A Variety of Award Winning Services Guaranteed to Change EveryBODY!


Work one-on-one with one of our professional personal trainers, try our Fit Body Boot Camp Afterburn workouts, take control of your nutrition with 48-hr Fat Loss, maximize your health with our wellness services. Every aspect of our programming is individualized and continually modified to guarantee your success.


craig-circle_sml At One-to-1 Fitness & Wellness we know that you’ve likely tried many things before. We understand the frustration you’ve experienced and it’s safe to say you need this time to be different right?

Our array of services have been selected and developed based on the consistency of effect and synergism to one another that they provide. We understand that each person is unique, and many (if not most) of our clients have faced many challenges that have often made progress for them seemingly more difficult. (Sound like you?)

sandy-circle-smlWhat we’re best at is giving you the tools you need to stay inspired to apply the changes, protocols and methods our team will teach you in the 23 hours a day you’re not with us! After all don’t you agree that staying on track in the times you’re not with us is critical to your success?

From personal training to Fit Body Boot Camp and our growing list of wellness services it’s easy to see why One-to-1 Fitness & Wellness is a place where everyBODY is guaranteed to change!