Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

How do you change your life?

How do you change your life? I changed mine for the better this year. I am literally a new man. Over a four month period I transformed my body from an overweight 232 lbs. to a lean 164 lbs. I went from a 40 inch waist to the 32 inch waist I had in high school. In the process I had to buy 4 new belts and many new cloths. I have gained self-control, self-esteem, and more vitality and energy than ever before. Moreover, I have gained self-confidence in myself. I am proud of my new body and I am happy to be setting a good example to my children and to the students I teach.

This was not an overnight success, though. I have been struggling to keep my weight down for over ten years! When I graduated university I was still very athletic having played junior, university and senior hockey. I was a regular in the weight room and I hiked and mountain biked frequently and I even competed in strongman events. As a Phys. Ed teacher and a member of the Alberta Health and Physical Education Council I led an active life. I actively read the health journals and bodybuilding magazines. I consumed a great deal of nutritional supplements.

Nonetheless, I still found myself overweight. Something had to change. So I set out to improve my eating habits. I tried to eat what I thought was a healthy diet and I added daily running into my routine and I found some limited success. I managed to get down to 207 lbs. in 6 months. However, the moment I relaxed and changed my routine I ballooned back up over 230 lbs. It seemed I couldn’t win. That’s when I came across the Fitnessfx website and I contacted Cabel. He said he would be happy to work with me and set me on a program. I was impressed and decided to give it a try. Cabel made me set a goal to compete in the 2003 Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. I wasn’t too sure about that, but setting that long-range goal helped me significantly. I had something to work towards.

The first change was my diet. I soon realized that there were some drastic changes to be made! However, within about two weeks I had easily adjusted to my new way of eating. I felt better, was calmer and less irritable, and I noticed significant changes to my body. That was very encouraging. My family also adapted to my diet including many of the foods I ate into their regular diet. I was happy to see them eating better, too.

I then increased my activity level by including more cardio workouts. This helped to up my metabolism and burn off those extra calories I had stored away. I continued with my normal workouts in the gym as always.

As the contest approached I was amazed at how much I had changed. Friends and acquaintances also commented and some barely recognized me! When I would workout at the gym people would stop and stare at me! I was a bit embarrassed by this attention, but I was also proud of my new physique.

The day of the show finally arrived and I fit right in on stage. Although I didn’t qualify for the provincials, I was very confident onstage and I learned a great deal about bodybuilding, as well as having made new friends. Cabel had helped to guide me all the way up to it with my diet, training, posing, tanning and much more valuable information and tips. He kept in contact by phone and almost daily by e-mail. He even drove up to Grande Prairie (550 kms away) to meet with me!

Overall, my experience through this transformation has been life changing! I am looking forward to next year when I will work with Cabel again towards qualifying for the provincial championships. I can’t thank him enough and I highly recommend Cabel to anyone who is interested in choosing a healthier lifestyle and in getting into his or her best shape ever! I think my pictures speak for themselves as to what he can help you to accomplish.

Yours in fitness,

Scott Randall
Peace River, AB

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

In March of 2003, I decided I would begin training for and enter my first bodybuilding competition…the 2003 Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. Being a Personal Trainer, and having spent the previous 4 years designing training and programs and meal plans, my thought process was such that I “knew what I was doing” and wasn’t going to enlist the aid of anyone from the outside…my wife and I would simply gauge my progress and I would adjust my food intake and training accordingly. BIG MISTAKE.

Looking back, in vain attempts to better my condition, I made a lot of irrational decisions when it came to my diet and exercise program. And let’s be honest, a spouse will always tell you that you “look great.” Come the day of the show, I was satisfied that I had strictly committed to myself for the past few months and was proud that I had dropped 43lbs, and attained a condition better than 95% of the average population. However, when it came down to bodybuilding standards, I was soft, smooth and flat. My condition earned me fifth place in a class of five Lightweights. Ouch.

I was first approached by my Nutritionist, (who expressed an interest to work with me for the 2004 season) at that very show. From what I knew of him, he had been around the game for a number of years and his athletes always came in to the shows in excellent condition. I decided to take him up on his offer and committed to working with him for the 2004 Northerns. The BEST $$$$ I have ever spent.

