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Michelle lost 36lbs!

Michelle lost 36lbs!

CCF30042014_00000I knew two clients that previously joined One to 1 Fitness and they had great results and looked so healthy to me! When my husband suggested I join, I jumped at the chance!! I had come to the point where I was tired of looking and feeling “sluggish”. So off to the gym I went!

My results so far have been amazing. The way I feel is incredible! In 5 months I have lost a total of 36lbs. I feel healthier, younger, more flexible and energetic!

This being my first time ever stepping into a gym, I felt scared for what was in store, but my trainer Sarah Vaartstra basically took me by the hand and made me feel super comfortable in the weight room! The personalized nutrition plan has really worked for me, and of course the accountability from my trainer has been great help.

I would totally recommend One to 1 Fitness to anyone and I have been!!




Michelle B


Craig lost 30lbs!

Craig lost 30lbs!

craig before pict


craig before pict 2I came to One to 1 Fitness in May of 2013 as a last hope type scenario. After suffering a back injury in 2007 I was hardly able to move, let alone keep myself in shape. I spent a year on the wait list for back surgery leaving me in a physical mess. After surgery I tried to get myself back in shape but was never able to stay physically active for more than a month before back pain and the chance of re-injury would push me back to the side lines. This went on for 4 years, until the summer when my daughter learned to ride her bike. I realized I couldn’t help because I was unable bend over and hold the bike to keep her balance. It was then that I decided to do whatever I could to fix myself and be healthier for my family.


In my physical assessment with Melissa I was unable to bend at the waste 45 degrees and could barely lift my legs the same. I was overweight and very insecure of my lower back. Melissa took the time to get to know me and the many issues I had been dealing with before beginning the program. This gave me confidence that she was designing a training program to meet my needs, and not just a generic program out of a manual. She made sure our sessions were always fun but yet intense and educational so I always knew what each exercise was helping me with. In just a few short months I was amazed at how far I had come so quickly. My strength was returning and my confidence was building greatly – I even joined a team and participated in the Woody’s Triathlon.


craig after pict 2craig afer pict 1With Melissa’s motivation, support and always watching eyes to correct my form and prevent aggravating my back; I am in better physical shape than I was before my injury. I have lost the extra weight and am physically active again with my family, doing activities I thought I would never do again such as skating and skiing. I have regained my full range of motion and I can even touch my toes. In less than a year I was able to accomplish more with Melissa and One to 1 Fitness than I had been able to do on my own in four years. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner and wasted those four years of precious time!





Dean lost 20lbs!

Dean lost 20lbs!

dean woz pic before 2014I originally joined One-to 1 to participate in the “You in Six weeks” program back in 2011. I have never been on a nutrition plan mixed with exercise.  I had always been fairly active but I had fallin into a big rut and needed that extra push and definitely received it.  I lost 18 lbs in the six week program and ended up with a new outlook on how I would train in the future.


I have seen just about any result I have looked for, since I have been going to One-to-1. I have lost 18-20lbs when the desire was to loose weight. I have gained 8-15lbs of muscle when I had been wanting to gain size. This last year I trained for 2 Spartan races and completed them with ease. Basically any goal I have set for myself,  have happened, as long as I put in the effort that was needed and followed instructions and meal plans, good things have happened. Going to the gym, following a routine and meal plan is not easy, there is know magic pill or trick to fitness. It really is a lifestyle change and One-to 1 has the right mixture of people and plans to make the process as stress free as possible.


I had had very limited experiences working with trainers prior to 2011. I had done some personal training at another gym but found I was missing, what I can best describe as the personal touch. I now believe that any trainer you have,  you need to trust %100 as they will see you at your best and at your worst. When you don’t have that connection with your trainer it can be really difficult when you’re at a low point.


What is different about One-to-1 is after going there for a while everyone gets to know you and you begin to really feel how everyone cares.  You don’t ever want to lose the trainer you have but the world is a changing place, personal schedules change or trainers move on. Whatever the case may be I have always felt that if a change of trainers has to happen, the replacement will be just as caring and the adjustment will be minor.


