Ultrasound Body Composition Testing

ultrasound_bodycompThe accurate measurement of Body Composition (Lean Body Mass vs. Body Fat) is now considered one of the most rational assessments for nutritional and exercise prescriptions. The importance of clinical body composition is now being recognized as the most consistent way to track physical change and progress.

With the growing interest in personal health, nutritional status and fitness, several methods of estimating body composition have been developed and used in clinical settings.

One-to-1 Fitness offers one of the most advanced and accurate method currently available; Ultrasound technology. When ultrasound waves penetrate tissue, reflections occur at different tissue boundaries. For example, there are strong ultrasound reflections at fat-muscle and muscle-bone.

Ultrasound allows us to detect the true fat thickness at each measurement point. By making measurements at multiple points on the body an accurate body fat % can be determined. Ultrasound measurements are not affected by hydration, exercise level, and caffeine intake, therefore providing consistent results.

In addition this ultrasound technology may also contribute to monitoring other variables of your personalized program allowing us an even greater insight and level of personal customization of the methods we use to assist you in reaching your goals.