He took complete control of my nutrition, cardio, water, tanning, posing and last minute contest prep details. All I had to do was design my weight training program. Other than that, I didn’t have to think or worry about anything. I very quickly realized in this sport, it is crucial to have that non-biased outside eye; looking in and making necessary adjustments. EVERYONE needs a nutritionist. Wayne Gretzsky, Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey, Tiger Woods, Evander Holyfield…they all have teams of professionals behind them working on their training and nutrition. Top level bodybuilders have trainers and nutritionists. I am fortunate to have Cabel McElderry.

After an initial meeting outlining my goals and current training and nutrition regimen, Cabel started me on my journey to the 2004 Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. In 18 weeks, I unloaded 42lbs. One pound less than my contest prep for the previous year…but I looked like a totally different person.

I came in shredded, tight and dry, far beyond what I anticipated. This time around, my condition earned me first place out of three Bantamweights as well as the Overall title, the first northern overall title won by a Bantamweight in Albertas history. We kept going, and I continued on to take home the Provincial Bantamweight title in a class that brought 7 competitors to the stage. We are currently preparing for the 2004 Canadian Bodybuilding Championships.

Bodybuilding is often known to be a sport where athletes come in to their competitions feeling tired, drained, hungry and generally fed up and irritable. I can’t say that I experienced any of these things working with Cabel. My energy levels were constant, my strength hardly wavered, and I didn’t experience cravings, hunger or any feeling of being deprived.

Overall, my experience with Cabel has far exceeded my expectations. Cabel’s knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness and bodybuilding is unprecedented and his professionalism is second to none. It is without hesitation that I recommend Cabel to anyone looking to compete competitively or simply improve their level of physical fitness.

-Pat Lessard

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“Mother On The Move.”

A year ago, I became tired of being fat. So, I joined a gym and started down a path I never thought I would journey. Doing it on my own had worked for the most part, but I found there was something missing. It wasn’t going as well as I knew it could. Then to make things more difficult, I had to move. Leaving the only gym I had ever stepped foot in, was not an easy task for someone who was still not comfortable with their appearance.

Little did I know that the move would be what I needed. The manager of the gym I was at told me about a trainer in Red Deer. Not only would he help me with new exercises, but also he would tell me what to eat. I find the food is the biggest struggle. So I met with Cabel. He put together a plan for me and I was to train with him twice per week.

It was nice to have someone tell me why we work certain muscles, how we burn fat better, and any other questions I had. In three months I lost twelve inches, twenty pounds and more than seven percent bodyfat. However, what I gained meant much more. I had gained muscle, energy, self-confidence, and a friend. Making the decision to have Cabel as my trainer was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I now have goals that I know are within my grasp, and I plan on reaching them!

-Monica Brzak

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“Just don’t give up!!!”

I am sitting here trying to figure out how to share my weight loss journey without this becoming a 1000 page novel. In telling my story I am hoping that all who read this will be encouraged and will continue to walk the fitness walk, and no matter what, NEVER give up!

For 20 years of my life I have been overweight, which is pretty much half of my life. Even in my teens, weight was always a struggle. Married at a young age, I did what alot of us women do after getting married and having kids. I put all of my effort into my family and nothing into me. Nice clothes were forgotten about and eating became like chewing gum and biting ones nails. A habit!! Although the weight continued to pour on, I ignored that inner voice, and the mirror shaking its finger at me and continued on my insane goal to see how fat I could be.

At the age of 39, I woke up one morning and realized just how fat I had become. My legs hurt, my feet were so painful, most times all I wanted to do was stay sitting. I had developed arthritis (or so they thought), and my hips were so sore that at night I couldn’t sleep, on either one of my sides. I had continuous headaches and heart burn. At a whopping 265 pounds and only being 4ft 11, yes, I was freakin huge. I never looked in a mirror.

Oh and lets not even talk about the clothes shopping. Ok lets. Clothes shopping was a nightmare. I would cry every time in the dressing room. I would get so hot and tired that most of the time I ended up going home with nothing. I always wore long sleeves and black coloured clothes. I hated summertime, never went to the lake, and hid out in my home as much as I could. I absolutely dreaded family functions, work Christmas parties, and faked so many headaches that I could have hit the worlds record.