DeanW gold starYes I would recommend people to One to 1 and I have!! A couple of years back my wife wanted to start training and she really felt nervous and scared as she felt out of place in a gym. She had had some not so good experiences with personal training at another gym and when I brought her in to set up her sessions I knew she was going to be a tough sell. That was 2 years ago and she is still going strong and feels very at home at  One-to-1.



I lost 17lbs body fat and 17 inches!

I lost 17lbs body fat and 17 inches!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.06.28 AMI decided to come to One to 1 Fitness because I had heard of and knew personally so many people who were already here and got amazing results! I am a mother of three and was looking to lose some post-baby weight and improve my fitness level, particularly in my weakened core!

In just 5 short months I lost 17lbs body fat and 17 inches! My body fat dropped 7% of my body weight and my lean body mass increased a whopping 6.5%! My midwife  told me I had some work cut out for me when it came to my core strength and closing the large gap in my abdomen from my previous pregnancies, I went from struggling with the basic sit up on day one to pumping out level 3 ab work no problem!


Melissa AfterI am a very hard worker, but the individualized nutritional information, meal plan options, and constant accountability I could depend on from my trainer here was a huge part of my success. And she was always on me, making sure I hit every goal I set.

melissa jeans afterI would definitely recommend One to 1 Fitness to anyone who wants the tools to get the results they’ve been dreaming of, get them the right way, and get them fast!

No constant back pain to deal with and I even dropped 20+ pounds!

No constant back pain to deal with and I even dropped 20+ pounds!

Leslie beforeLeslie AfterThere were lots of reasons I decided to visit One to 1 Fitness.  At first I was just looking for a personal trainer for my son battling cerebral palsy. Upon walking through the door I came to discover that One to 1 had energetic, knowledgeable and caring staff. I ended up joining as well, having tried various other fitness programs that did not suit me or my lifestyle. The added nutritional coaching along with the personalized workouts were what really drew me in.

Since training here at One to 1 I noticed I have a lot more energy and my strength and endurance has increased dramatically. I no longer have the constant back pain that I had to deal with before. I guess you could say I feel years younger. I even dropped 20+ pounds a few clothing sizes!

With a personal trainer there is a lot more accountability with what you do not only in but outside of the gym as well. I found that when I worked on my own I would skip workouts and when I did go I would not work as hard as I know I could or should have. The accountability, advice and support is what really helped me achieve all the results I have found thus far!

Of course I would recommend One to 1 to others. It has given me and my body the ability to do so much more every day . Shopping for clothes is no longer a fearful thing, but even kind of fun! I love what I’ve done so far and  look forward to everything I have yet to achieve!

I turn 40 this summer and I feel I am stronger today than in my 20's!

I turn 40 this summer and I feel I am stronger today than in my 20’s!

