 a group personal training session FREE.

5 Item donation:   Enjoy a FIT Camp or a ½ hour Infrared treatment FREE.

Even if you don’t make a donation, any sessions, services or FIT Camps completed on Monday, September, 14, 2009 One-to-1 Fitness will donate a portion of the fee for your service by purchasing items to be donated on your behalf.

The Glory and Food, Client Revenge Trainer Challenge!

A fun challenge for a good cause, where clients become coaches, and coaches lay it on the line. Have you ever wanted to get back at your trainer for a hard workout? Have you ever wanted to yell at them, see them covered in sweat? Here’s your chance. Sponsor your trainer with food or a monetary donation for the Red Deer Food Bank then be on hand Monday, September 14, 2009 at One-to-1 Fitness at 7:00 PM.

The Challenge, all participating trainers will complete the following:

  1. 5 laps around building C & E. Completion = 1 point, best time = 2 points.
  2. Most consecutive push ups, commencing 3-5 minutes after last person completes run/walk course. Top male = 2 points, top female = 2 points, participation = 1 point.
  3. Most consecutive tire flips, commencing 3-5 minutes after everyone has completed round 2. Males will use largest tire, females will use smallest tire, more than a 10 second delay between flips ends the round. Completion order will be determined by drawing numbers. Top number of flips = 2 points, participation = 1 point.
  4. Highest number of points wins, in the event of a tie a tie break event will be chosen.

Sponsor your trainer than come out and coach them as they complete the Glory and Food, Client Revenge Trainer Challenge. Follow them on the run course, shouting words of encouragement, coach them and count their push ups, judge just when their last tire flip might be. Here is your chance to push them for those extra few reps in the most sneaking, conniving, or just the plain old loudest, way you can! All in the name of a good cause, all donations will support the Red Deer Food Bank, one trainer will be crowned the champion and many clients’ bitter desires for revenge will be satisfied! Talk to your trainer about sponsoring them at your next appointment or contact the front desk at 403-341-4041.