My mother had passed away when I was only 15 with heart problems. She had just turned 40 yrs young. At 39 I realized I was only one year younger then she was when she died. I was tired of being sick, tired of feeling like I was already 70, and literally feared for my life. So I decided that was enough. And on March 1st of 2000 I started my weight loss battle. I decided that the high protein, low carb diet was the diet for me. For a month not much happened but I was so determined and motivated that I continued. Over the next yr I lost 70 pounds.

Then at 195 pounds, my stupid body decided to quit on me. As hard as I tried and as much walking as I did nothing would help. One night on my nightly walk, I walked past the gym. I wanted to go in so bad but feared that all it held was body builders and women that you would only see on a magazines. Because I was still so motivated and determined I went in. I was instantly hooked. I signed up and started to work out on the circuit training. After weeks of this I was seeing no results and my weight still wouldn’t move.

Then along comes Cabel, my rescuer, my fitness guru. His name was mentioned to me by a friend, I emailed Cabel my story, and the journey no longer was mine alone, but ours. November 2001 Cabel’s name became a common word used in my house. It hasn’t always been easy. I did however stick to Cabel’s instructions to the letter, and from November to June I lost another 41 pounds. Then once again my body decided it didn’t want to cooperate with Cabel and I anymore. Because Cabel became a friend as well as my trainer, and because he cares for every one of his clients, he could see I needed a break. Tuna was getting harder and harder to go down my throat, and I felt as though I was growing a beak and feathers from all the chicken.

I was doing 2 hours of cardio a day and getting quite tired. In the middle of one of our workouts, Cabel gently, but firmly told me, that, that was enough. Because of Cabels amazing knowledge, and compassion for people, he could see that I just needed to rest. From the summer of 2002, to January 2003 that’s what I did. I was not a very good girl and I felt that same pattern begin of seeing how much food one could consume at once. I gained back 19 pounds, and after that I swore that would never happen again.

February 2003 Cabel became a very big part of my life once again. Determination and being desperate to get this done became my motivator. From Feb to now, I have lost 26 pounds, and there is no stopping me. And no stopping Cabel. He is as committed to finishing this with me as I am. I now weigh 147 pounds, a total of 118 pounds weight loss so far. I went from a size 46 to a size 7. I have muscles showing I never even knew existed in the human body. For that matter, I can feel bones I never knew I had. My feet never hurt, I very rarely get a headache, I have no arthritis, I can sleep anyway I want and my hips don’t scream at me.

I no longer cry in a dressing room but go, “ohhh yeahhh”. If I don’t go on the tread and do my swim every morning I don’t feel right. People say I look 15 years younger. My Dr. says I added at LEAST 15 yrs onto my life. At 43 yrs old I feel healthier, stronger, happier, then I have in the last 23 years. I am not stopping till I hit my goal of 125. I know I was the one who did the work but I owe Cabel so much. His persistence with me, his understanding, his commitment to see it through with me, the phone calls, his knowledge, his training program with the weights and pushing me to give that 100% he expects, all had a very large factor on where I am today. The constant remarks that I looked good enough, would have prevailed and I would have given up without him.

I will never be able to thank him enough.

Just don’t give up!!! It IS worth it!!! And don’t do it alone. And one of my favourite sayings, “If I can do it, anyone can”.

Happy fitness everyone.


Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“My brother says I look better at 55 than I did in my 20’s.”

In October 1999, I bought a membership at Hardbodies Gym on the condition that I could hire a good trainer. At age 54, my only experience with weight training had been negative. I was in my second year of university and had signed up for a weight training class; thinking all the students enrolled would be fat, out-of-shape guys like me. Instead, they were all football players who already had “in shape” bodies. I thought the coach would teach us how to train…he didn’t. At the end of the semester instead of measuring any progress I might have made from the beginning of class, he tested us by seeing if we could climb a rope to the ceiling of the gym. All the football players climbed it with ease, as I’m certain they could have done before they took the class. I, in front of everyone, could not get off the ground. I passed with a D.