ImageI am 5’10” and 137 Lbs.-140 Lbs depending on the day…..( I started at 152-155Lbs)
I am a stay at home mom with a set of six year old twin boys and a baby girl who is 2 1/2. My husband often works out of town. We really have no family living close by and most things are put on me to handle. As much as I love my life, the stress of everything on me can be tough. And six months ago I wasn’t necessarily handling the stress well.
That is when I thought I have to do something about it. We all know how exercise is great for stress so I thought lets try it.
So for the first time in a long time I put myself first, and stopped the excuses on why I couldn’t do it. I signed a six month contract and committed to go to One to 1 Fitness no matter what. I put my kids in the daycare provided (the care is great) and came to the morning classes as much as I could……(3-5 times a week)
I remember sitting there “stretching”, waiting for class to start while all the other boot campers came in. You could defiantly tell who the regulars were, they were strong, healthy, and confident about themselves and the class. And in that moment I thought I want that!
Our trainer for the class walked in and it was Melissa.
She greeted everyone and came up to me and introduced herself, as she knew I was new, before I had the chance to tell her.
She asked me about my prior workouts I have done, asked if I had any injuries and she told me not to over do it on my first day as the classes can be quiet challenging. I stayed for 30 mins. It was all I could handle. I couldn’t do another ‘anything’ if i tried.
Melissa’s classes are always challenging and intense. She pushes you to a limit you never realized you had. I originally came to class to help with stress, now I come to class to see what challenges Melissa has set up for me (and the class) to conquer. I feel that I am now one of the strong, healthy and confident bootcampers, and I owe it to Melissa.
In the past when I have gone to classes I am often forgotten about by trainers maybe because they think that I don’t need to be motivated or pushed. With Melissa I am challenged and pushed with her motivation. Whether it is to do a heavier weight, to do one more rep or to just keep going and pushing through to become stronger. And when I do push to do more, she is there with congratulations and more encouragement. This is something I see her do with everyone no matter on thier fitness level, size, shape, age or gender.
Knowledgeable, motivates, challenges, encourages, intense, kind, confident, and generally just wants the best for you and wants to see you succeed in your fitness journey. I really believe that is just the start of who Melissa is as a trainer and as a person.
I turn 40 this summer and I feel I am stronger today than I ever was in my 20’s & 30’s.
And I thank Melissa for putting me in a better mind set and for challenging me along the way on my fitness journey.

Josh lost 37lbs!

Josh lost 37lbs!

Josh 1 March 31, 2014                                      

I want everyone to know that even personal trainers need some encouragement and insight to achieve their own goals. For me it started when I reached the weight of 227 lbs and I knew that at 5’11” that weight would cause (and was already causing) joint pain at the age of 26. That was when I set my goal weight to 205 lbs.








May 6, 2014

I honestly have never been one to shy away from different workout programs, so in order to reach that goal I had no problems increasing intensities or sessions in my workouts, changing my workouts entirely, adding new exercises…etc.









June 16, 2014 (Wk 1 w/Whitney)     

Between October 2013 to March 2014 I was able to lose 20 lbs but was struggling INCREDIBLY with the last few that would help me achieve my goal. I felt that when it came to my workouts, I could not give any more than I had. I have done workouts that required 3 hours of my day, 4-5 days per week (if not every day). I had completed strength programs, metabolic conditioning programs, cardio programs, strength-cardio programs, two-a-day programs, etc…the list can go on and on. However, the ONE aspect I would hold back on was my nutrition and eating habits.







August 1, 2014 (Wk 6 w/Whitney)

Working at One-to-1 Fitness allowed me to learn not only the importance, but the necessity or eating right and balanced. After working there for a year I had the privilege to see my coworker Whitney push relentlessly through multiple challenges (physically and mentally) in order to pursue her goals! In May I asked Whitney for her help because I knew that she would be one person that would NOT accept any of my excuses and would also be supportive and enthusiastic for me during my own process. Mid-June I applied the nutrition program that Whitney designed for me at the same time that I started a new 6-week workout program, and the combination of both not only got me to my goal, but helped supersede it. In those 6 weeks I was able to shed 17 lbs (instead of just 7), 14 of them being body fat. My waist circumference also decreased by 10 cm, as well as some other decreases in circumference at my chest and legs. The best part is that at 190lbs I did not lose any strength and was in fact able to make some new gains!

As a personal trainer, I don’t get tired of expressing what a humbling experience and privilege it has been so far to absorb the knowledge and experience from the team at One-to-1 Fitness on a daily basis. As a client, I can say that they are true coaches and sincerely want the best for each client that walks in the front doors of the facility. It is because of this group that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending friends and family to get trained by any one of my colleagues.

Client:  Josh Calderon

Trainer:  Whitney Lobreau

That’s what it takes to get where you want to be!

That’s what it takes to get where you want to be!

Matt Malo Pics




I decided to visit One to 1 Fitness, to widen my knowledge on how to properly manage my fitness.  I also wanted to learn how to properly diet so that I could fulfill my goals in becoming a healthier, happier me.

