Health & Fitness Presentations/Corporate Fitness Programs

You and your group/staff can enjoy an informative and entertaining presentations by senior members of our team right in your office or facility. Presentations can be on a variety of topics and customized for your group. Learn how posture affects productivity and how you can improve it with a workout you can do in the office with next to no equipment. Or learn the fundamentals of balanced nutrition and how to apply it to take total control of the way you look and feel. Your first presentation may even be free.

Our team features speakers with regional to international speaking experience. Here are just some of the businesses and organizations we have provided onsite education for:

  • Central Alberta Human Resource Managers Association
  • Dow Chemicals
  • Lonkar Enterprises
  • Red Deer County
  • Social Workers of Central Alberta
  • Town of Rocky Mountain House
  • Red Deer Chamber of Commerce
  • Servus Credit Union
  • RCMP
  • The Leadership and Advisory Council
  • Grand Central Stitchin’