As I know nothing about weight lifting, and because of my previous experience as a young man, I was very certain I would need a trainer. Someone to keep me on task, motivate me, and simply teach me what I needed to do in order to have maximum success. I was 230 pounds, 6 feet tall, with long thin arms that looked like two toothpicks stuck into a large marshmallow. I did not enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. I got tired easily whenever I did any physical activities. And if I got up out of a chair to fast my head would spin. In addition my legs frequently ached for no reason at all. I had always been teased as a child when playing sports, so I avoided them, and thus lived a rather sedentary life.

In contrast, after being assigned to Cabel McElderry I received nothing but positive feedback, not only from Cabel, but also from other guys that worked out in the gym. I heard that Hardbodies was a very serious gym and many of the guys were like the ones you see on posters. On the occasions when I worked out alone, I was impressed that no matter how advanced or “macho” a bodybuilder seemed to be, he was always kind, friendly, and willing to help me when I asked. In addition, they usually put in a good word of encouragement.

Cabel started me out by putting me on a diet and an exercise program that included 45 minutes of cardio a day, and three, one-hour workouts a week. In less than one year, I had lost 50 pounds! At 180 pounds, I was the same weight I was as a plump, chubby teenager. But now, at 180 pounds I was slender, and my body was more toned. For the first time, I looked good at 180 pounds. Muscle had replaced the fat. In addition my legs no longer ached, the dizzy spells vanished, and I was able to do all the things I did when I was in my 20’s (like dancing all night without huffing and puffing). My brother says I look better at 55 than I did in my 20’s. I enjoy seeing what I see in the mirror, although I’m still anxious to improve.

As of this writing, I have been working out with Cabel for 1 ½ years. I plan to continue training with Cabel as he enriches my workouts, and my life in general by helping me to:

  1. Stay motivated.
  2. Continue on a proper diet with supplements that are both helpful and suitable for someone of my age and ability. Diet takes a more prominent place in bodybuilding with age. Cabel has taken time to do his homework to find methods of dieting and supplements that will help me with specific problems affected by my age.
  3. Change my program as I progress and my needs change.
  4. Make certain that I get the maximum out of each workout by doing each exercise properly.
  5. Stretch me to my maximum without taking risks that could hurt me permanently. (With Cabel’s help I am now able to lift more than twice as much as when I began.)

I have received compliments from many friends who ask me what I’ve been doing to take 10 to 15 years off of my appearance. When I explain, I am surprised that most of them, while impressed, are not interested in making a commitment to change their lives. Many of them are over weight and looking for an easy way to change. Very little in my life is worthwhile, unless we work for it.

I only have one regret, that my first experience with bodybuilding was so negative. If I could have met a trainer such as Cabel when I was 24, I could have opened the doors to healthy living at an earlier age and not have to struggle as hard to make gains. I hope this letter will encourage others to invest their time, effort, and of course, a bit of money, to enjoy a more rich and happy lifestyle that only comes when you can look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m the best I can be, I’ve done all I can.” It’s never too late to start, but the earlier you start the better.

Best of luck in your endeavors to reach a more rich and full life!

Dean Snelling
February, 2001

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“How do you make a life long dream come true?”

How do you make a life long dream come true? You take the necessary steps and work toward it. I hired Cabel as my personal trainer and together we prepared for my first ever bodybuilding contest. On January 1st, 2004, I weighed 150 lbs at five foot two! We had a lot of work to do. Cabel put me on a strict diet and met with me twice a week at my gym for an hour long weight training session. He also monitored my daily cardio workouts and my other weight-training session each week that I completed on my own. Depending on my weight Cabel would adjust my diet (not that I ever cheated and ate chocolate) and towards the end I would phone Cabel every day and check in. Cabel was committed to helping me do whatever it took to get in contest shape. He taught me how to pose and created my music routine. Cabel is very encouraging and motivating. He is knowledgeable and fun to work with and is great at giving pep talks when you need them. On June 12th, 2004 I weighed in at 113 lbs and competed in the Northerns at the Red Deer College. My goal was accomplished and I had lost 37 lbs in six months!

A quote from Kevin Burns “Success is a series of positive habits, practiced and delivered religiously, day in and day out. Everyday we either move closer to the life we want or we can wait, hoping that one day, it will magically come and get us. Stop wishing. Start doing.”

My advice is if your goal is bodybuilding- Hire Cabel. He will be your guide on your journey to SUCCESS.