My results have had a huge impact on my life. I no longer eat whatever I feel. I have gained control on picking the right choices that can accommodate my fitness training. Along with the huge gains of muscle I have had, I have also gained confidence in myself and I thank One to 1 for that!

I’ve been a bigger person all my life, and I have tried every program out there and it was always “quickest and fastest weight loss programs” and what I found is they never really work or they end up doing more harm than good. Moreover, One to 1 Fitness is different for the simple fact that its REAL! Its hard work, its motivation and that’s what it takes to get where you want to be. There are no quick fixes!! More importantly, I have learned that good things take time and weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

I would most definitely recommend One to 1 fitness to anyone because I know they will end up with results they want with a great group of people there to coach you.



I will get the results with Sarah in my corner

I will get the results with Sarah in my corner

20140721_122836I was struggling emotionally and physically,  I was losing myself back down a road that I had promised myself I wouldn’t see again.  I had been working hard for about 2 years to get healthier but sustained a tailbone injury and let myself spiral out of control back into old habits.  I had gained weight back that I had worked hard to lose and lost a lot of strength over about a 6 month period.

In April 2014 I took the plunge and joined One to 1 Fitness – Fit Body Boot Camps.  The reason I picked Fit Body Bootcamp was the class schedule.  As a mom that works full time, I was struggling with a lot of mommy guilt taking time for a work out instead of getting home to have supper with my kids.  The ½ hour class with so many options a day really made it easy to incorporate into my life on a regular basis.

All the Instructors I have had have been wonderful, but the one that stands out to me most is Sarah.  She is a caring, kick butt instructor!!!  She pushes me to work harder and sweat more than I ever had before.  She actually cares about her clients, even on days that I don’t have her for FBBC she takes time to me and asks me how things are going.   I am feeling better emotionally and my strength is back up to or even better than before.  I am back on track and know that I will keep seeing the results I want to see with Sarah in my corner.

Thanks Sarah for letting me laugh and sometime swear and sweat all over the place.


If I wanted more playing time, then I needed more muscle. Bottom line.

If I wanted more playing time, then I needed more muscle. Bottom line.

darion pictHello, my name is Darion and I started coming to 1 to One Fitness for mainly one reason. I play football for the Edmonton Huskies and my coaches said if I wanted more playing time they wanted to see a big commitment on my part in the off season to put on a great deal of muscle mass. I have been through a lot with dislocating my hip and cracking my pelvis in a previous accident so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. So my goal was for strength in both muscle and movement. When they first told me that my trainer was going to be a woman I was a bit skeptical, but little did I know that she was the perfect choice for me. My first thoughts of her were “ she’s crazy, extremely out going and then a little bit more crazy” but she is awesome! My trainer worked to create a specific program that would benefit me with a little bit more technical stuff to reach those muscle groups that allowed for more explosive movements and muscle building. I was taught many things. We focus on how to power lift correctly with all the correct techniques (positions of my back, chest, feet and head) and the same with the Olympic power lifting moves. Because of her efforts in helping me I’m well on my way to reaching my goals. She has helped me to be stronger, more flexible, and have better core balance.


darion after pictBelieve it or not, she makes working out fun! She has lots of energy and is creative in her workouts. She helps push me way past where I think I couldn’t go. One time I pushed myself to the point of throwing up in a plyo program, where normally I would have stopped if I was working out by myself long before that. One to 1 trainers will carry that confidence for both of us when I think a weight is going to be to heavy or how many reps I have to do, she changes my mind set even though I might complain a little. There was always has a back up plan if I come in to a session a little sore or injured from another activity, she makes the most out of everything and keeps the session very productive. Even outside of our session time together, my trainer checks in everyday to ask how my food and water intake is going. I am truly thankful for One To 1 Fitness for choosing my personal trainer. Not only is she excellent at what she does, she really cares about her clients, wants to help them achieve their goals, like me, but she makes coming to every session a lot of fun and well worth it. Thank you!