-Ann Marie Morin

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

It’s hard to summarize in just a few paragraphs what an incredible journey I have just experienced with Cabel. Coming from a family with a history of eating disorders, I knew I needed help from a professional to keep myself on the right track and not fall into the same problems other family members have experienced.

I had hit my plateau about a year and a half earlier and was ready to give up with training because I wasn’t getting the results I was really after. I’m very competitive and like to push myself to the limit, so it was time to make some changes and enter into another chapter of my life. That’s when I made my first phone call to the highly recommended Cabel. I met with him for the first time in January 2005 seeking his help to push me over my plateau – it was the best phone call I could have ever made!! Always being an “athletic” girl – the big legs from tap dancing, playing volleyball and baseball – I had yet to be satisfied with the way I looked, constantly feeling bulky and only 5’3!!

Having been a fan of the sport of fitness for numerous years and having the dance background that I do, I made the decision to finally take the plunge and give it a try. Just meeting Cabel I instantly knew I was going to enjoy working with this guy and be able to trust him 100%. Cabel is so full of life and energy, you can just feel his dedication and expertise the moment you meet with him.

I started dieting and training with Cabel on February 21/05 for my first fitness competition with a lot of excitement and a lot of fear. What if I can’t follow this extremely strict diet? After all, I am an emotional eater, and a midnight snacker!! Cabel was so attentive to all the details – I never felt hungry and quickly learnt this was going to be more of a mental game/challenge for me that anything. The long hours at the gym were nothing compared to the mental training I was entering trying to teach my body and brain to eat because I’m hungry not because I’m feeling tired, stressed, sad etc….I carefully stepped on stage in Calgary on June 12 (those heels could kill somebody!!) and was instantly addicted!!

I never thought I would make it all the way – in fact I know I couldn’t have done it without Cabel. He was so encouraging and very inspirational every step of the way! I mean, here is a guy not only training and dieting myself and numerous other clients, he was dieting himself for his own competition!!

There were days I would be in tears on the way to see him in the morning thinking I can’t possibly eat another meal of chicken and beans and why did I not lose the 2 pounds I was supposed to lose this week? But the moment I stepped into Peak Fitness and saw Cabel sitting at the table waiting for me (I’m known to be late occasionally!) and to hear “so how are you feeling?” – the overwhelming whirlwinds would just calm themselves and remind me that this is why I’m here.

I have someone sitting here at this table who truly believes I have it in me to finish this diet and training for another few weeks and live out a dream of mine to be able to step on stage and show what I’ve worked so hard for! I was extremely surprised and of course thrilled to have placed 4th that weekend (Just a note from Cabel, Phoebe was the only new athlete to make the top 5, and the those placing in the top 3 some or all have had national level experience in either fitness or figure.) – it was all worth it!!

Well, that wasn’t the end either – Cabel suggested I compete in ladies bodybuilding in Red Deer the following week – once again, I’m glad I trusted him 100% and gave it a try! To my surprise I placed 4th again in the middle weight category and enjoyed every second of it!

Cabel is the definition of a true professional. He is very considerate and always goes that extra mile for you. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me – not only did he help me live out my dream of getting back on stage and performing (after 12 years), he helped lift my confidence, find my emotional strength and really take some time out for me.

I’ve always felt guilty for taking the time to workout – that’s family time I should’ve been at home with my son and husband – but through Cabel, I realized that I really love working out and making myself happy makes me a happier person at home too. When I feel this good – life really isn’t all that tough!! I can face it one day at a time instead of trying to take it all on TODAY! Cabel, you are a true inspiration to many people, and you have helped transform so many lives. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me – I’m already thinking about next season!! I want to close with a few inspirational thoughts from “Successories”

The essence of discovery: sometimes great knowledge lies in the discovery of something we did not anticipate, something that enlightens us to a new perspective. Then we are changed and enriched. Real discovery is a stairway that requires our participation, and begs us to climb, and climb some more.”

-Phoebe Wagner

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“The first question he asked was what my goals were. At the time I really didn’t have any…

I started working with Cabel in November 2004. The first question he asked was what my goals were. At the time I really didn’t have any since I wasn’t overweight and simply wanted someone to provide me with a good training routine. I had been training for a number of years but did not feel that I was making any progress. I worked with Cabel to design a routine and proceeded to follow it for the next few months. Since I did not have a specific goal, my progress was okay but not stellar.

When summer came, I did not work out as much and any gains made during the winter months were eroded. I did lots of outdoor activity but nothing to really move me forward. I kept thinking back to Cabel’s question about having a goal and that summer I found it. In August 2005 I decided that I was going to participate in the Transrockies Challenge V. This is a mountain bike race held in the Kootenay Rockies, starting in Fernie BC and finishing in Panorama Village. It runs over 7 days, covers 560 kilometers and involves 11,500 meters of climbing (you also go down 11,500 meters). There is about 20 kilometers of paved road with the rest of it being wilderness trails. It would be quite a challenge.

I sent Cabel an e-mail that said I needed his help and here was the goal that I had picked. His only comment was couldn’t I have started with something easier!! Anyway, he accepted the challenge and that fall we got going on my training for this race which would be held in August 2006. I have to admit that training with a goal in mind is different than not having a goal. You are definitely more motivated and put more effort into your workouts when you know there is an end result in mind.

The program we designed was very specific to what I would need for this race. We were not so much concerned about size as we were about strength and core fitness. Cardio was also a big component and while Cabel did not do this training he provided advice on how much cardio I should be doing. Thus, the training was 3 times a week for weights and 2 to 3 times a week for cardio up to December 2005. Starting in January we increased to 4 times a week for weights and maintained the cardio. The strength gains were tremendous and my cardio was coming along just fine.

We also made some changes to my nutrition. I had gotten along pretty good for years as I was not overweight, but to get the most gains I could I had to change my nutrition intake. I basically followed the nutrition plan Cabel set out and this also assisted in the strength gains I was making.

Starting in mid-April, I was doing outdoor riding with my Transrockies partner (the Transrockies is a team event – 2 person) which meant I was riding 3 to 5 days a week. I continued going to workout with Cabel and we changed the routine yet again to accommodate my outdoor riding schedule (which was very important). My workouts with Cabel dropped to 1 to 2 times a week and were very specific to what I needed. We timed out the number of days to the race and determined what my workout schedule in the gym should look like given the amount of outdoor riding I was doing. It kept my strength up and allowed me to focus on my riding.

The race was held August 6 to 12 and the week leading up to it was the most nerve racking of my life. Cabel, as always gave me encouragement and said I was ready. There was no way to tell for sure at this point but there was also no turning back. The Transrockies Challenge V was by far the most grueling thing that I have ever done. They were 7 very long days but at the same time they brought out the best in me. Due to my workout routine, the race, while not easy, did not cause me to drop to the ground each day out of pure exhaustion. I felt good each day and was able to complete each stage of the race.A lot of this I attribute to the design of my training program over the previous eight months, which of course Cabel did.

I continue to use Cabel for training and would highly recommend his services to anyone. He tailored my program to my specific needs and also worked with the cycling coach to ensure that I continued to make progress. Cabel helped me to achieve my goal and in the end allowed me to truly enjoy one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Tim Dekker
Red Deer Alberta
October 2006

Red Deer Personal Training Testimonial

“Cabel kept my spirits up all the way, coaching me every step of the way…”

I started training with Cabel McElderry in early 2005, figuring out that in order to take my training to the next level, I’d have to do it with the help of a professional. On and off, for 2 years, I made the necessary trips to Red Deer from Calgary to meet with him with the thought in mind to compete in bodybuilding one day.

Time passed and finally I made up my mind. I expressed my interest to Cabel that 2007 would be the year to compete and we began to plan out for it right way. Not knowing really what to expect, I had to wait and figure out how it all would reveal itself feeling a bit nervous but knowing I had what it took to get onstage for the first time.

Dieting started the last week in February 2007, sixteen weeks out from the show. My weight was 186lbs (5’8” height). The diet/training package handed out to me was very specific so it was easy to follow. Following it every day was a different thing, though. As time went on, I found out that the easiest part of it all was actually training compared to dieting, which was 24/7. Also meal preparation proved to be a big challenge as my approach was to cook large amounts of food, measure them into portions and freezing them for later consumption. Adding to the fact that my work is away from home (4 days a week at a construction site), I had to face a number of extra challenges that made things difficult, from carrying food with me when away from home to flying in-out constantly, to staying in a camp during my shifts (and avoiding readily available home-made cooking) to squeezing in workouts at odd times. It all forged a dedication in me overtime which I am thankful for up to this day.

As the time of the event got closer, adjustments to diet, training plus practicing of poses and the posing routine indicated that I’d have to deliver soon. Cabel kept my spirits up all the way, coaching me every step of the way, right until the end. The last 10 days were both the toughest and the most rewarding as changes in my body were phenomenal and made me realize I was ‘there’, I was competition ready! I found it hard to believe it, but I’d made it.

I competed in the Southern Alberta Bodybuilding Championship on June 16/2007. My weight had dropped 47lbs sitting, at 139lbs which qualified me for the bantam weight category. As one of the event organizers pointed out, on contest day pretty much the journey is over and before it ends, it’s time to go all out and show all the hard work put into it in the months leading up to it. He was absolutely right. The show was a blast. Backstage the camaraderie between competitors was evident and encouraging; the volunteers did a great job of cheering up, helping out and attending to our needs. Getting onstage was one big achievement. I knew that no matter the place I would get, just for sticking out I’d made myself a winner. My body condition was at its peak and it was all because of Cabel. Sure, I’d done the work but he was the mastermind behind it all.

I won a very well deserved second place in my category. The level of some of the competitors is so high it makes me realize I’m barely a beginner in this discipline. However, it’s given me the inspiration to continue working hard to make progress for I know I’ll be getting onstage again one day. It’s expected anyway, since now I am an amateur competitor!. And it’s with the help of Cabel that I’ll accomplish that when the time comes.

Ulises Amador
June 2007

Red Deer Fitness Testimonial

“My medical doctor told me that osteoporosis, high cholesterol and heart disease were all real concerns at “my” age…”

I’m one of “those” people. You know the kind, not an athletic bone in my body, I don’t know one piece of gym equipment from the other and not really interested. Kind of like learning to do an oil change on my car or washing it myself, just not going to happen.

I have never joined a gym or really thought I’d join a gym. No time, No need, I’m busy, working full time, raising three children, cleaning, washing, chauffeuring and the list goes on. Weight was never really a concern; sure I went up and down a few pounds, up more than down in the last 10 years and sure I was more comfortable in the winter under the layers than in the summer in a tank top. But “fat” nobody would call me fat; I looked good for my “age”.

….Age that wonderful thing that creeps up on us all so quietly and quickly. So here I am 50, three grown children, not so busy anymore, a few more pounds overweight and even a few aches and pains. Where did the years go, I guess I really should do something. My medical doctor told me that I was a prime candidate for osteoporoses, lack of exercise and diet, my cholesterol though not high was getting up there and heart disease were now all a real concerns at “my” age.

So that’s what brought me to One to 1 Fitness, I needed to exercise and loose some weight and I didn’t have a clue where to start. I really did not want to join a gym what was I going to do when I got there, look “good” in my size 13 spandex shorts moving from one piece of equipment to the other trying to figure them out. Remember I’m the one who watched sports, drank coffee and ate doughnuts as I cheered from the sidelines. I know lots of people who have gym memberships they use them for three or four months then give up. I needed direction, instruction, motivation and results. I really didn’t know where to start but on recommendations from family members I made an appointment with Cabel and my adventure began.

I have been training with Lorna for the last three months. I have lost 17 pounds gone from a size 13 pant to a size 8/10 and feel great. I am slowly learning what exercises and stretches to do, what to eat and what to walk away from. I am seeing results and feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had.

I would definitely recommend One to 1 Fitness, we are all uncomfortable learning something new, feeling stupid, fat and out of shape beside all those buff bodies, but I have to say that I have felt totally comfortable every time I go to the gym. The program is tailored to me, things are explained slowly, form and safety are always Lorna’s first concern. Some days I curse her name as I walk up and down stairs, but I’m told no pain no gain.

I have definitely seen gain!!, more energy, sleeping better, not stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning and just wait for summer, that new tank top 3 sizes smaller will be the best gain of all.